Covert HJ

Erica: ‘Jie, where are you going?’
Eliza: ‘Eden is meeting us.’
Erica: ‘Huh? In that?’

As Eliza’s sister’s curiosity got the better of her, she was securing the front hooks of her bra. It was one of those halter designs with a silver ring to hold the straps around her neck, and a decorative gold ring between her boobs. Her matching undies had the same rings by her hips, and the material was so thin that it felt kinky just being in it. The black bodycon dress with sheer cuttings acted as a cover for the lingerie that looked so much better.

That evening, she had dressed a little slutty compared to her younger sister, whom their mum asked them to go out together. Erica had worn a spaghetti top with sewn in paddings, and a decent denim skirt below.

Burdened by the unwanted appearance of her sister for a date with her boyfriend, Eliza tried her best to walk faster, stopping at shops that wouldn’t interest Erica. The three of them had bought tickets and Erica wasn’t that insensible either. She walked around the mall on her own until it was time for the movies, and met them outside the theatre before heading in.

Erica wasn’t as fashionable as her sister, but she did not shy too far away in terms of looks and figure. The lack of frequent exercise gave both girls who used to be underweight, extra meat to fill in their boobs and hips. Eliza’s boyfriend, Eden, had long wished he could have them both but his girlfriend would get too jealous. Imagine one to be the sexy and adventurous, and Erica, the shy and submissive one. What a fantasy!

They sat themselves in the cinema, with Eden in the middle so he could share the popcorn between the two sisters. From the corner of Erica’s eyes, she saw the couple cuddling and sighed to herself, bothered by being the lightbulb. As soon as the lights went down for the trailers, Eliza pulled their cardigans out of the bag and handed one to her sister. Eden’s hand went under Eliza’s cardigan and wriggled into her dress, beginning the intimate fondling under the huge screen.

Erica knew what they were up to and kept focused on the show, doing her best to the awkward jerks that the both of them did occasionally. Daringly, Eliza’s hand went for his zipper to free Eden’s dick into the cold air and there was no way her little sister would not notice. Stroking playfully, Eden was fidgeting so much in his seat.

Eden (whispering): ‘Can I borrow your cardigan?’
Erica (whispering): ‘Cold?’
Eden (whispering): ‘Nah. Just to cover.’

Disgusted by what will be happening to her pullover, it was better to keep his tool out of sight. She handed it to him and her sister helped cover up the indecent actions. Their movements got more discreet as time passed, watching the movie while keeping each other alert.

Just when things got ‘normal’, Erica felt Eden’s hand went over her thigh and started moving up her skirt. She immediately stuck her head out to see her sister. Eliza was lying on Eden’s shoulder while her mouth open and close to his fingers in her panties. Fearful of her sister, Erica did not resist his hand moving under her skirt, but getting into her panties was a no-no. She stopped his advances and he knew what he was allowed to do.

So, going on top of her panties, he began rubbing on where her clit was and turned her into the same state as his girlfriend – breathing deeply with their faces flushed. After he got no response from the sister, he took his hand out and placed her hand under the cardigan.

Erica was a little disappointed when he stopped masturbating her, but immediately knew what he wanted when her hand was tucked under. Trembling in fear, she reached around his dick to ‘meet’ her sister’s hand, who was still at work.

Eliza felt the extra participant and sobered from her pleasurable state. The scary stare at her sister was blocked by Eden, whose fingers quickly made some strong movements and sent her back on the seat. He had pinched her clit so hard that it almost blew an orgasm into her pussy. He continued rolling her clit between his thumb and index fingers until she raised her feet onto the cushion while climaxing in the most gentlest manner.

Seeing how the guy subdued her sister, she got a boost of confidence and stroked Eden alongside Eliza. One hand on top, and the other below. It felt so good that Eden had problems sitting still. The difference in pressure, and the experience of the girls. They knew there wasn’t enough length to be ‘sharing’, so, they took turns instead.

Eliza, whom had been with him for a long time, knew where he liked to be teased, especially on the underside of his shaft. Her manicured nails worked wonders on him and it heightened up every inch of his foreskin. It was the most sensual climax-deprive style of a handjob.

Erica on the other ‘hand’, had only landed her hands on her second dick in her life. The raw, untrained fingers seek to explore the native rod with care, similar to handling an eel. His pre-cum had leaked all over their hands and it served well as a lubricant. But if there wasn’t enough, he had a supply of two pussies.

Back to the fidgeting trio in the first few rows. The two girls had been in orgasms at the most action-packed scenes and their hands were getting weary too. Eden had enough of their never-ending handjob and decided to finish with his beloved girl.

Arriving at the last few loving parts of the movie, he took Erica’s hand away while he shifted his fingers under her panties, completing the journey into her pussy. Erica was already too high to care, and having him raw inside would definitely feel better. He pulled opened the cardigan just enough to expose his dick to Eliza, whose head was ready to slide down his chest.

Her face disappeared into his groin and the heavenly blowjob made Eden’s fingers move much faster. Forcing her head down deeper, his mind was exploding like fireworks. They were merely seconds away from a triple orgasm that Erica was unwillingly brought into.

At the final lap, they went berserk on each other, with the innocent Erica pushing his fingers deeper and massaging his testicles at the same time. Eliza was gagging at the same time as the blaring music played. Grabbing into her hair, Eden made a hard thrust upwards and unleashed the humongous waves of cum that Eliza couldn’t refuse.

Once her mouth was full, she swallowed continuously until he was done. And for Erica, her pussy had squeezed onto Eden’s fingers so hard he could not free himself. That was how extreme and dangerously exciting they were.

As soon as they were done climaxing, they adjusted their clothes back to appear as normal as possible to the disapproving eyes of the audience behind them. The walk out of the cinema was a quick one, and the sisters who walked hand-in-hand clearly improved their relationship through the ‘share-a-dick’ event.

It wasn’t sure if it referred to Eden’s dick, or just him being one. From then on, it was common for the girls to share their boyfriends in the most confusing relationship. As all guys are, their boyfriends got extremely jealous when the sisters served each of the men on a two-on-one basis. But when it comes to any of the guys’ turn to enjoy the girls, the participant would have no qualms about it.

Weird and ironic huh?

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