Simple Intercourse

After baby and I completed the projects that were due for the week, I headed for the shower while she tidied the room. We had booked a night in one of the budget hotel to rush the work and it was almost 8pm when we finished work with a small Mos Burger meal. Coming out of the small bathroom, I saw that baby had fallen asleep on the bed in the translucent white nightgown I bought for her. Actually, we already had one round of hot sex before we started working, and now, I was turned on by her pantyless butt facing me.

I climbed onto the bed silently and turned her on her back, before flipping her legs opened. Although she was exhausted, there was no resistance once I planted my face in her groin and started licking her. Baby did not favour my licking her pussy due to her shyness, but nonetheless, she liked what I did and looked at my hungry expression feasting on her pussy. It was a special feeling to see how baby got turned on by my mouth, and the moans she made sounded extra sexy.

Baby: ‘Baby horny?’

Me: ‘Yeah. You can rest. I will serve my baby tonight like a princess.’

She gave a weak smile before closing her eyes and going back to sleep. I continued licking her for a while more until she was wet to a point we did not need any lubricant. For most of our sex, we had to use the strawberry flavoured Durex lubricant except on occasions she was hornier than I. After her body was well juiced, I reached my hands under the mini dress to her nipples where she could not resist me pinching on them.

Once she pulled my hands away in pain, I knew she was ready and I raised her knees to my shoulders. It was an unusual position for the first entry, but she was too drowsy to care. I placed my thighs against her butt and pried her pussy lips opened while my dick pushed its way into her. Mechanically, it entered her at a steady pace and she only made a groaning noise throughout the whole process. Once I felt my dick fully indulged in the pleasure hole, I leaned my body forward to bend her legs further down. My lips touched hers and my tongue forced its way into her lifeless mouth.

As I had expected, she was too worn out to react and I just went on to pound her hard, making her struggle in a sleeping mode. From her knees together, they dropped apart to let me in deeper and she woke up slowly to my prodding tongue.

Baby: ‘Baby, wearing this kind of clothes actually turn me on a lot you know?’

Me: ‘I know. You were wet before I even lick you.’

Baby: ‘Humph! Expose me only.’

Her remarks assured me of our secret but fun relationship filled with sex and food. The only thing on my mind was to keep going and make her climax with my dick. It was after all hers to enjoy. I kept moving without rest and she was making faces of pleasure and agony, both from the sensitive areas I hit and the speed I went. It was the first time her pussy was so wet without any aid. It showed how much she wanted this.

Baby: ‘Change position? I am going to climax.’

I pulled out of her hastily and she flipped herself over. I helped her waist get into the height I needed and rammed my dick in without any warning. She did scream from the sudden entry, but the following strokes I made quickly turned her pain into pleasure. I was feeling hotter and hornier each time I felt her pussy tightened around me. Her dress was sticking onto her sweaty body too, while jerking back and forth from the force I applied into her.

Baby: ‘Are you going to shoot?’

Me: ‘Not yet.’

Baby: ‘Okay. Keep going until you are about to k?’

Me: ‘And then?’

Baby: ‘I want you to shoot in my mouth.’

Her mouth? It had never happened in our two year long relationship that she asked to unload at that spot. The taste of cum had never appealed to her, and I could clearly remember I only creamed in her mouth twice. This time, she gave up her comfort and offered me to finish it in her mouth. Why not?

I pounded her hard at varying speed until one of her arms reached backwards for me to stop. After she failed to ‘alert’ me, she went for the pillows instead and gathered two of them into her face. A long groan was screamed into it as her body relaxed while her vagina forced the life out of me. I could barely take the pressure in my dick and I knew she had cummed. Another first for her would be the pee-like fluid that flowed out of her pussy during the orgasm.

All I gave her was a minute to calm down before I continued the ramming into her pussy. It had gotten wetter and tighter, much to my delight. Without further ado, I fucked both our brains out until I felt the impending sense of doom. At that instant, I pulled my raw dick out of her and sat on the bed.

Baby: ‘You are shooting?’

Me: ‘Yeah.. ‘

She sat on her hips and pulled me to the pillow. I laid on the saliva smelling part accidentally and she laid her head on my stomach. My dick instantaneously teleported into another dimension as her tongue worked up and down my shaft, mixing the juices with her saliva. Her head had a boost of energy to keep bouncing in my groin until I asked her to close her lips tighter.

What a mistake. It shortened my stamina greatly to a minute and the moment I felt it coming, I warned her about it and her lips slid all the way down to my shaved pelvic. Embedded deep in her mouth, the hot stream of cum sprayed around her throat and she kept herself still. The futile attempt to force her head down was useless as her teeth was already at the base of my dick.

From where I laid, I could not see her expression, and gave up trying to get her to show me my little marines. Truly worn out by the last part, her head fell on my stomach and glided towards my chest to let my rod out of her. It was a small but sensual feeling on my penis when she made a little suck on her way out. Once she was done, she went back onto my outstretched arm to cuddle in my chest and I looked worriedly at her.

Me: ‘You okay?’

Baby: ‘Yupp. You shot a lot.’

Me: ‘You didn’t show me.’

Baby: ‘Next time k? Let’s sleep now.’

Still dazzled by her sexy form under the nightie, the simple yet loving act of love ended and we fell asleep together. What happened the next day was pointless to say. We had about five hours before check out and there was no intention to waste the privacy we paid for. The countless rounds of orgasms for her, and about three ejaculations for me, pretty much summed out how much fun we had.

Despite having sufficient rest, baby and I still fell into a deep sleep after we reached my place. Whatever happened, strengthened our relationship and there was no regret being with baby.

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