At the end of the two-hour long, terrarium workshop, I had became good friends with Alicia, the other girl who came alone. For most of the whole session, we were the only two who did the activity without any friends like the rest of the group, in a way, forcing us to ‘team up’ to get the more challenging task of arranging our resin ornaments in the tiny jar.

By the time we were done, the whole group had more or less known each other’s name, but it wasn’t any less awkward for the two of us.

(She asked) ‘Do you have any plans after this? Wanna grab lunch together?’

‘Yeah sure. I’m not in a rush.’

The eighteen year old girl had just completed her diploma, and looked nothing but ‘cool’ to me, with her crop top and tight black shorts, skin artistically covered with tattoos that didn’t seemed too overboard. Settling for lunch at a Subway joint under the mall, we continued to chat while admiring our jars of achievement, made with more love than we had for anything else – at least for that moment.

(She asked) ‘Hey. You know, I don’t know if it’s weird to ask this. But, would you mind to accompany me for a bit more? I had initially wanted to go to somewhere quiet and spend some time alone. But you seem like good company.’

‘Why not? I like to do that some times too.’

‘Really?! Okay! I’ll finish up this bit.’

With a bright smile across her face, she chomped up the last two mouth of her meatball marinara, and crumpled her wrapper before I was done. Leaving that place with our ‘garden’ in our arms, I followed her out of the mall to a long stretch of old shophouses, finally reaching the ‘place’ she claimed to have spent days’ worth of alone-time in – an unoccupied unit on the second floor, right above a Chinese warehouse.

There, with the flooring acceptably clean, we took a corner away from the window (still bright from the setting sun), and whipped out a bag of chips, cigarettes, and some ice cold soft drinks. Spending the last bit of sunlight smoking and laughing at our funny life moments, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to her.

Despite her ‘lian-ish’ look, she carried herself well with fluent, non-Singlish English, and very demure attitude in her outlook of life.

‘Do you want to sit closer? I don’t think we should be talking too loudly now that it’s dark.’

That said, I shifted next to her and let her lay her head on my shoulders, paying more attention to the mellow Mandarin songs playing on her phone. Instead of finding something to distract myself, I soon realised my embarrassing stare at her resting face, glued to those dark, red lips, fur-like soft eyebrows, sharp nose bridge, protruding collarbones..

‘Are you looking at me?’

Hearing those words come out of nowhere definitely shocked me, since she had her head down all the time, how could she tell?

‘Just a little? Haha. You’re nice to look at.’

‘Is there anything else to me besides that?’

‘Yes. There is so much more to you than that.’

As if I had given her the right answer, her head gently lifted away and turned in my direction, giving me the unobstructed view into her deep gazing eyes. For a good minute, our pupils glanced nowhere else, but into the souls sitting in front of us.

There was not a single bit of that ‘kissing’ urge, nor thoughts to go further than where we were. We just looked, and looked, till her chin rose, and lower lip fell. Our eyes remained opened as I brought my face upon hers, pushing our lips together and falling into a trance (along with closing eyes).

Right then, the most sensual make-out-session occured. Squeezing lips with lips, tongues appeared random to moisturise our connecting parts. It didn’t take long for her hands to run up my neck, pulling me closer as we began kissing our way down our chins.

(She whispered passionately) ‘Fuck.. This is so hot.. ‘

(I whispered) ‘I know right.’

The moment she started lifting my shirt up, I knew it was happening and I didn’t wait too long to do the same, stripping her body-hugging top off to expose her caged bra. In a flash, that black inner wear came off as well and my head was pushed against her chest, my mouth feeding on those erected, hard nipples like a hungry baby.

Something so small, had turned into something so stimulating in my control. As she adjusted me to lie on the wooden floor, she pecked her way down my chest, belly, and quickly undid my jeans.

‘fuck.. ‘

Hearing that whisper loud and clear, I opened my drowsy eyes and saw her staring right at my manhood, looking all thick and alive without so much a touch from her.

