Twice in One Ride

(WhatsApp) ‘Hey J! This is Kiki from the main production team. Remember me? I was just wondering if you are still around the venue. The after-show party is almost over.’

(WhatsApp) ‘Of course I remember you. I’m right outside the hall. See you in a bit.’

Ushering the last of the audience out of the theatre, the team under me dispersed after our final goodbye, having done the debrief during the second part of the concert. About fifteen minutes later, the Korean-American production lead came out of the side door tipsy, hurrying me over to ‘collect’ her.

(In her high mood) ‘Bye guys! I’ll catch y’all some time later.’

Supporting her around the waist, we fumbled out of the theatre and into the carpark, where none of us were in a state to drive (cause I don’t have a license). All I could do was to get her into the backseat with plenty of space for her to lie down, and joining her shortly after as a ‘headrest’.

(Still high) ‘You’re quite the most trustworthy person I had out there you know?’

‘Yes I do and am.’

‘Haha. It’s also you whom I wished weren’t with me.. *pause* So you can be my eyes everywhere else.’

‘But little did you know, I have been watching you more than anyone else. *pause* Hehe. Gotcha!’

In her half-conscious mode, she put her arms around my neck and lifted herself up, just high enough to tip my head down onto her lips. Still reeking of champagne, I could taste the sweet moscato she had too much of, on her tongue as we exchanged saliva in an increasing passionate French kiss.

There was nothing to stop us in the quarter-full carpark, empty on both side for as far as we could see. The low cut red dress she wore for the celebration couldn’t be easier for my hand to slip into, once she drunkenly unbuttoned me in a haste.

Feeling those wobbly B cups in my hand, her face turned redder as I massaged her nipples to hardness, halfway climbing on top of her to make way for both her hands to strip my pants off like her panties I was sliding down her legs (with one hand).

(She whispered) ‘This is the first time I’ve let myself loose in a car, and in front of a man I got wet to for more times than I could understand why.’

(I whispered) ‘and should we find out why, and how wet can you get for me?’

‘Yesss.. ‘

She pulled her dress slightly above her waist and let me get between her legs, brushing my hips so smoothly as she wrapped her feet behind my back. Ignoring the need for protection, her delicate hand then guided me to where she needed me most, and let a single thrust fill that sweet, wet pussy of hers.

(She moaned) ‘ARGHH! YOU’RE! So much bigger! Than I expected!’

(I grunted) ‘Are you sure you’re not a virgin?! GOSH!’

The unbelievable suction in her vagina was drawing me in over and over again, causing a sore at the tip of my cock from the vacuum, before each forward stroke relieved that discomfort. In a sick way, it was a pleasurable torture happening in that small corner, putting her Benz’s suspension to the test.

I couldn’t control my hips that were slamming harder and harder onto her, driving that blood-filled pipe deeper into her pussy each time. While our moans grew louder, a strong jet of cum suddenly hit my groin, splashing outwards onto our clothes that were strewn all over the seat.

(She screamed hysterically) ‘OH GOD!! FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!’

Her body curled up like a shrimp until her orgasm died down, and we proceeded to flip her over into doggystyle. Returning my manhood into her feminine gap, I pounded her with even more speed, fully utilising her juices to lather my cock up.

Crossing the speed limit (for controllably rhythm), my movements became erratic, pumping longer, deeper into her at a slower speed. With that, her orgasms came even quicker, leaking all over her dress she ‘stuffed’ under our genitals.

(I whispered loudly) ‘Kiki.. I’m about to blow!’

‘Ok ok.. Take it out slowly.. ‘

I didn’t wait any longer and yanked my cock out, before she got off the seat and squatted in the spacious leg room between me and the front-passenger seat. Watching that gorgeous mix-blood tuck her fringe behind her ears, the ‘sexy’ turned into ‘temptress’ as soon as she caught my dick in her lips.

If the sight of her mouth sliding gracefully up and down my shaft wasn’t enough to make me cum, her nimble tongue behind those perfectly drawn lips would certainly work. Holding her head gently as her head bobbed back and forth, I was left grunting for my life till the last moments.

Sensing her relaxed tongue lightly pushing against the underside of my shaft, the soft lips surrounding my meat continued lubricating saliva all over, getting slower and more composed as I exhaled my final breaths of joy.

Within a minute, I found myself buckling like crazy, as my cock muscles squeezed out a shot so hard I felt my balls getting drained, like how you would not let a single drop of Milo go to waste in its Tetra Pak. She kept sucking in tiny pulses, until I fell back on the seats for her to keep feasting while kneeling between my legs.

For a few minutes that followed, I couldn’t believe how calm I was, without feeling too sensitive down there. Before I realised what was happening, she had tied her dress around her waist – with a grin across her face.

‘J.. It’s up.’

(Me in disbelief) ‘What?! Are you serious?’

‘Uh huh!’

Quickly mounting on my belly, she hid my erection from me but that did not stop me from feeling it slide easily into her pussy, still wet, or even wetter after she made me hard again. Then and there, we went for a second round with her doing most of the work, until I unloaded a second serving into her mouth for the dessert to – a dessert.

After that exhaustive ‘private celebration’ in her ride, we rested for a good hour before she sent me back, to the serviced apartment where we slept and bonked first thing in the morning.

It was truly a concerto, well done in numerous parts.

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