Too Hot to Stop

Darren and Minnie had been secretly together since she was in secondary one and while he was still in NS. The two had met online in a game and the lucky guy managed to get the innocent girl to be his girlfriend after a few weeks of chatting. By the one year anniversary, she had moved on to secondary two and he had new job that gave him lots of freedom to work whenever he liked, proving to be very helpful to their relationship.

One evening after school, Minnie invited to his house while his parents were out at work. The two of them were in his room tickling and poking each other for fun after they had a few cans of beers despite she was underaged. Halfway through their little fun, Minnie accidentally turned Darren on after she touched his bulge. There was little she could do when he initiated a tongue fight that progressed to a body roaming game. The challenge was to use their tongues and draw a line across each other’s body. The first person to make the other give up or laugh will win. And whoever broke contact will have to do a forfeit.

Eventually, Minnie lost after he fondled her pussy with his knees that was between her opened legs. But he was kind to her too. Although she lost, her forfeit was to continue licking downwards until she reached his bulge. Throughout the time they were together, their intimacy was limited to just making out and cuddling with each other.

Now that he had seen her being open about the kinkier dares, he knew things would only get more exciting for them. Cautiously, she kissed her way down to his underwear and he convinced her to remove all of their clothes before the game continues. A few hesitant moments of checking his dick out later, she finally got brave enough to lick the underside of his shaft and it sent a thrill up her boyfriend’s body. The accomplishment gave her a boost of courage and there was little holding her back.

Minnie: ‘Does it feel good?’
Darren: ‘Yeah. I like it.’

In front of his eyes, Darren watched the unsuspecting girl part her lips and took his bulb in whole. All she did was to press and relax her lips together and it was enough to get Darren harder. He just had to ask her for more.

Darren (whispering): ‘Use your tongue.’
Minnie: ‘Okay. Let me try.’

Before she went down on him again, she stuck her tongue out and capped over his dick again. Using the slippery surface, the unskilled licking actually felt quite good too. It seemed that an inexperience blowjob could deliver the same excitement. Although she was still in a discovering state, the sight and groans of her boyfriend joying her hardwork was a morale booster. His knee that was under her panties was gently massaging on them as well.

Minnie: ‘You are making me wet down there.’
Darren: ‘You like it?’
Minnie: ‘I have never got wet like this before. Yeah. It’s good.’

Her face was flushed by the new rush of pleasure and made her confess a little secret.

Minnie (shyly): ‘You know.. I never masturbated before.’
Darren: ‘But I thought you like making out cause it turns you on.’
Minnie: ‘I don’t know how it feels to be turned on. Maybe that’s why I like to rub my legs against you.’

Her innocence could never be any more immature, and it was a good sign. It meant that he would be the first to open her up.

Darren: ‘I’ll let you feel what is pleasure. Come lie down.’

She laid on the bed in a docile expression and waited patiently for him to do whatever he wanted to do next. Slowly, she closed her eyes as his hands ran down her neck, to her chest over her t-shirt, and gently peeled her white shorts away. Next was her tiny white thong which he had bought for her, stroking down her thighs as it left her body.

Her legs were bent and spread apart, feeling hot breaths at her pussy where his nose stopped. Looking at him with a blur look, she saw his tongue, and then the disappearance of his mouth all together into her groin. The slight tickle she felt on her clit quickly went away after it was made wetter, replaced with a sensational emotion of trust. Her lips parted again, but this time, it was an instinctive series of moans. Her young musical voice rang into Darren and he kept up with the quick flicking he did, to get her crazy and overwhelmed by the new experience.

Minnie could not understand the ominous sense of danger when she was feeling so good. Something was building up in her pussy that she could only relate to an urge to pee. Seeing how motionless and afraid she was, Darren knew her first orgasm was coming and he pressed on. Besides the clit tickle, he made long strokes up and down her slit to tease her further. In under a minute, her thighs suddenly closed on his head and her hands pushed his face into her pussy. Right in front of his eyes was a vagina moving on its on, like a living oyster. The slight movements of her pussy lips was so fascinating to watch. When she finally let go of Darren, he was a little breathless and dizzy from her legs.

The afterglow on her face couldn’t be anymore sexier. He wanted to show her more. With his underwear off, he sat on his pillow where Minnie was resting on. The sideway pose had placed his dick next to her for convenience.

