Shanghai Nights

(Jaslyn with a Shanghai accent) ‘I’ll stay till you’re done. It won’t take long right?’

‘Nope. I’m almost done already.’

After all the staff were dismissed on one of the longest day I’ve had, only Jaslyn stayed behind to wait for me. Since I have been posted to Shanghai two weeks ago to manage the new outlet, there was no off days for me just to keep that place running in order. Of all the inexperienced new hires, she sure stood out from the rest with her enthusiasm.

Luckily or not for me, I was the only guy amongst the five female service crew, who were in the ‘official working attire’, of a white (company) t-shirt tucked into short, high-waist denim skirt. Just imagine how worried I was with the number of guys ogling at the girls.

In the small office at a corner of the place, there was barely enough space to move around for one person. Jaslyn just sat quietly next to me, watching closely as I corresponded with our overseas counterparts to order supplies.

Just as I was busy reading some fine prints, I felt a hand going over my groin, making little squeezes against the tough material of my jeans.

‘Jas.. I think you should go first. It’s getting late.’

‘I live nearby. And you stay upstairs right?’


She continued to tease my groin until a hard on came to fill that always-awkward crease, giving her something real to work on while I closed all the programs on the laptop. There was nothing but silence as she cranked my zipper down, thereafter slipper her fingers through the gap for my bulge.

‘Jaslyn.. I can’t let you do this.. ‘

‘I know.’

It was certainly hard to resist an ex-model, whose looks justified our sneaky hiring requirements. That smooth, seamless skin, with a thick head of jet-black hair, her figure was needless to say – gorgeous. With their huge population, a small percentage of unemployed citizens still meant having me to go through thousands of good-looking, but out of job ladies.

As she massaged the pre-cum out of my cock, I undid the button holding everything at bay, and let her into my underwear. After two weeks of little personal time, it was definitely a breath-taking sensation to have her nimble fingers fondling my neglected manliness.

(She whispered) ‘What is 口交 in English?’


‘Yes! Can I give you one?’

I nodded with a fixed gaze on her eyes and she kneeled on the floor before me, giving my shaft a number of good licks. Besides the satisfaction from getting sucked, her beauty added so much more to it. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her soft, sweet lips as they parted for my cock, sliding up and down in gentle strokes while I reaped the rewards from doing nothing.

Unlike how porn depicted, she never once looked me in the eyes while at it, giving the small ‘me’ all the attention using her mouth. First, it was just her lips running repeatedly over that loose skin under the hood, keeping me high for at least a minute, which was a long, long time. Once she felt my solidity in her lips, her tongue showed itself by lathering every inch of me while inside her mouth, swirling, flicking, probing at anywhere she could reach.

Once I was stuck in a toe-curling mood, she relaxed her tongue under my shaft and began moving her head in an up-down motion, gaining speed as my groans escaped uncontrollably. Having lost myself in her unbelievably skilled oral sex, I didn’t know if I was going to cum at all. In my mind, that was as good as being in some of my ex-girlfriends.

‘Ahh.. You’re really hard now.. ‘

I looked at what she just did and saw the reddest pipe, covered in bubbling saliva. She mentioned no word and slowly lifted her skirt, flashing her bare ass to my astonished face.

‘You didn’t wear any panties?!’

‘No. I feel more confident this way.’

Jaslyn closed my knees and went on to sit on my lap, grinding her ass crack on my dick as she moved herself backwards. In minutes, I was getting that light headed sensation again, from the rubbing of her wet pussy on tip of my cock.

Partly driven by my horny state, my hands found their way to her small waist and guided her over my cock, burying all of it into her as she continued twerking. Our moans came almost at the same time when the first stroke (in and out of her pussy) was fulfilled, drowning out our sanity with lust.

Immediately, I parted my legs and shoved her onto the table my laptop was on. Beginning the workplace romp at a slow, controlled pace, she was moaning the same time she moved my mouse around, clicking on the PhotoBooth icon and initiated a video recording.

Seeing how turned on she was, I pumped faster to get all those dirty expressions on my hard disk, jerking her body so forcefully that my computer was shifted out of place. Thrusting like bunnies, she had little chance to look at me, but when she did, it was through the monitor, at my hyped up, unforgiving face.

Plunging my cock non-stop into her dripping cunt, she got sore quickly and we had to stop for a rest. During that break, we gathered our belongings and went out of the place naked, making our way up that narrow, worn down staircase that led to my accommodation – a floor all to myself.

We threw our stuff down as soon as we shut the door and crashed onto the floor, over that faux fur patch I bought at a roadside stall. Resuming our sex in missionary, she was nothing a girlfriend, desiring my lips so much while I swung my hips at her pussy. Fucking at an ever-climbing, crazy-ing mode, we ended up in cowgirl stance, for her to work her belly over my delightful smile.

(Jaslyn panting) ‘What is 高潮来了 in English?’

(I replied) ‘Orgasm? *groan* Climaxing? *groan* Coming? Arghh!’


(In my flustered voice) ‘Wait wait! Me too!’

She rocked her ass even faster upon hearing my response, giving me no chance nor strength to prevent myself from cumming into her. For a vagina that wasn’t exactly that tight, she sure transformed into a virgin when she climaxed, milking me for the record-breaking, longest two minutes of my life.

It was a vacuum, timed to my frequency of ejaculation, drawing every shot AS that bit exited. My eyes couldn’t open themselves after her contractions died down, and we turned into slugs momentarily, too weak to move.

Still, after enough rest, we separated our privates and went for a slow, unmotivated shower, spending an hour inside there. By the time we wore our clothes, it was 1am, too late for any of my staff to go home on their own.

So, it was my place she stayed that night, and our insatiable desires revealed themselves shortly after we went to bed – naked. That night also marked the first of many that we would get to know each other in an intimate way.

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