Sweet Scent

Looking for ways to earn quick cash, Joyclyn found a number of blogs set up by ladies to put their worn underwear for sale. Browsing through the variety of sites, one of the simplest blogs shone through the picture-filled norm and she clicked on the link to seek some ideas on setting her own site.

Once the page was fully loaded, she Immediately regretted her decision, as it was a guy’s blog, to sell his worn underwear. What a twist! The layout was easy to navigate and pictures sparsely littered the page. For every piece of clothing, there were a short write up underneath it.

Reading through the mix of personal stories and histories of a few underwear, Joyclyn couldn’t help feeling tempted to buy one and see how the whole thing worked.

Hesitantly, she clicked on a worn boxer brief from Uniqlo selling for $20 and proceeded to check out. It took a few hours to get a confirmation and the message that followed was an interesting one. It seemed that he had already placed the item in her letterbox. Joyclyn couldn’t believe how efficient the seller was, it was possible to deliver immediately but we would thought only few would do it.

She picked the package up and went into her room, admiring the envelope in detail. There was no names nor return address, just her own residence. Joyclyn opened the wrapper and found the item nicely packed in an airtight zip lock. Upon tearing the zip apart, a salty scent with a tinge of detergent aroma drifted into her nose. And another surprise came when she unpacked the underwear, falling a slip of paper onto her lap.

Joyclyn didn’t know what to do with the underwear, since there was still too much she didn’t know of that mysterious seller. But on the paper, there were some details, like instructions for use, and a short background on what he did before putting into her letterbox.

As much as I want to know you better, it is always easier for you to know me, since you have something I wore just earlier.

I want you to sit somewhere comfortable, and hold the underwear in one hand. Let your mind move your hands, and don’t try to fight it.

When I received your order, I was already in that piece you chose. Call it fate or luck, I am glad it was already warmed and a little dirty.

There wasn’t much to imagine you by, but I had an idea of what I wanted you to do. As you read this, I had imagine you being affected by the smell. Part of you feel lost, and the other part wanted to find out what you can do to it.

I would move your hand holding my underwear across your chest, mixing your fragrance into the soft material. I want you to be closer to me in anyway you can. And then, I want to feel your body against it. Don’t stop. Keep moving it down your body until it is at your pussy.

By then, Joyclyn had the underwear ran down her body, across her chest, tummy and finally holding it between her legs. There was nothing to fear as it was only a piece of cloth. And so, her panties was removed. Never had she imagined to be so naughty towards a guy’s underwear but it was too harmless to stop.

Next, I want you to rub your clit with it. Your fingers will be mine under that deductive piece of clothes. And keep going, imagine me sitting beside you, aiding you in a masturbaton. I will go as fast as you want, and touch anywhere you like best.

Slowly, I push harder against your slit and you feel a little of my fingers enter. I will finger you as deep as you want, just guide me. Yes, deeper.

From here on, I will finger you to an orgasm. But I will never ask you for sex. Because there is definitely more to you.

Joyclyn’s fingers were thrusting deep and hard into her pussy. Her long nails had began stretching the underwear until the tearing sounds were heard. There was no stopping her by then. She did not care what happened to the money she spent. The cloth was rubbing against her clit while her fingers kept moving. What an exciting way to masturbate, and with a stranger’s underwear.

She had imagine him sitting between her opened legs and pumping his hand at her pussy with his fingers curved. There was only so much she could take, and it was the most thrilling to do it differently.

After a while of furious finger fuck, her pussy clasped onto her fingers and an orgasm kicked her into a trance. The gradual oncoming shiver changed into a fit and she collapsed on the bed, still struggling to regain her composure.

Finally, she recovered her strength and pulled the underwear away, wet and sticky to the touch. Well, that was one out-of-the-world experience she least expected. To have a piece of men’s underwear and get herself off with it. Hmm..

Have any girls ever tried that before?

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