11-06-20. 2300. 540107. 10F.

After receiving a piece of paper with the above text from my boss, I found myself waiting at the stairs of that said block, still unsure of what this ‘new assignment’ was.

For the first 3 months at this small, debt-recovery company, I was running the bothersome task of collecting payment from ‘problematic’ clients. Where many have failed, I managed to close the accounts which were all deemed ‘impossible’. Using legal, orthodox methods that comprises of psychology techniques, I was soon promoted to lead the team I personally interviewed (and trained), all given the special privilege to work alone.

(Feminine voice) ‘Hi. Are you J?’

‘Yeah. And you are? I didn’t receive any information on who I was meeting tonight.’

‘It’s alright. My debt is kinda off-the-record. I’m Leia.’

‘Right. Who is the officer handling your loan?’

‘Him. Probably your boss?’

As far as ‘off-the-record’ meant, I understood her ambiguous answer. I followed her into her two-room flat furnished with just a dining table and a mattress (in the living room), and went into another room that had a bed, an overcrowded dresser and a coat rack filled with designer handbags.

‘From what I can see, you can start by.. ‘

‘Shhh.. ‘

As soon as she locked the door, the lights dimmed, and it didn’t take her more than two seconds to push me onto the bed. Still sitting upright, I could see her getting on her knees between my legs. It was only then, I realised my suspicion was true – her ‘repayment’ wasn’t in cash.

‘Do you do this for him?’

‘Yes. Every time. As often as he wants.’

My belt and pants came off very quickly in her skilled hands, leaving me at her mercy once her mouth began milking my cock.

‘Did he tell you anything about me?’

‘Yes. You will be my new loan ‘officer’.’

Her lips continued sucking at my tip as she moved her hand up and down, soothing my worries with graceful strokes. Slowly, I let myself down onto her bed and relaxed, while listening to the hungry slurping noises. Somehow, her ‘case’ was my reward for all the hard work I have put in for his company. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had more of such ‘off-the-record’ accounts.

After ten minutes of drifting in and out of consciousness to Leia’s well-trained mouth, she stopped and went to retrieve a condom from her dresser.


‘Hmm.. Up to you?’

‘Hehe. You’re so different from him. I like you better.’

She helped my feet onto the bed and laid by my side, rolling the rubber on as she gave me heart-melting kisses on my cheeks. On a small part, I couldn’t help but feel that she was actually younger than how experienced she was, with all those child-like responses whenever I sneered at her.

A few minutes later, she reluctantly broke away from our intense make out and climbed on top of me. In a very slow and teasing manner, she lowered herself with a cheeky grin, fucking the first inch a few times before moving down. As ‘torturing’ as I looked, it was really her I was interested in.

Every small groan from me would please her a little, and every involuntary twitch would worry her. Despite all those stoppages, we were finally going all out within minutes of our ‘bonding’. Her tiny hips were grinding my groin non-stop, working so hard and seamlessly to throw me into toes-curling sensation over and over again.

In no time, the rage in me got the better of us and I positioned her into doggy style, pounding the bejesus out of her with every thrust. My eyes just couldn’t stop staring at how small her waist was, completely malleable in my strong grip.

Loud, soft moans from her echoed around the room, while deep, beastly grunts from me accompanied the creaky wooden bed. My balls were thoroughly soaked in her juices that were flowing out of her pussy non-stop, lubricating the most vicious, violent strokes she had ever received.

(Leia moaning) ‘FUCK ME ALL THE WAY J! I’M COMING!’

At that point in time, it wasn’t only her who was about to climax. My cock, trapped in her tight, soft, wet vagina, had an ejaculation long overdue. I was drenched in perspiration as I unleashed my final burst of energy, banging her so hard that my heart actually started skipping beats.

(I groaned loudly) ‘I’M CUMMING NOW!’


At at defining moment, the both of us froze in our places, letting our genitals react to the overdose of sex. All I could feel was how her vaginal muscles milked me in mind-calming waves, guiding every bit of my load out into the safety of that condom.

For a good three minutes, we did nothing but caught our breathes, and waited till her body recovered for me to pull out. Collapsing onto the bed at the same time, she gathered whatever strength she had left and took the condom off.

(Leia whispering) ‘Hey.. Look.’

The sexually satiated teen poked at the sagging part of the condom a few times, before she tipped the content into her mouth. Sucking the one-way pouch to a vacuum, a loud gulp emptied her mouth.

Without any strength left to get dressed, we laid in bed until I heard the main door open.

(Leia whispered) ‘It’s her turn now.’

‘Huh?! To do what?’


Leia dragged me out of the room and introduced her younger sister, Meia, to me. We barely introduced ourselves beyond our names before the sisters got me to lie down again, this time on the mattress in the living room.

Meia then took her position right next to me, while her sister laid behind her. Like clockwork, Meia began jerking my spent rod while her pussy had Leia’s finger in it, turning her on as fast as my cock was rising to that juvenile body of the younger one.

(Meia whispered to Leia) ‘Kak. Dia muat ke?’
Translation: Sister, will he fit?

Leia gave her a smile and turned her upright (facing up) before lying on top, supporting herself on her elbows and knees. As I put on the second condom of the day, the girls were smooching loudly, exchanging moans as their fingers rubbed on each other’s clit while waiting for me, their new ‘officer’.

‘You girls ready?’

(Meia whimpering) ‘Uh huh!’

Decided to surprise them further, I plunged my cock into Leia’s unsuspecting, but still wet, pussy. My forceful thrusts then began jerking her back and forth, claiming the full length of my manhood that appeared to be harder than before. Just as the volume of her moans began to increase, I yanked my slippery cock out and directed it into Meia, who was so shocked that she left claw marks on her sister’s back.

Now in a tighter, more deadly pussy, I found myself helpless to the rapid build up of an urge to cum. Still pounding away against my sane wishes, my body was in full control of me as I groaned my lungs out.

(I groaned in agony) ‘SHE’S TOO TIGHT! ARGH! ARGH! ARGH!’

I switched pussy the instant I was about to blow, relieving the aching goodness with a more forgiving one. Changing my choice of ‘tight’ and ‘looser’ pussy at my comfort, the three of us lasted for fifteen minutes of crazy sex, a duration my mind and body had both given up to control.

‘I’m going to cum now. Let’s see it in both your mouth.’

I pulled out of Meia’s convulsions hips and went over to their heads, letting them lick and suck me in turns. The exhausted Leia soon got too weak to continue, and Meia took over the job at the dining table. Seating me on the table, she used both her mouth and hands to jerk me off.

At the delivery of my second cumming, she diligently contained everything in her mouth, and made sure that I was nicely cleaned up with long, deep strokes down my willy – doing it all before she showed me her ‘catch’ and swallowed.

That night, we went for a shower together, washing each others’ backs and giving the hard-to-see areas a good, thorough cleanse. After which, we got into the larger sleeping area that was in the living room, fondling our new partnership until one of us got too horny to fall asleep.

All in all, I came four times that night and they, had more orgasms than I can count on my fingers.

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