Unknown Offer

(Girls yelling in unison) ‘JOEY! WE’RE HOME!’

Jessie and Luna reached the doorstep of Joe’s mansionette, at exactly 3pm, an hour after their school ended. Having found them (the girls) through a ‘contact’, whose work mainly deal with generous men and very young girls who matured faster than their age, he closed the deal upon seeing that they met his criteria, along with some get-to-know introductions. Basically, it’s a hush-hush monetary, emotional relationship that put people with needs and supply together.

The two secondary one students were best of friends since kindergarten. While Jessie bore the fairest skin for a Chinese, Luna had the most flawless bronze skin from her Malay parents. Apart from the racial differences, they were identical in so many ways that many people would suspect them to be long-lost twin sisters.

Both of them had long flowing hair, toned legs with appealing thigh gaps, slim shoulders and tiny waists, Joe initially thought they were malnourished. After their first encounter in the presence of the middleman, Joe gave them a schedule fixed around their lifestyle, so none of them would get into trouble. It would undoubtedly get messy if someone were to notice that strange, close connection of a man in his forties, to two girls young enough to be his daughters.

Once all the kinks were ironed out, it was the beginning of their ‘special’ relationship.

As soon as the girls set their bags down on his sofa, they went into the kitchen to get a drink, giving him ample time to keep his laptop before coming over to help him tidy his coffee table. The better end of his deal took place immediately, once they wrapped each of his arms around their necks, teaming up to strip his shorts for him.

The duo then interlocked their fingers around his dick and started with a handjob, while talking to him about their day in school. For the well-pleased gentleman, they showed no resistance when he removed their tight P.E. shorts, massaging their clits through their panties with vigour.

Luna, the more sensitive of them, started moaning within seconds of his contact, fidgeting in her seat as his middle finger pushed into her cameltoe. In no time, the girls’ panties were soaked in their juices and they gladly allowed him to help get them off for them.

(Joe asked) ‘Luna, would you like to go first?’

(Luna yelped victoriously) ‘YES!’

Jessie took a lipstick out of the cosmetic pouch tucked in a drawer under the coffee table, and highlighted Luna’s lips to a glossy, seductive shade. As soon as the makeup was done, Luna got on her knees (on the couch) and went down on Joe, engulfing his dick head in pleasure with lots of saliva accumulated in her mouth. In the excitement of having a thirteen year old sucking him off, he brought his hand around her bony ass and stuck a finger into her pussy, fingering her to sensual moans as she slurped his pre-cum up. Doing the same for Jessie, who was just finished applying lipstick on herself, his other hand easily pushed its middle finger between her wet folds, piercing into her vagina with as much vocal response from her as Luna – in satisfying moans.

According to the girls’ knowledge (of his plans for them), Luna was tasked with using her mouth most of the time, while the job of keeping them both (Joe and Luna) turned on was bestowed onto Jessie, who was more skilled with her hands. Just for that relaxing afternoon, it was Jessie’s turn to get a treat in the comfort of his couch, getting all the orgasms she wanted without expending any energy.

(Luna panting) ‘Joey.. Luna is tired.. ‘

‘Okok. Catch a break. Jessie can take over. Hands k?’

Luna hopped off the seat and sat next to her friend, who slanted her body to jerk Joe off in style, leaving her other hand to masturbate Luna like how she did it for her. With Jessie hoarding all the limelight now, Joe kept teasing her on her breasts and nipples, while Luna drove her crazy with new untested finger thrusts into her pussy.

(Joe groaning) ‘Girls.. Scissors, paper, stone.’

Simultaneously getting Joe off, Jessie threw a scissors at Luna’s stone, losing at the next phase of their ‘fun’ activity. After a few more minutes, he led them to his bedroom with the hardest erection, for Luna to lay in the centre of the bed next to Jessie.

As agreed, Joe put on a condom and proceeded to dip his cock between Luna’s sweet spot, relieving that soreness from his skin-tight hardness. As Luna’s best friend, Jessie remained by her side as Joe fucked her wild and fast, rubbing her friend’s, and her own clit during the process. For Luna’s record, it was the quickest she came, clocking just mere minutes after he began fucking her.

To have a girth of an inch and a half, Luna couldn’t think of anything throughout the bombardment of sex, draining her mind with an overwhelming dose of euphoria. Her body just kept shaking, getting more violent each time she climaxed. Joe’s frenzied state was driving him deeper, faster and harder every time her pussy tightened, until he could no longer move from exhaustion.

(Joe weakly saying) ‘Jessie? Can you do the work this time?’

‘I’ll try!’

She let him get into bed next to the motionless Luna and climbed over his belly, slowly sliding down his body for his cock that was standing upright. Taking ten seconds to lower herself down his cock, it was the most soothing, yet agonising penetration he ever felt with them.

For Jessie’s small build, things got totally crazy when all of his six inches plunge into her. Erratic shivering, random twitching, head-throwing instances, kept her from rocking her hips properly with his dick inside her.

(Jessie asking weakly) ‘Is Joey ready?’

(Joe groaning) ‘Yeah.. ‘

He moved her hips with both hands on her waist, guiding her back and forth on his groin like a mandoline slicer, except that she was being ‘juiced’ instead of ‘grated’. His cock flipped up and down in her uniquely different vagina, a little looser, but so much more wetter than Luna. That slipperiness just got him to the edge and kept there, grunting to her every stroke helplessly.

In time, she found her momentum and took over the rocking motion, swapping to a ‘squat-fuck’ that almost knocked him out. Her cute little bum, landed hard on his thighs as she slammed her pussy downwards, delivering the most shocking orgasm for the both of them. She was literally squeezing his dong to a pulp with that manoeuvre.

(Joe groaning loudly) ‘JESS! JESS!’

The mind-fucked-to-a-wobbly-state girl pushed herself off and sat between his legs, unrolling that condom she shared with Luna to get their pillage. By then, the girls had taken one side of his belly each, lying peaceful on their heads while their hands continued to ‘work’ for the dessert.

The abundant leftover lubricant from Jessie’s pussy made the following handjob so much smoother, giving them all the time they needed to jerk one off for him.

(Joe whispered loudly) ‘Here it comes girls.’

They kissed the tip of his cock and pumped their intertwined fingers a few more times, before his thick semen squirted over their lips for them to lick. As the besties they were, they took turns cleaning him up with their tongues, swallowing every bit they could salvage from that cum-covered cock. Without shortage of gratifying *Mmms* from them, his mind, along with his body, received the much anticipated ‘purge’ it needed.

Although Jessie didn’t fare well with her mouth, she liked the taste of his cum, and even more so when Luna exchanged her share through a deep kiss. Right after their strenuous bonding session, the girls went for a long shower in his fully-decked out bathroom, doing God-knows-what in there that involved sexy moaning noises besides those girlish laughters.

At the end of the day, having lived another day of his morally-wrong fantasy, he gave them an envelope each and sent them on their way (home). This time, he included some vouchers for clothes, and lingerie from Young Hearts.

Now, that would leave him something to look forward to the next time they meet.

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