(I whispered extra softly) ‘Hey.. You don’t have to do anything to it you know?’

‘Haven’t I already done something? It can’t be hard for no reason.’

She slid her ass across the floor and removed her shorts with a bit of struggle. But it didn’t take long for us to get busy with our hands, jerking my hard cock while I vibrated my fingertip on her clit. Moans and groans slowly filled the living room as we petted heavily, satisfying each other as best as we could without crossing the line.

After ten minutes of intensifying handjob/ fingering, I became the first to give in to my desire – her.

‘Shall we end the night with one more orgasm? And if you’d like, you can jerk me off.’

‘Wait! Aren’t you going to fuck me?’

I got up instantly and stopped her stroking hand, giving her a glare that couldn’t be more firm. As much as I wanted to ‘do’ her right there and then, I AM still a stranger. This would be the best, or better, example of One-Night-Stand if I ever let my little head at the better of me.

‘No. I think none of us need a one-night stand, or another if you had one before.’

‘You’re right.’

Her face turned solemn all of a sudden, and I was genuinely glad she gave it more thought. But what followed..

‘So this won’t be just a one-night stand. I’ll be happy to be yours whenever you want it.’

Before my very eyes, she crawled to my feet, dragged me flat onto the ground, and then yanked at my (further) wrist till I was on top of her.

(She whispered seductively) ‘Can you fuck me now?’

‘Yes.. ‘

I swung my hips at her opened legs and got in on the first try. The single stroke that pried, pierced, and stayed, drove us completely wild instantaneously. She held onto her own knees as I thrusted fast and deep, dipping my long cock as hard as I wanted into her soft, moist vagina. The both of us held nothing back as our voices echoed around the whole house, creaking the floor as I hammered her top-down in varying angles.

That skinny little thing was in a mess when her limbs went out of control, grasping for our clothes, bags, my back, my arms, as I fucked her faster by the second. In front of her, was me who was putting up awkward expressions, trying to hold my load back as her pussy overwhelmed both my heads repeatedly with each inward jab.

After the second time she came from our penetrative sex, a domino of back-to-back, body-thrashing orgasms have possessed her.

(She moaned hysterically) ‘You’re getting bigger!’

(As I panted hard) ‘It’s you.. who is.. getting tighterrrrr.. ‘

Sensing the final moments of my pleasure, I grabbed both her knees, shut them and turned her to a side so I could lean forward for a defining kiss. Exchanging saliva through agonising groans, I picked up speed and rammed her until the last stroke, which I abruptly pulled the brakes to her dismay.

‘I’m cumming.’

‘Slowly, slowly.. out.. ‘

Once I had a few seconds to figure my biological timing out, I removed that dripping stick from her and sat back in my corner. Alicia then crawled to me on her fours and began going down on me, like how a kitty would drink water. Sucking with care at first, she gradually made it into a face-fuck, shoving her mouth over my cock throat-deep.

Taking at least two minutes in this position, I was in a state of frenzy, falling left and right, arching back and forth for the trigger.


She lifted her lips to the little head and held her position, leaving me to myself as I felt a strong build up of cum spray from the tiny slot, right into her waiting mouth. Coupled with a light suction from her, everything, and I meant everything, left my body lifeless, into and down her throat which she swallowed for me to see.

‘Keep sucking my tits.’

My tired jaws worked on her sticky cups as she wore her shorts back, and I took a longer time to wear my clothes back. Fifteen minutes later, everything was tidied and we made our escape without any trouble. On the way back to the MRT, we kept our distance but were talking about the sex we just had.

At a distance before the gantry, we hugged for a long while before separating our exhausted bodies.

(I asked) ‘Did your answer change?’

‘Tomorrow. 8pm. Same place where we just left our fluids.’

We parted ways but kept texting for hours, until we meet again, with the same snacks and drinks – plus condoms.

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