Combined Power

Five years into their marriage, Joe and Kimberly had gotten used to their routine sex every other night and the toys they had was almost a Toyogo boxful. Although they loved the light BDSM rape fetish, it was the limited variation that needed a change. Of course, the sex toys available on the market mostly revolved around dildos, leather straps and basic vibrators, and it wasn’t enough for them.

For their sixth anniversary, both of them had taken leave from their work and decided to spend the day enjoying fine dining, before heading home with a bag of the latest lingerie for a night of wild sex.

Kimberly: ‘Why did you buy a dildo again? And it’s so weirdly shaped.’

Joe had approached a plastic mould company to submit a design that was in his mind for a long time. It was the usual dildo shaft, but something had replaced the standard ‘penis’ head. He specifically asked them to create a four headed tip, like a cross lug wrench (think of tire changes with a crisscross tool). Beneath the weird head was a few rings cut into the soft plastic, seemingly to fit some rubber rings around it.

She changed into a red dress layered with lace and laid on the bed, tapping on her phone to turn it into silent mode. Joe entered the room with the new custom-made toy and their drill on the other hand. Somehow, Kimberly could make out how the new toy was to be used. She watched as he screwed the dildo into a thick metal bar, tightening it into the drill once it was secured. A generous amount of lube was coated on it and he pulled two rubber rings with hair-like material sticking out of it.

Kimberly: ‘Will it hurt?’

Joe: ‘Nope. I designed it according to where your g-spot is located so it wouldn’t be too big to enter.’

She opened her legs on the bed and began rubbing on her clit, doing a little performance for her loving husband. With the power cord attached and ready, he waited a few more minutes for her to get in the mood. This breakthrough of his must work the first time, because there was plans to mass produce it for sale.

He took his spot between her legs and gently pushed the toy in, stretching her pussy a little wider as the enlarged tip needed. In a few seconds, it was inside of his wife and he gave her a few thrusts to made sure her g-spot was in contact with it.

Joe: ‘Is it in the right place?’

Kimberly: ‘Yeah. It’s pressing lightly on it.’

Turning the dial on the drill to ‘1’, he clicked on the ON button and it gave off a mechanical whine. Kimberly immediately arched her back on the bed as the tiny hairs tickled her vaginal walls, and the lower ring swiped across her clit. What the special head did was the killer movements of low speed turning against her g-spot. It had totally driven her wild in under a minute and she began climaxing non-stop. Although it was too much for her pussy to handle, the stimulation on her sensitive area was addictive from the start.

She gave a strong tug on Joe’s arm to get him seated next to her head and she turned over to feast on his flaccid dick. Sucking tirelessly, the dildo was channeling its energy to get her to go deep throat on her husband, who was enjoying the new life in her mouth. One of Kimberly’s hands was on the speed control of the drill, turning the dial up and down to keep the orgasms coming. Every once in a while, she would turn it off and fuck herself with the device until she had enough rest.

After about five minutes of the intense fight with insanity, she turned the drill off and yanked it out of her, ready for her husband’s dick that almost came in her mouth. The invention had opened her to a fearsome tigress who jumped on top of Joe while he was still seated. She squatted over his lap and stuck his dick in, before bouncing up and down with her loose pussy.

As time passed, her vagina recovered and the usual tightness returned, only to push Joe to his limit. They moved slightly down the bed so he could lie flat, and watch her enthusiastic jumping over his dick.

Kimberly: ‘I don’t think I can continue. The dildo made me so tired.’

Joe: ‘It’s okay. As long as you enjoyed yourself. Let’s change positions.’

Kimberly: ‘To?’

Joe: ’69.’

He got up and turned himself around, while Kimberly bent over in doggie to plant her pussy in his face. A few licks was all he gave her, and the drill that laid nearby was once again took up by Joe. He stuck the toy into the juicy oyster and turned it on, in speed two. The powerful drill vibrated strongly in his hands as he held it firmly. The dildo was actually pushing so hard against her groin that he could see how the multi-head stirred.

Kimberly was thrown into a series of mindblowing climax again and there was only one object in front of her she could distract herself with. Grabbing his dick in her hand, her head went down on it and she forced fed that thick slab of meat down her throat. She did not care if her face hit against his thighs, the craziness in her pussy was sending her into high speed mode and she just continued feeding on his dick.

Going on and on, all Joe had to do was to hold the drill in position, while she kept sucking. Her mouth was good in normal circumstance that she could please him without any fear of ejaculation. But this time, the depth she was moving at totally blown Joe’s mind.

Joe (shouting): ‘I am cumming!’

She kept going without any change until she felt his warm load filling up her mouth. He clicked the OFF button on the drill and pulled the dildo out, bringing a huge load of juices along the way and onto his face. There was no wastage though, he opened his mouth to drink every drop of her goodness while she filled her stomach with his.

In that short thirty minutes, Kimberly had the most orgasms in her life and he too indulged in the most satisfying blowjob ever. Once the couple had released whatever fluids their bodies wanted, they collapsed on the bed without any strength to adjust their positions. Joe turned onto his sides and helped Kimberly did the same, lying on one of her thighs to lick her pussy clean. Feeling how her clit was teased, she laid on Joe’s legs and sucked him off again, this time, much more gentle and careful to clean him up.

Joe made an effort to join his wife after they were done and hugged her in his arms.

Joe: ‘Like the new toy?’

Kimberly: ‘Yeah. You have plans to sell the design right?’

Joe: ‘Yupp. It is the least we can do as a sex hungry couple.’

Kimberly: ‘I am sure girls will love it.’

However, instead of a drill motor, Joe would have to use a smaller, vibrator-like engine to drive the dildo. The couple slept through their sixth anniversary, and Joe woke up the next morning to a noisy whirl of the drill. Kimberly was on it again, and this time, she was thrusting the dildo while keeping it on. The large patch of wetness was his answer to the success of his idea.

I was sure the short sex felt like a lifetime for Kimberly who got addicted to using the toy whenever she could.

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