Seven Days


That little (younger, female) cousin of his, barged into his room without knocking, and ran straight into the bathroom. He could hear every noise Alina made inside, from the toilet seat flipping up, to the satisfactory groan when she relieved her bladder. As for Jordan, he was just filled with fear, thinking about his ‘personal’ toys that he didn’t stash away in her presence.

Clad in a crop muscle tee and tight small shorts, she was at his place because of her parents’ plans to travel, leaving her in his family’s care for seven days. Raised without much interaction with each other, the two of them quickly got closer after a lavish Japanese dinner together, generously paid for by his parents who wouldn’t be around for the first two days.

After five minutes, the folding door slid opened slowly, showing Alina’s curious face while holding a Tenga Flip, his most prized helper in that activity. 

(Alina asked cheekily) ‘Is this what I think it is?’

‘Yes it is. Don’t ask anymore.’

‘Okay fine. But this is really big you know?’

He had no words to that statement and returned to his computer after a few seconds of awkward silence, feeling a little disappointed that his ‘image’ had been ruined.

‘Is yours really that big?’

‘Yes, how does that even con.. Are you done with the toilet?’

‘Uh huh.’

‘Good. My turn. Out.’

He switched his monitor off and walked past her, snatching that toy along the way. Instead of giving him his space, Alina hopped into the toilet with glee. Unable to pee with her around, he just stared at her listlessly, obviously not going to do anything until she was gone.

(He coughed) *EHEM!*

‘C’mon. I’ll just watch? Don’t guys pee side by side in the toilets too?’

‘Can you just.. ‘

‘NO! Just this once? Please?’

Unable to hold his pee in anymore with that ‘lengthy’ debate, he whipped his cock out – to her horror. When flaccid, it was already – almost her palm’s length and the thickness just took her breath away. With one hand holding his dong and the other stretching his shorts downwards, he couldn’t stop her from coming too close.

Draining his dragon halfway, her thumb and index finger caught hold of his ferociously spraying hose, almost jamming his pipeline from the incoming erection. Once the last bits dribbled out of the tip, she flipped the cover down and sat sideways in front of his dick, peeling his foreskin back to explore further.

(Younger female cousin asked) ‘you’re not going to tell anyone about this k?’

‘Duh. I’m not that.. wtf. Tell.. whooo.. *haa*

As his manhood grew to her hand’s length, that clueless little girl looked thoroughly at that frightening rod.

(Alina asking) ‘Kor, you’re not a virgin right?’


‘Did it hurt when you put this inside her?’

‘I guess a little at first. But they didn’t complain after the first few.. seconds.’

‘Can it actually fit inside? It’s so big!’

‘You can say so. They like to turn me on and see how I react in public.’

Her fingers had went around his shaft then and was moving up and down, enlarging it by at least a knuckle’s length. Pre-cum began oozing drops after drops, trailing over her thumb (which was positioned ‘under’) and onto her lap. There was nothing but silence as she jerked him faster, after leaving a glob of saliva at the ‘head’.

(Jordan said breathlessly) ‘Hey hey. I think you should stop now. This is just awkward.’

(Alina asked playfully) ‘Is it?’

Her mouth suddenly went over the hood and he let off a loud groan, before he heard her breathing deeply with his cock in her mouth. Her tongue then began licking his pee-hole continuously, as if trying to gather all the pre-cum he was producing. There was nothing but sex filling up that tiny cubicle, reeking of saliva, echoey sounds of moans from him.

(Alina whispering) ‘Kor.. I think I am getting wet.’

From where he stood, he couldn’t see nor reach, but there wasn’t a need to check. She pulled her shorts one side at a time down her legs and proceeded to touch herself, moaning into his cock as squishing noises joined their incestuous act.

(Her panting voice) ‘I wonder.. if this can actually fit.. Mmmeeee~’

And she resumed sucking him off, in ways he never felt before from his ex-girlfriends. The whole oral sex lasted for two of her orgasms, until her jaws were aching too much.

(Jordan speaking calmly) ‘Alina.. Do you really want this inside you?’

With watery puppy eyes, she locked her gaze on him for as long as he took to lock his feet at the corner of a wall, giving him all the support he needed to slant his whole body over the toilet bowl, where she was sitting on with her legs spread.

(Jordan asked) ‘You’ll need to put it in yourself. I need both arms to steady myself.’

The both of them looked at his giant genitalia as she tucked the tip in, jumping backwards once when it split her vagina wider than ever. In her second try, the widest spread of her legs allowed him to inch his way into her, until three-quarter was in.

(Almost sobbing) ‘It does.. hurt.. ‘

‘Do you want to stop?’

‘Just a little though.. can you go slow?’

The older cousin began thrusting his hips, sending more of his cock in with every stroke. At the end of the first minute, she was moaning her lungs out to his forceful penetration, mouth firing lewd cuss words as he reached new depths in her.

Jordan wasn’t having it easy either. She was the tightest amongst the girls he had had sex with, but then again, she was also the youngest. Every inward plunge would edge him so close to ejaculation, and when he pulled out, his foreskin would just block that sensitive ring from triggering the money shot.

Two of them couldn’t take their eyes away from each other at all, watching, listening, taking in everything she was showing and moaning in vice versa. After five minutes into missionary, they moved on to his bed and went at it in doggy.

When he pierced his way into her for part two, Alina was feeling that rip all over again. Jordan knew exactly how to relief the pain, and fucked her from ‘gentle’, to ‘primal’ pace for the full effect. The overwhelming size of his cock, against the unbelievably high pressure of her pussy, unleashed the wildest, hardest fuck they ever had – combined.

She was so wet that all he could see from behind, was the shimmer from his dick under the light. For some reason, his foreskin was actually extending the guilty pleasure trip they were on.

(Alina moaning loudly) ‘KOR! I CAN’T STOP COMING! AHHH!’

Unsure of how to fix that, he used her contracting vaginal walls for the last lap, pounding her so hard he lost his rhythm a few times.


In a swift move, he shoved her forward and fumbled onto his ass, mind overtaken by how close he was to living the pornographic fantasy of doing creampie in a sexy, hot cousin. Alina laid motionless for a few seconds in that face-down position, recovering from that longest-lasting orgasm.

As soon as she could move herself, she turned herself to him and sat upright, leaning forth on her arms.


Jordan got her cue at once and went on his knees, held her head by her hair and rammed his cock down her throat. Executing long, breath-stopping strokes, he plummeted at her face for as many times as he needed, till he had to cum.

That sexed up girl caught his dick and pumped his cock at her mouth, until his body began trembling violently. Her lips went around the tip once he gave her head a tap, and all of his semen came rushing into her mouth like the end of the world.

The duo remained in that stance for a good two minutes, where his balls finally emptied the last few squirts – and then a final, deep throat manoeuvre to clean him up nicely. Right after that, it was normal for them to feel confused, having enjoyed something they shouldn’t ever in their lives.

(Alina speaking worriedly) ‘Since auntie and uncle won’t be back tonight.. Can I sleep with you?’

‘Yeah. Why not?’

After he switched off all the lights and laid in bed with her, the familiar sense of comfort came when she snuggled into his chest. Whatever happened between them, would never be undone.

(Alina whispering) ‘Kor.. ‘


‘Since I will be here for six more days.. Can we do it again?’

Those words invoked an erection from him almost instantly, as he thought about how they would fuck all over the place when his parents leave for work. It didn’t take them the next morning to start though, especially after she kept fondling him to see if the little-man has ‘recovered’.

Like bunnies then, for the next six days.

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