Just Look

‘So, she’s in her room?’

‘Yeah. When I call her out, just show her this. I’ll be holding the camera.’

‘Won’t she ask you who is.. ‘


His loud voice rang through the walls of the house and fast shuffling noises were heard from the master bedroom, where his wife was sleeping.

As soon as Joseph saw the blanket-wrapped MILF open the door in her half-dazed face, he held the brown vial into the air and waved it in her direction. Like a possession of some kind, she dashed to Joseph’s feet and kneeled before him.

(She pleaded) ‘Are you giving it to me?’

Joseph had no idea how to respond and just looked at her husband, who was nodding so fast and hard while pointing the camcorder at them.


While Joseph was trying to make out what was happening, he realised that not for a single moment did she turned her head away from him (and the bottle), as if nothing else mattered.

(Joseph speaking unsure) ‘Can you do what you usually do?’

‘And you’ll give it to me?’

‘If you do well.’

The obsessed wife then let go of her blanket she was holding against her chest, and proceeded to undo all the clothes waist-down on the stranger she didn’t even know the name of. Following that, she turned her back to him and spread his knees for her to lower her butt onto.

Beginning with a back-forth grind of her pussy lips on his semi-erection, he was treated to the most tantalising experience of having a woman getting wet to his hardness. In due time, he had grown to a thick, swollen state that resembled a monster in his eyes – something that he had never seen in all years of sex and masturbation.

(She moaned) ‘Are you comfortable?’

‘Yes. It’s perfect. Are you going to keep moving?’

‘For as long as you want me to. Or I can do something more.’

‘What is it?’

Executing her last few hip-grind on his lap, she stuck her ass further up his pelvis and gently ‘scooped’ along his belly, tucking just the tip of his cock into her soft entrance. Without any resistance or words from Joseph, the eager housewife slid downwards until all of him was inside, throbbing wildly to her own contracting pussy.

(She moaned) ‘Ahh.. This.. Is.. It.. ‘

Overwhelmed by an invisible force, she conveniently started bouncing on him, smearing her honey all over his groin. The moans coming from her was so sensual that it drove Joseph crazy just by listening to her satisfying herself, without so much a thrust from him.

Enjoying his kingship on the posh leather couch, she swapped between ‘grinding” and a ‘butt smash’ motion to ensure both of them were getting all the pleasure they could from her cunt.

(As Florence moaned) ‘You know.. You’re so big.. And good.. If only you can give it to me now.. I’ll be better.. ‘

‘No. Not yet.’

‘As you say Master.’

She rode him for another five minutes before she jumped up, squatted in front of him and took his cock into her mouth while eyeing that vial. Seeing how obedient she had been, Joseph uncapped the bottle and brought it to her nose.

A whiff of it sent her going crazy over his dick, taking him deep throat while trying to bring his hand to her nose. The tug-of-war soon got her what she wanted and the other, more extreme side of her appeared.

In a flash, she straddled over his legs and stuck his dick into her without any protection. Helpless to the sexual weakness she caused by her intense blowjob, he was left groaning for his life as she fucked him like a sex doll.

Still breathing from the bottle, Joseph lost control of his arm and let her pour the content down her throat. The next thing he knew, she was kissing him so passionately with that wet lips, mixed with some of that sweet, magical liquid that got him super hard.

Progressing too fast for their own good, they switched to doggy style on the longer side of the couch, taking turns to fuck each other whenever one of them got too tired. That liquid extended their sex for at least half an hour more, growing more desperate as they tried to get more out of their private parts.

(She screamed) ‘I’M COMING SOON! I’M COMING! AHHHH!’

For the umpteen times she had said that, Joseph was still pounding her with full force even when her pussy tightened too much. By then, he knew that the monster he didn’t understand one bit of, had been released to meet hers.

(He mumbled repeatedly) ‘Cumming.. Cumming.. Cumming.. ‘

In a hush-hush manner, he made his final few thrusts and pumped his balls-load of cum into the desperate housewife, filling her up with his unstoppable seeds of life. The duo immediately collapsed on the sofa after they got their orgasms, leaving the camera man with the footage he had long been fantasising about.

Joseph in his lifeless state, saw him helping his wife into the bedroom, before he returned to him with a clear vial.


He tipped the bottle of liquid into Joseph’s mouth and his strength returned within minutes.

‘The antidote will help you retain all your memories. Without it, you won’t remember anything once you fall asleep – like her.’

(Joseph speaking weakly) ‘So what are you going to do with that video?’

‘Blackmail her duh! But for fun. Since you’re the only person who knows about this, I don’t mind asking you back, but only if you keep this a secret.’

For once, Joseph found himself in a win-win situation, with an offer he wouldn’t sabotage for anything in the world. After the two guys briefly reviewed the video, they split ways with plans to make more of such ‘clips’, but in public.

Now, that left him with more to imagine, her doing shameful things at his command, for that little brown vial.

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