Secret Wear

Suzy almost fell asleep waiting for a reply from her BFF, Joslin, when a call from jolted her awake.

Joslin (on phone): ‘Hey, fell asleep?’

Suzy (on phone): ‘Almost? What were you doing?’

Joslin (on phone): ‘Was in cab.’

Suzy (on phone): ‘Huh? I thought you were at home?’

Joslin (on phone): ‘Yeah. I am at your void deck now.’

Suzy (on phone): ‘My void deck!? For?’

Joslin (on phone): ‘Just come downstairs. I am here already.’

The background of Joslin sounded as though she was in the open, and so Suzy pulled herself up lazily. Going to her wardrobe, she chose a sleeveless long shirt with gapping openings and slipped it over her braless top and black briefs. It was just a void deck meeting she didn’t think much of and she made her way to meet her best friend of many years.

The two girls had been together since secondary one and now that they had completed their poly education, the long holiday proved to be too much for their idle schedule to handle. The lift ding at the first floor and through the elevator windows, Suzy saw Joslin in a translucent cardigan and a short cotton grey skirt. Her sexy waist was bare as she tied a knot just below her chest just to cover her black bra, that was as good as not wearing anything over it.

The girls surprised each other with their less-than-decent outfit that they had never seen each other in. Seated at the empty stone table, another of Joslin’s habit revealed itself to Suzy. She took out a pack of cigarettes and tapped two sticks out, one for herself, and the other for her friend.

Suzy: ‘Tonight is such an eye opener.’

Joslin: ‘I didn’t know you dare to go braless!’

Suzy: ‘And I didn’t know you smoke, plus wearing that transparent top.’

They laughed as Joslin tucked the joint between her lips.

Suzy: ‘Why don’t you but the rolled ones?’

Joslin: ‘If I did that, I wouldn’t be able to pack some goodies in it.’

Suzy: ‘Huh? I don’t get you.’

Joslin: ‘Just smoke it.’

It was the third time in Suzy’s life that she put a cigarette in her mouth, but it was better to have it from Joslin than any other person. Like a pro, she inhaled a deep breath after puffing away the first. And a euphoric effect floated through her mind, almost causing her to fall off the seat. She caught hold of the chair and balanced herself, before getting a giggle from Joslin.

Joslin: ‘There’s ecstasy in it.’

Whatever she said made no sense to the confused girl who had placed her head on the table. A spell of dizziness, high and relaxation came at her at once and there was no way she could interpret this sensation. The urge to take another puff of it was stopped by Joslin, who was watching her closely. Understanding that this was an addictive, the willpower to stop the urge was necessary to prevent her from being dependant on it.

Joslin: ‘Wait for a while more. Let the effects wear off before you take another.’

Suzy listened to her and held herself back, until she was feeling sober. The second drag stirred another effect that she had never expected. Her pussy began wetting itself with sexual juices and her nipples on the 34B cups poked hard at her shirt. She sat straight up to look at her boobs to confirm the erection and Joslin sat there silently, looking at her pressing her shirt against the pair of breasts.

Joslin: ‘Yeah. It does get you horny as well.’

Upon hearing that, Suzy got up and pulled Joslin into the lift, pushing impatiently on the floor she lived. Once the doors opened, they made their way to the stairs where the lights had been broken for a long time, dimmed enough for whatever she did next.

Joslin was helplessly hugged tight and Suzy’s lips just smack into her face. Her tongue fought its way in and Joslin simply reciprocated the sexual gesture. They made out at an intense speed while puffing away the rest of the stick, creating a longer lasting effect of lust. Joslin’s skirt was yanked up to her waist while Suzy’s underwear was taken off her legs. Their hands ran up and down each others’ body to tease the nipples, and finally, Suzy’s finger went to Joslin’s pussy.

She was as wet as her and Joslin did not take long to start fingering her good friend as well. The two girls stood in the corner, kissing each other, rubbing on clits and fingering each others’ pussy at random. No matter how fast they went, something important was missing, something that they did not have (as girls).

Suzy (whispering): ‘Shit. I need a dick inside me now.’

Joslin (whispering): ‘Yeah. Me too. Want to find a random guy to fuck?’

Suzy (whispering): ‘Not safe.’

They distracted themselves by continuing with their mutual masturbation until a eureka moment strike Joslin. They had a male friend who lived in the same block too, one who had been out of contact since secondary school.

Joslin took her phone out and dialled the best-behaving-guy-in-class number. He picked up after a few rings and the girls excitedly asked him out to where they were. K only took a minute to appear before them in a casual singlet and berms, and he was confused at how messy their hair was.

K: ‘What are you girls doing here?’

Suzy: ‘Do you smoke?’

K: ‘Umm.. rarely?’

Joslin: ‘Good. Take a puff.’

He inhaled the last part of the cigarette that Joslin left on the steps and immediately knew something else was in it. His dick rose without any contact and the girls pulled him into the corner. The last puff he took had the most amount of ecstasy in it, and the light headed guy wasn’t responding while his pants was pulled away. Suzy took up her almost-burnt-out stick and took a mouthful of it, before squatting down to give his dick a dose of the recreational drug.

