Mother-Daughter Club

(I whispered) ‘Are you sure it’s safe?’

‘Yeah! I spotted her at the club when we were leaving.’

‘Serious? Aren’t you the least bothered by it?’

‘That can wait.’

Without wasting anymore time, we ‘bashed’ through the main door of her house and started stripping each other, lining the floor with our sweaty, wet clothes and underwear as we stumbled towards her bedroom. Crashing into her bed with much relief, the mother of one pounced on me like a wild cougar, pecking me all over my neck while caressing my only man part she had a use for.

In mere minutes, we had gone into 69, eating each other out as if we had been starved of sex for the longest time. She skilfully took my cock deep throat easily, driving me crazy with my fingers that was gorging her pussy out, and tongue, flicking her clit to a series of cute, mini-shivers shooting across her body.

(I said) ‘It’s time to stick it where it belongs.’

The hot MILF gave me a grin as we swapped position, taking up the missionary stance while holding my cock towards her vaginal opening. In a single stroke of my hips, we bonded instantly and began fucking our minds out, screaming and groaning to the ever-increasing pace of my thrusts.

Pounding her with rage and lust, the comfy mattress kept our movements completely silent, enough for her to ‘catch’ the sounds of the main door opening.

(She whispered hurriedly) ‘Hey hey! Stop stop. Get beside me now.’

In shock, I rolled over her body and hid under the blanket she threw over me, just in time to her a soft, innocent voice calling out.


The dead silence that followed got her daughter to shut her door quietly, before footsteps shuffled into the room opposite the master bedroom (we were in). Still trying to figure out what was happening, we stayed motionless until we heard at least two sets of male voices.

(Soft whispering) ‘You can have her first. I’ll take her mouth. *pause* We’ll swap positions later.’

Embarrassing creaking of a wooden bed then drifted into gap under our door, telling us of the ‘activities’ taking place.

(Mum whispered) ‘Fuck. She actually brought guys home to fuck WHEN I am home!’

‘It’s actually the best time for me to leave now’.

‘No! You stay. And finish up we started. Come.’

She turned on her belly under the safely of her blanket and I went behind her, claiming her pussy once again in doggystyle. Banging (in silence) on her ass while listening to the dirty noises from her little girl’s room, she actually got wetter than when we were in the heat of that earlier moment.

Feeling her tightness gradually suffocating my cock, I kept pumping harder and faster. Despite my erratic strokes, her orgasms were bombarding her at a higher frequency – with almost no breaks in between them.

(She whispered) ‘I’m going to faint anytime now! You’re getting bigger!’

(Groaning my whisper) ‘Is it? Then.. let.. me.. cum.. too.. ‘

The hardest, ‘loudest’ knocks slapped against her ass as I embraced myself for the shot, pulling out a few seconds before I lost control of my body. Falling onto the empty side of the bed next to her, she understood my disappearance from her pussy and went back into 69, letting me tease her gapping pussy with my tired fingers as she sucked me dry.

Exploding my whole load into her mouth, she kept shoving her mouth down my shaft till I couldn’t handle anymore of her, and nudged her away before panting my lungs out.

(She whispered after swallowing) ‘You wait here. Get dressed and hide yourself.’

Having said that, she threw a translucent nightgown on and stomped out of the room.

(Loud shouting) ‘WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS DOING! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! *pause* Sorry sorry! We didn’t mean it! *pause* MUMMY! It’s not their fault! *pause* OUT NOW!’

For five minutes, doors were opened and slammed, apologies and shouts were exchanged, before an eerie silence ensued. Hiding in fear, I didn’t know what would turn out from this mess, or how being here would justify her daughter’s traumatic shock.

(Mum speaking sternly) ‘Come to my room now.’

Blind under the sheets, I was shivering as weights were felt on the mattress. But it wasn’t long before I felt a hand on my calf, shaking me awake. There, I appeared with a guilty look, at the two women whom just had the worst time of their lives.

‘This is J. A man I gave your useless father’s job to. If you are looking for someone to fuck, I won’t allow you to just find any random strangers.’

‘Sorry mummy.’

‘J. Follow her into her room. You have my permission.’

Having no other choice, I walked behind the tube top, panty-clad girl to her bed. Sitting next to her and talking about what just happened, she understood why her mum would rather I ‘pleasure’ her than those guys she knew nothing about.

Grateful for her mum’s ‘recommendation’, she willingly took her panties off and invited me to lie beside her. What followed next, was some of the most rewarding handjob I have ever received. A hand so small, soft and well-moisturised, working up and down my cock, paying attention to all the parts usually neglected or missed.

The pleasurable trembling almost came too naturally when she teased the tip of my member.

‘Do you want me to lick it?’

‘Nope. But I would like to do it for you if you like.’

‘Really! Yes please!’

I went between her legs and got started immediately, making long, slow laps from the entrance upwards to her clit, where I spent a few more seconds kissing. This process repeated itself for as many times as she wanted, garnering a load of juices from her pussy before she stopped me in my tracks.

‘I’d like you inside me now. Here.’

Putting on the condom she handed me, I was asked to lie down again, while she climbed on top of me.

*knock knock*

(Mum asked) ‘Elly, mind if I watch?’

‘No mummy.’

In the presence of that hot MILF wrapped in her thin gown, Elly descended her pussy down my cock, introducing me to a wetter slice of heaven than her mum’s. The internal convulsion was so much stronger, given how little experience she got, but that did not stop her from rocking her hips on me.

As we had our fun in cowgirl, her mum came over and sat behind her, massaging her clit to help her orgasm as often as she could. The one hand Elly put around her back was doing some chores too, getting her mum off as they made full use of their toy boy.

(I groaned) ‘Elly.. I won’t be able to last any much longer.. ‘

(Mum moaning) ‘Let’s try one last position.’

She got both of us off the bed and laid on the shorter length (with her feet dangling off the edge), asking her daughter to go on her fours OVER her body. In that compromising position, I was greeted with the sight of her glistening pussy, all wet and ready for a good knock.

(Mum telling me) ‘Finish it like this. I’d like to watch my girl.’

I swiftly filled that pussy up with my cock, and proceeded to hammer the breath out of her, hearing them moan sensually together for the countdown.

(I grunted) ‘Here it comes girls!’

Forcing the last stroke into Elly, the addictive slipperiness managed to extract every drop of every wave I unload inside her, summoning the most innocent sighs of pleasure from her sweet lips. After a minute or so, her mum gently pushed me backwards with her feet, cock sliding out of her girl – without the rubber.

‘Shit. The condom!’

Thankful for not sure what, the crumpled piece of rubber was found under the bed, right next to the few drops of cum that dripped from Elly’s pussy. Unaware of the seriousness of that, she was doing the usual clean up while her mum and I went into the living room.

(Mum said) ‘I’ll get her the morning-after tomorrow. She’s always home this holiday and I have your number. So, I’ll see you tomorrow night? *whispering* I’d like to have you before her.’

Elly then walked me down from their unit on the fifth floor, but not without stopping midway for a request. Between the third and second floor, she quickly raised the oversized shirt she wore and flashed her bare bottoms for me. I hurriedly undid my pants and slipped her ‘on’, making sweet, sweet love in the absurdity of a public stairwell.

Pounding deep and fast, I lasted slightly more than five minutes before I creampied her for the second time. The fast game concluded once I wore my pants back and we parted ways at the lift landing.

A kiss from her, ended the night of weird, strange, taboo sex.

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