Looking at him tired but with a cheeky look, she bit her lips as her hand touched his dick. It was as red as her pussy, and some transparent liquid was forming at the tip too. Having a dick in front of any girl’s face, there was only one thing to do. She opened her mouth to taste the pre-cum and pushed him away playfully.

Minnie: ‘It’s so salty!’
Darren: ‘Haha. Just want you to taste it. What shall we do next?’
Minnie: ‘I don’t know. Anything you want?’

Darren thought for a long while before he gave a reply, and it was one that most of us wished for but few accomplished. He pulled her shirt and bra off before his top was removed too. There they lay peaceful and deep in thoughts about what they had crossed into.

Darren: ‘Shall we try it?’
Minnie: ‘Have sex?’
Darren: Yeah.. But if you don’t want it’s fine.. ‘
Minnie: ‘I don’t mind. Since it’s with you.’

He gladly carried her up in her arms to lay her in the middle of the bed, and took up his space beside her. Restarting the foreplay, he kissed her from her lips again, pecking down to her neck, giving a few nibbles on her nipples, and sliding his lips across to her belly button.

Once he had saw how relaxed she was, he spread one of her legs and climbed between. His hips then hovered above her groin before he lowered it, placed between her legs. Slowly, he bent his knees to bring his dick towards her pussy, and her hand was already reaching for him to guide it in.

Darren felt her fingers grabbing it and aiming it at her opening, so all he did was to keep advancing, until he felt a little pressure on the tip of his penis. He was just a few more inches away from deflowering this little princess of his.

Darren: ‘I’m going to put it in now k?’
Minnie: ‘Okay.’

He took her hands and placed it on his waist, giving her permission to squeeze him if she was in pain. That was how thoughtful he was for her. Very gently, he pried his way in and Minnie sank her teeth into his shoulders while her fingers dug inside his ribs. The pain was understandable to Darren and he bore with it. He had intended the entry process to be a slow and careful one, but what Minnie said made sense too, the faster he complete docking, she would have more time to recover. Shortly put it, 长痛不如短痛 (a quick torture is better than an extended suffering).

At the last few inches, he thrust the rest of the length in and her grip on him started to loosen after just a few seconds.

Minnie: ‘Start moving. I think the pain will go away.’

More than happy to hear that, he began moving his rod in and out of her pussy even faster. The discreet slurping sounds was inaudible behind the desperate voices of pleasure. True enough, the pain went away and she was enjoying herself. Her tight hole was gleefully stretching and shrinking to the widths of his shaft. It was indeed a whole new experience when Darren was in a virgin underaged girl. The close contact with her vagina was like wearing a new shirt, fitting on the first wear. There was just nothing to complain about. Even his tip could be felt pushing the limits of her insides to the maximum depth.

Keeping themselves in this position, the couple was having the best fun in their lives so far. Once she started feeling her pussy getting a little sore, Darren knew it was time to change position too – from the look of her face. Carefully, he pulled out after a few more unwilling thrusts, and let her pussy take a break.

Darren: ‘Tired? I can stop.’
Minnie: ‘Yeah. But what about you?’
Darren: ‘I am fine. You can catch some sleep.’
Minnie: ‘I won’t leave you like that. Why don’t I suck you off?’

Darren did not know how to respond when he heard that. His mind was overwhelmed with gratefulness and felt totally softened by her offer.

Darren: ‘If you don’t mind.’
Minnie: ‘Hehe. Come let me sit on the floor. You sit here.’

He went to the length of the bed and sat with his legs opened, while she sat legs folded on the floor. After she made herself comfortable, she dived in for the dripping, wet dick that was eagerly waiting to be satisfied.

Seated towards the edge, there was a certain feel of royalty with a lady ready to please him as he wished. Although he knew she wouldn’t be able to go very deep or fast, his hands still went to her head and dug into the dense head of hair. A gradual tug pulled her closer and her mouth took about half of his length in one mouth. Next, was his turn to enjoy the naughty tongue that tried to wriggle around his hood to satisfy.

As time passed, he was feeling her skills improve but it wasn’t enough. He needed her to help him cum with a blowjob. Pushing her head quicker, the natural reflex to slow him down actually caused a recoil that helped his urge built up better. There was still something missing though.

