Just Bought

Andy: ‘Since when did you get this skirt?’
Fen: ‘I bought it online with my sister. The package just arrived today. So I wore it to show you.’
Andy: ‘Haha. It’s really short though. You’re comfortable in it?’
Fen: ‘Yeah. I’m meeting you anyway. You’ll protect me.’

Andy then presented his teenage girlfriend a nicely wrapped gift and she opened it eagerly with him. A ‘VS’ labelled bottle of perfume with intricate design made her jump in excitement. Her expression changed to a grateful and lovey dovey one, with a big hug into her boyfriend’s arms.

Fen: ‘Thank you love!’

She popped the cover open and took a whiff, breathing in a fresh breath of sexiness usually reserved for mature ladies. Somehow, the scent mesmerised her and turned her kinky side wild. From the long hug she had, a kiss followed suite and they began making out in the poorly lit stairwell of the shopping mall. As he was still in his school uniform, she could only touch him outside his shirt. But Andy’s hands were already roaming under her short layered red skirt, with frills and laces along the hems.

His fingers worked on her pussy, rubbing it up and down while feeling her hands moving in circles on his bulge. For the young couple, the times they could get so much privacy was so rare that their lust grown into little monsters. It was dangerous to remove his pants, so, all he could do was to just let her stroke the outside. Just as her panties go wetter, she actually began unzipping his pants and wrestled his tool into the open.

Fen: ‘Love, I want to give you a surprise too. Close your eyes?’

He took a step against the wall and shut his eyelids, unprepared for what was about to come. After he felt a few breaths breathing down his shaft, a warming sensation went over his little head and continued downwards until three quarters of his length. Opening his eyes slightly, he saw how engrossed she was to keep the huge stick in her mouth while wriggling her tongue to play with it.

There was no words to describe how lucky Andy felt to have his girl going down on him. They had spoken before about licking each other and the various methods to make each other horny. This however, was the first time he felt her lips. And it wasn’t too bad. His mind slowly clouded up and images of her cute tongue flicking all over the pink head was echoing strongly. Shortly after the tease, her head then started to move forth and back, ramming her pretty face into his legs.

Andy only let Fen did it for a few strokes as it had pained his heart to see her gagging for him. As she stood back ho on her feet with help of Andy, her hand went back to the rod and a handjob took over. Feeling satisfied, he brought her to the steps and sat her down. He took his place between her legs and almost managed to lick her before she stopped him abruptly.

Andy: ‘You don’t want it?’
Fen: ‘I want something else.’

She gave him a cheeky wink and reached for his dick. Tugging it towards her body, she leaned back with the warm rod in her palm, spreading her legs for him.

Fen: ‘I want you inside.’
Andy: ‘But you’re underage.’
Fen: ‘Who cares. As long as you and I don’t tell. Please? I want you to have me.’

Filled with honour and confidence, he knelt outside her pussy and placed the tip in. All eyes were on the penetration, watching closely at the disappearing act. Inch by inch, he tore through her pussy until he was balls deep, and Fen’s eyes were trembling behind the half-closed eyelids.

Andy: ‘You okay?’
Fen: ‘Yeah. A little painful.. But it feels good.’

Comforted by her words, the sex began and he thrust at a gradual increasing speed. It was so sexy to see how her skirt covered the scarily quick pounding of her pussy, and that faded white shirt showed off her orange coloured bra proudly. As he continued pumping her, the thrill of deflowering a sixteen year old virgin drove him deeper. Their bodies banged each other loudly as his dick kept up with the piston-like speed.

Andy: ‘You want to try doggy?’
Fen: ‘I don’t mind.’

She let Andy pulled out slowly and proceeded to stand with her back facing him. Bending forward like sit-and- reach, he lightly pushed her back down and arched her butt towards his penis. Unguided, he let his hips find its way into her and shove it hard once the entry was found. Giving off a soft yelp, the force of his entry gave her an instant orgasm as it hit her g-spot for the first time.

Still holding the shivering girl firmly, he took control and resumed banging her, despite her pleas to take a break. The series of forceful sex kept her cumming, sending her into a half-conscious state. Andy, who was still hyped, kept going non-stop. It seemed that he had been waiting for this moment for a long time. For a first timer, his stamina was so lasting that it sort of gave Fen an insight on his limits once they had more sex. That would be one helluva sex life they will live in.

While she was in her own world, her wonderful boyfriend was about to climax and the increase in speed set off the alarms in her mind to get away. Strengthless, she pushed his stomach and he abide by her signals. Andy helped her down on the steps and brought his dick to her face, where she quickly sucked on it and let him hold her head.

Thrusting his hips hard, the foreign object bent down along her throat and it just didn’t stop until a loud groan came from him. The tear-filled girl watched his face as an agonising expression came through, followed by a gush of cum into her throat. Knowing that guys love their girls to swallow, she did her best to swallow and kept the last bit in her mouth.

He pulled out after a minute and apologised profusely to her for the violence. But all Fen did was to shake her head, and she opened her mouth for him to admire the seeds he ave her. After that, she closed her mouth and a gulp sound was heard. Immediately, he knew what she did and went to give her a hug so tight she felt extra loved.

Andy (whispering): ‘Thank you sweetie.’
Fen (whispering): ‘I’ll do it anytime you want.’

They smiled on each others’ shoulders and they helped each other get dressed. Leaving that place shortly after, another couple came up from the level below and took over their space, still warmed by the activity earlier.

Love or lust? I hope it’s the former.

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Having sex with someone who is passed their 16th birthday is not illegal. It will be if it is prostitution.

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