Wedding Ring

Chris had planned a long time for this night and stayed on his knees as his girlfriend of four years unlocked the door coming back from work at 1am. Jacelyn’s keys finally went silent and the knob twisted slowly, trying her best to lower the noise so she wouldn’t disturb her boyfriend. As soon as she entered the house, a dark figure gave her a scare and she quickly turned on the lights, to see Chris on his knees with a ring in his hands.

Chris: ‘Dear, are you ready for this? Cause tonight, I will ask you for your hand in marriage. Will you marry me?’

A hand went over her mouth and tears swelled up in her eyes. It had been a long time since they met, and her dreams finally came true. Years of hardship, days of happiness had confirmed themselves to last a lifetime, and she couldn’t be any happier. Jacelyn jumped into his arms and gave him a long kiss, as he carried her up and into the living room. But before he could place her down, she whispered closely into her ears.

Jacelyn (whispering): ‘Let’s go to the bedroom. I’ve got something to show you.’

He brought her to their huge bed and dropped her like a little girl on it. She got up on her knees and waited for him to turn the lights on. As they flickered on, she lifted her skirt up and shocked him when he saw a little loop hanging out of her pussy. Her blouse was unbuttoned too, and the partition of the collar revealed a pair of nipple clamps, pinching hard on her tits.

Jacelyn: ‘I wore after work to give you a surprise. But you gave me a bigger one.’

He had been teasing her to wear those toys the day he brought them, but the conservative 24 year old couldn’t be brave enough to do it. Things changed that day, when she felt more adventurous and decided to go for it. Call it intuition or whatever you like, Chris couldn’t be more happier to see her all horny and ready for him.

He went over to remove the rest of her clothes and undid his own. The instant he was naked, Jacelyn pushed him down onto the bed and headed for his rising dick. Her mouth went down on it, taking over his senses and making him groan in pleasure. It was so rare of her to initiate sex, but this time, his girl had totally changed to someone else. All he could see from the lying position was her head, bobbing up and down. His rod was overwhelmed over and over again with each stroke. She had remembered his frequent reminder to suck hard and fast.

After just five minutes, she was going so fast that Chris had problem holding it in. It was impossible to stop her at that speed, and very soon, his hips buckled as his warm cum fired into her mouth. Thinking that she would stop, he tapped lightly on her chin. Jacelyn’s mouth lifted itself until the tip and took a pause to swallow all of his cum. And after that, she went down on him again, this time reaching much deeper until she gagged. The crazy mouth rape lasted only for a minute or so, making his rod so sensitive he almost fainted from just the oral sex. After that, it was Jacelyn who got too uncomfortable to continue.

At last, he could rest and had started planning the next move. While Chris was trying to get his dick hard again, she helped by giving it a handjob to revive it. Just as she felt his meat harden, she climbed on top of him and sat over his dick. It was comical to try and get a semi-hard cock in, but she managed to do it. Inside her, the small squeezes she made quickly brought his dick back to life and before he knew it, he had recovered most of his energy and moving on to part two.

Different guys getting rode by a girl had varying effects. Chris was one that could literally go crazy when his girl did that, for it would appear in his mind that he was being raped. Not too bad right? Well, the thing is, as she slammed her butt down on him, the tightness would force blood downwards and extend his ejaculation. In another words, a little sexually agonising. He wasn’t complaining though, since she was the one doing all the work.

The tiny frame on his body kept bouncing up and down, milking him with vigour he had never seen. Jacelyn couldn’t stop herself from moving whenever she thought of how sweet he was on his knees, adding on to the hour plus of horniness she had during the trip home. The satisfied look on his face was another factor that kept her going.

After five minutes of painful pounding, she turned herself around like a helicopter propeller to face away from him, into reverse cowgirl. In that pose, she started grinding him, sliding her butt back and forth, stimulating his sensitive dick head with her pussy. Chris by then had totally given up to fight for any control, and waited for his gun to unload the second time.

Under three minutes into the new position, he felt his load building up and grabbed onto her waist, pushing her down. Since she could no longer move freely, it was his turn to jab her pussy upwards in a series of violent hip thrusts. Under that attack speed, Jacelyn fell backwards onto her hands and let him ram his cock into her, going deeper than she could manage. The moans and groans echoed in the room like a rape scene, going non-stop until Chris felt the second wave coming.