Once her mouth was emptied, she sucked hungrily on his dick to get him harder and K’s hands went unconsciously to Suzy’s head to mouthfuck her. By then, her throat had been numbed and she managed to let him go for a minute before stopping. They were supposed to get satisfied, not him. Joslin helped Suzy up and went over to a cleaner wall with K. Pulling her skirt up for the second time, her bare pussy was already dripping juices. K did not waste anymore time and let Suzy help to get him in. One stroke was all he needed to drive his cock all the way in and the pounding started as soon as Suzy’s hand disappeared.

Suzy stood in doggie beside Joslin with her feet apart, and K knew exactly what to do. One of his hands went to her pussy and sunk two fingers in. The tempo the girls had it was in sync with his fingers and dick, thrusting livelily hard. The two girls held hands while being fucked, totally immersed in the double orgasms they were having. Their breasts and nipples never got to rest as they had each other to keep their hands busy, while the lucky dude did the work to get their pussies filled.

K’s extended stamina was all thanks to the drug that inhibited any pre-mature ejaculation, giving him more time to give both pussies their share of fun. Once five minutes was up, he moved over to Suzy and stuck his dick in, resuming the mindless sex he got himself into. In the tiny corner of darkness, there was only a few positions they could engage in. Doggie was done with about two orgasms each, and next up was missionary on the stairs.

Joslin went first to sit on the stairs, lying back against the uncomfortable steps. K went down on his knees to get the right height and plunged his dick in after she opened her legs. Suzy did not just sit beside them. She was busy fingering herself like a sex-starved demon, getting so close to putting her fist into her pussy to fill her hole. Although Joslin was the one getting all the attention, she still remembered her idle friend and offered to finger fuck her while waiting.

The swap happened after ten minutes and K was happier to change to Suzy. Although Suzy was taller and had a bigger build than Joslin, her pussy was the tightest of them both, and it totally fit his size. Joslin had a height of only 155, but her mature attitude shined above her BFF. Nonetheless, the girls were bonded by more than just their pussies.

K continued to fuck both girls hard as they fought to ‘cut’ each other’s queue. His dick was the one getting all the fun since it was them who had to share. The echo in the stairwell went unheard as it got later into the night. By 2am, the drugs had worn off and they were just enjoying themselves in pure lust – the one that started about an hour ago.

Once the girls began to feel tired, K had to do most of the work to keep their pussies wet and it did not take long for him to feel the end coming. It took him longer to get the senses on his dick back, but when it came, he was almost too tired to even think of cumming.

Joslin: ‘You don’t want to cum?’

K: ‘I was about to cum. But I’m too tired.’

Joslin: ‘Hmm.. ‘

He stumbled to the steps above them and sat there panting, while his dick slowly began to sag. The girls had their urges satisfied, but it wasn’t over. It was only right to repay him for his time and energy he spent on them. They turned their bodies to face his feet and asked him to take a step down. He took some time before moving between them, and his reward came once the girls positioned themselves.

Both their heads went down at the same time to lick on his shaft, cleaning their juices away and replacing it with their saliva. The amount of liquid streaming down his dick was so much that his shirt got dirtied as well. Suzy took the lead to start sucking on him, while Joslin massaged his balls. She too pushed onto her friend’s head to get it deeper and K’s voice was heard groaning in pleasure. Joslin’s turn came and she kept her head still, keeping her lips right under his hood and let her tongue did the work. When his expression turned into a painful one, her head dived down and overwhelmed the pain with pleasure.

It was the same ‘ecstasy’ that K felt his mind was in. The pleasurable sensation of a wet, warm mouth pumping up and down his shaft. It was the trigger to load the rounds into the chamber. After five minutes of two girls giving very different blowjobs, his dick began twitching stronger and the girls got into a little fight to see who could get his cum out.

Their mouths changed shifts every few seconds until Joslin executed her deep throat high suction killer move. The second stroke down, his cock burst into fireworks and it splattered into her mouth. Just as the pulses were channeling his sperms upwards, Suzy knocked Joslin’s head away and placed her mouth into the line of fire. The final waves of tiny tadpoles was sucked out by the empty mouth and Joslin did not bother fighting for her place anymore.

The girls kept the guy’s sperms in their mouths as they kissed and exchanged the load a few times. After splitting their ‘loot’ into two, they raised their hands to count to three and it all went down their throats, right in front of K. The trio sat there bottomless for a while more before K got up. The gentleman in him appeared and he helped them to get dressed, feeling up their slim bodies while he was at it.

Joslin: ‘So we can ask you out whenever we need you?’

K: ‘Yeah. And can I ask you girls out too? My house is sometimes available.’

Suzy: ‘So cheeky? You can ask me out though, Joslin lives too far.’

Joslin: ‘Selfish bitch!’

The girls giggled and tickled each other, attacking each others’ breasts and ended up making out for a while. That night, the sexily dressed, pantyless Joslin headed for K’s place to sleep and had the longest round of sex she ever experienced. Suzy was on the phone listening to their sounds while she masturbated herself to sleep, only to wake up at 6am to have her turn at K’s place.

While none of them ever touched ecstasy again, they experimented with other safer alternatives like poppers and relaxant that was available at the doctors’. It wasn’t quite right to try those stuffs out, but sometimes, right isn’t always fun.

In no way this entry is written to tempt anyone to experiment with drugs. There are irreversible damage that will occur in the first dosage. So, never mess with them, and if you know anyone who are addicted or affected by restricted drugs, please either never to be tempted by them, or simply wipe those people off your memories.

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