After a no-cum five minutes, he could tell her jaws were tired. So, it was time for an upgrade.

Darren: ‘Dear, keep your mouth open. Don’t close it. Open like at the dentist.’

She did what he asked without leaving his dick and he adjusted his position to sit closer to her. Minnie knew he could easily ram his whole rod into her, but another sense of ‘duty’ overcame her resistance.

Darren: ‘I’m going to guide you. Just relax your neck k?’

She made a pop sound with his dick in her mouth and showed a weak smile. Green light given. He held her head firmly and began pushing her mouth in long strokes down his shaft. It got painful within three thrusts and Minnie’s eyes swelled up with tears. But she had kept her head down and let him continue his mouth fuck. The groans and comments he made totally made her sacrifice worthwhile. He was getting more into her only in a night’s time. There was no sign of him getting enough of her at all. It was sheer torture for Minnie.

Finally, the choking got worse and she had to pinch Darren’s thighs to stop him. And he did. The mood totally changed when tears began rolling down her face and there was nothing he could do.

Darren: ‘Why did you stop me?! You’re in pain.’
Minnie: ‘You were having fun. And I didn’t want to..’

He cupped her mouth with his hand and helped her onto the bed. The only thing in his mind was to relieve her pain. And one thing would definitely work. He flipped her on her fours by resting her knees on the corner of the bed and tucked the pillow and bolster under her body.

Darren: ‘I’ll make the pain go away.’

He took up the doggie position and slid his dick into her without rests. Once he inserted himself, the non-stop slippery sex began. There was a different mood this time, affecting Minnie in the most comforting manner. Her pussy was going through a series of long but slow strokes, that untied her throat and faded the pain. The next thing from her mouth was the sexiest moans he had ever heard, cat-like, innocent and thankful. It had all of his girl’s character just with that voice.

He started moving faster after the moans got louder, and it didn’t disappoint any of them. Minnie went into full-slut mode, asking him to fuck her harder and he merely exclaimed how great it felt. The duo was melting through the sheets.

Minnie was put through the most intense orgasm once he reached top speed, and it was pure craziness. Her addiction to orgasm kept her asking for him to keep going. Darren couldn’t ask for more. His ‘moment’ was just minutes away.

Driven by the devil, he pounded her with all his might, bruising her butt cheeks with her permission. The depth he stuck his dick in was beyond what her body could take and it kept her in the world of pleasure while he tore her apart. In under a minute, she had two orgasms and it was Darren’s turn.

Darren: ‘I am about to shoot.’

That sentence shocked her awake and she crawled away from him in fear. All Darren did was smile at her and took a break on the bed.

Minnie: ‘You can’t shoot inside me.’
Darren: ‘I know.’
Minnie: ‘Umm.. Close your eyes?’

He shut both eyelids and felt a soft cloth over his dick. Well, he cheated by opening his eyes and saw that she had wrapped it with her white thong. Both her hands went to the sides of the draped leaning tower and jerked it up and down. There was nothing else he could think of when she did that, he knew there was no other place to unload on.

After a relaxing five minutes, he grabbed her forearm and she went faster. Her thong immediately swelled up and the gooey white liquid flowed down the sides of his shaft. The gullible girl reacted by wrapping her undies a few times around the leaks and continued stroking to clean him up.

Pleasurable or funny, it was a fine line. She did cleaned him up while giving him the happy ending. But it wasn’t supposed to be at the same time. He took a while to recuperate from the awkward handjob and went back to her to cuddle on the bed.

Minnie: ‘Are you happy today?’
Darren: ‘Yes I am. You did great.’
Minnie: ‘I had lots of fun! But the next time I want to see you shoot. Sorry about earlier. I didn’t know what to do.’

What more could he ask from her? She was the perfect fourteen year old he could ever wished for. After a short nap, Darren was woken up by a light shake. His hand was found between her legs like a bolster, and juices was felt escaping her pussy.

Minnie: ‘Can we do it again?’
Darren: ‘So kinky? Yupp. We can.’

And so, a new life began for the both of them. Minnie soon got addicted to sex but only with Darren, and he now had something else to do than to surf web and play games. The young, energetic girl had proved to be very enthusiastic about everything kinky, and Darren started on his dream life.

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