It was also in this fast and furious thrusts that gave Jacelyn her first orgasm that matched the timing as his second ejaculation. Screaming as loud as his groans, her body went into a frenzy as his cum coated her womb. The constant hip thrust that was still going on drove her to another climax back to back, clenching her pussy so tightly around her husband’s cock. Only after two minutes, her body gave in to him and fell on the bed next to him.

Jacelyn: ‘Like it?’

Chris: ‘Yeah. I need to rest le.’

Jacelyn: ‘Okay. You go sleep.’

Chris: ‘You?’

Her hand ran down his body to hold the half-life and rubbed her thumb over the pee hole, almost making Chris jump up in pain.

Jacelyn: ‘I’m going to play with this.’

Chris: ‘Huh. Let me rest can?’

Jacelyn: ‘Can. If you can.’

Chris: ‘But.. ‘

Her head glided down his chest and stopped above his groin, taking that cum-dripping machine into her mouth and sucking on it tiredly. Swirling tongue, popping cheeks, there was no way Chris could rest his little bird. In fact, it started growing again and Jacelyn felt her pussy respond with a leak of cum.

Jacelyn: ‘Dear. Really no energy?’

She held his balls and rolled them between her fingers. Part of him wanted to go on, but another was barely helping with the decision.

Chris: ‘I can’t. Let me rest first?’

She lazily rolled on top of him and slid her pussy over his rod, parking him inside her before they napped. At last it was time to recuperate. Chris couldn’t be more glad.

What seemed like hours felt like minutes when he felt the wet hole move along his shrunk dick again. He knew he was getting hard, but a look at his wife showed that she was still asleep. So was it a sleep-fuck? Her hips was moving though.

He gently held her shoulders and turned her around, ignoring the cum that leaked out of her. Giving himself a few strokes, he made sure it was rock hard before aiming it between her legs. A sinister smile broke across his face as his hands went to her opened knees to keep them apart. And then, one shove was all he gave to pierce into her sleeping mind and sent a jolt through her body.

Jacelyn (screaming): ‘What..!’

The shocked expression went away once he began ramming faster, throwing her head backwards as the jets of ecstasy shot her mind. She opened her legs wider to accommodate his size and speed that was rubbing painfully against her thighs. No matter how she tried to speak, the depth of his pounding would send her drifting in and out of consciousness. It was something she had never felt before, to get fucked so hard. And she was glad she was marrying this beast in hiding.

Once Chris had enough of ‘push-ups’, he grabbed both her ankles together and turned her to the side. Another few pumps were made and he proceed to pick her lower half up, getting her knees to fall under her body. It was a simple three step process to change into doggie. Holding her butt firmly, he shoved his dick in and out so fast that she lost control of her arms, giving way and planting her face on the bed.

From the sideway glance, she could tell he wasn’t going to stop until she totally went crazy. Well, he was not far from it.

Filled with rage, and partly hungry, he gave her no discount as his dick slurped generously in and out of her. For Jacelyn, her body was long lost in the pleasure, and her pussy was still happily receiving the beating. The duo just fucked like rabbits gone crazy, possibly melting together if they got any hotter.

Soon, her pussy began shrinking and the pressure in her womb got unbearable. Chris had felt it too, but instead of stopping, or maintaining speed, he went faster. At an increasing velocity, Jacelyn was about to cum, just like how Chris felt.

Chris: ‘I’m about to cum!’

Jacelyn: ‘Me too! Don’t stop!’

She reached one of her hands towards him and he caught it in midair. Like riding a horse, her arms stretched backwards while his powerful hips slammed hard against her soft yet firm butt. On and on the pair went, until Chris groaned really loud and Jacelyn froze in the momentum. Their hands were still joined together, holding Chris in as her pussy tried to force him out.

This opposing force let him went through a sensational climax that he would never forget. In an upward wave-like motion, his dick muscles forced his small soldiers out, and around his shaft, was a soft, warm tunnel, that wobbled in the perfect synchronisation that squeezed his tube dry. They were truly made for each other.

Once he was emptied, he fell backwards and laid lifeless on the bed, while his wife flipped herself to lie on the bed. Exhausted but satisfied, he looked at his wife – who opened her legs in front of him and started masturbating. She didn’t get enough of him?!

None of them had any energy to care. And fell into a deep sleep. From then on in their own home, they never wore clothes and would get on it as frequently as he could afford to. That was one good part of marriage right? Anyway, Chris was enjoying his new life with a high sex drive wife.

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