‘Mix’ Up

After a eventful day celebrating Wen’s birthday, everyone who were spending the night in the boutique hotel room was dead drunk. Nicholas, who planned his girlfriend’s birthday, had brought about 20 bottles of beers to the celebration and every body was emptied. Out of the five person who were spending the night there, Nicholas and Jack were the only males. While Jack was out cold on the carpeted floor, the girls were lying on the queen size bed under the cosy warm sheets.

Nicholas spent a good one hour tidying up the room in a drunken state under the snores of everyone, but he did not have a word of complaint. Once the room was packed, the lights went off and he took the tiny space next to Ting, who hugged his girlfriend sleeping in between two girls. The alcohol kicked in after a few minutes and he fell asleep, happy with the smooth running of an unforgettable night for his precious girl.

Soundly asleep, it wasn’t long before Ting moved in her sleep, turning sideways to face Nicholas. Her hand slammed onto his chest and continued sleeping despite a jump from Nicholas. Oh well, just as he thought he could sleep, this girl had unknowingly semi-hugged him. Her thigh went up his leg and wrapped him up like a bolster, pressing her boobs onto his arm. Under the soft light from the curtains left ajar, he suddenly realised how pretty Ting was when she was in slumber.

Very slowly, he turned his body towards her and placed her thigh between his legs, creating an accident that massaged her pussy. Staring straight into her peaceful face, her warm breath was blowing into his face and apart from the beer, she smelled wonderful. Gliding his head across the pillow, he placed his lips less than a centimetre from her mouth.

All it took was a minute for her to move in her sleep again and this time, she kissed onto his lips. Nicholas’ hand went onto her waist and began digging its way under her shirt, while his tongue wet Ting’s mouth. In a drowsy state, she responded by making out with him semi-awake, and began grinding her groin on his leg. The tiny shorts made things a little uncomfortable and it was Nicholas’ duty to get it out of the way.

Reaching into the blanket, he unbuttoned her shorts and tugged it as low as he could reach, leaving the rest of the work to Ting who wanted to remove it too. After she was done, his shorts were next and it came off after a minute of awkward stealth strip. Now, he could feel the prickly lace of her panties brushing against his thigh and his boxers were removed as she continued to pleasure herself.

With one of her legs bent in ninety degrees, it was easy to pull her panties lower and it was soon dangling from only one of her feet, sufficient to expose her pussy in any position he wanted. His hand roamed under her bra and started massaging those boobs, clearly smaller than his girlfriend’s. But it was better than none.

Once Ting was breathing faster, his hand moved between her legs to lift one knee up, and took over her self-pleasure with his fingers. Swiftly rubbing on her clit, his fingers were coated in a sticky goo after a few minutes and he knew it was time to satisfy the sweet looking girl. As he was beginning to finger her, Ting’s hand shifted to his groin and started jerking him off. It was a hasty and poorly done handjob, but it did what he wanted, to get it hard and ready for sex.

Bringing his body a little lower from the pillow, he flipped her free leg over his hips and adjusted her hips away from his girlfriend that was sleeping next to Ting. He carefully brought his hips closer to her pussy and her hand kept hold of his rod, guiding him into the parking space. Inch by inch, Nicholas bit his lips as his dick was forcing itself into a pussy way tighter than his girl. Finally, he succeeded in penetrating the confused girl and the next thought blocked his sexual urges.

How is he going to move without waking the rest up? Ting was awake by then and she had the same thought. It wouldn’t work if they were to remain on that soft, fluffy bed. So, she rolled herself on top of Nicholas and laid on his chest.

Ting (whispering): ‘Stand up slowly. Let’s go to the window.’

Nicholas blinked his eyes a few times in confusion, and sat himself up, while Ting held onto his neck for support. Straining his tired feet, he stood up and walked over to the window, while the walking motion made Ting slam onto his dick. It was a post-fuck preview that he knew he was going to enjoy.

Ting was placed on the ledge that was cushioned for guests to sit, making it the second most comfortable spot for a midnight quickie. She pushed Nicholas away and turned herself around on her knees. The curtains were drawn apart and the bright streetlights flooded through the narrow opening. If there was anyone awake in the opposite building, they would enjoy a free show put up by the adulterous couple.

Sticking her ass out, he invited himself into her panties-clad pussy and began ramming her. His palms that were on her butt dampen the sounds, allowing him to go as fast as he wanted. Ting, who was looking out of the windows, was used to keeping quiet during her outdoor trysts. She had no problem having sex in silence to let the others sleep in peace.

Fucking fast and quiet, it was a different feel compared to the usual loud sex Nicholas had with Wen. Ting was much smaller but knew her way to pleasure guys with her pussy. He could totally feel how she squeezed onto his dick whenever he felt like cumming, to suppress the urge so he could keep going.

After what seemed like a long time, Nicholas was asked to do her in missionary while she lay on the row of cushions. Placing his knees between her legs, his dick dipped into the juice-covered cunt and resumed pounding into her womb. The speed they went at was fast but shallow, since having less pleasure was better than waking anyone up. Ting had been climaxing ever since he got on top of her, but her climax was a docile one, only tightening of her vagina and leaking extra juices. None of that shiver or orgasmic expression told Nicholas he was doing a good job.

Going like rabbits, the clock ticked loudly in the heated corner. The both of them had no idea how long it was going to last. They weren’t performing at their best. Finally, Ting grew impatient from the discreet sex and was getting desperate for some sleep. She turned herself to place her head against the window panes and wrapped her legs around Nicholas’ waist. He knew what she was up to and pulled her up to sit close to his body. Thrusting furiously, the slapping sounds got a little too loud for comfort but they could not give a damn about it.

Nicholas kept going non-stop at the poor girl who was only awake because of the intense pleasure she felt in her pussy. About ten minutes later, Nicholas went at full speed at the almost-screaming girl until he felt his load filing up his rod. He took a step away from her and she lowered her head onto his dick, keeping the tip inside her mouth while her cheeks made a small vacuum. Her tongue went to work teasing his pee hole while her mouth slid up and down his shaft in small distance.

A few seconds later, his load flushed themselves between her pink lipstick and she sucked even harder. Swallowing at the same time, her free hand went to jerk the uncovered shaft until he had to push her away. Unoffended by his behaviour, she returned her mouth to his dick after it started shrinking and emptied whatever that was left in the barrel.

As soon as they were done, they wore their clothes back and hopped back into the bed. Cuddling for the rest of the night, they assumed their ‘friendly’ position before Wen woke up. With two hours before checkout, Wen courteously invited her friends to clear the room so the both of them could ‘clean up’. Yeah right!

The exhausted Nicholas was rode like a dying stallion by Wen, who had a ton of energy from last night’s sleep. For all three times that she made him cum, he regretted fucking Ting so late into the night, leaving him little time to recuperate. Out of the three times, the last two rounds emptied inside Wen were actually done in rage. Raping and fucking her mind out, revenge was all he thought of to summon extra strength. Although he had the luxury of fucking his girlfriend in full privacy, the only face in his mind was Ting, eyes looking at him upwards, and licking her lips as he pounded her hard.

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