Maximum Privacy

You: ‘Don’t worry. There is no one here. I’m the only one with the access card.’

Butter: ‘No one else can come in?’

You: ‘Yes. Only one card can be used at any one time.’

The isolated location of the security office for main surveillance was hard to reach, but with programs scanning for crimes, the purpose you were hired was to ensure the functionality of the equipments. You certainly did not have to do anything extra in the dark empty room lit by the light from the screens. The initiative to invite your girlfriend was one of the most risky things you’ve even done. But you too know, that the most important place does not have CCTV watching.

The sight of your girl wearing a short orange dress with leggings that complimented her long legs made it irresistible not to rape her then and there. You went towards the huge wall of blinking lights and knobs to ensure that everything is working accordingly, and went back to the sofa bed. There she was, sitting obediently and confused about your line of work. But those were not your main objective.

You: ‘Want to take off your leggings?’

Butter listened to your rhetorical question and proceed to remove those tight fitting stockings with difficulty, and you just sat there enjoying the striptease-cum-struggle she put up to strip herself down. As soon as her bottoms came off, you pulled her hands to sit beside you and forced your hand under her dress, to discover that she did not wear anything under.

You: ‘Such a naughty girl huh?’

Butter: ‘You said it’s fine not to wear. I don’t want to parade my panty lines too.’

Her pussy started to get wetter as your fingers pressed hard against her clit, moving in a circular motion. The urge to run your nails along the wet, flesh valleys kept her squirming and shivering everytime you stroked along her slit. Instead of you getting impatient for some love, it was her who was getting all excited about this newfound privacy.

Butter: ‘Are you going to just masturbate me?’

You: ‘Of course not. Give me a while.’

You got up to strip yourself naked and laid back comfortably on the sofa, with your legs opened. The little twitching you made with your dick entertained your adventurous girl a little and she giggled as she pulled your thighs wider. Seated beside you, she bent her chest down and took your dick head on. Starting with a peck on the little one, giving it a few strokes to lube it with her saliva, her mouth opened wide and the first area her lips touched was midway of your full length.

You watched her thick hair covered head move up and down, and the hard suck matched the mental image of you fucking her from behind. Handsfree and automated. This girl of yours had been trained by you, to give you the perfect blowjob that matched your preference. She had remembered all of the shallow, short but quick, under-the-hood’ contact that you liked.

It pained your heart a little to see how obedient she was because of your grooming, but her oral skills made it hard to stop her despite her tiredness.

You: ‘Butter, you want to stop?’

Butter: ‘A.. wa.. orh.’

A while more? Yeah. That must be it. As you closed your eyes to enjoy the last few moments of the playful tongue coating saliva over your rod, a pause was normal to you. But another downward stroke came and did not stop at the usual depth. Instead, it went all the way down to your groin and you felt your penis head getting pushed against a bumpy wall. You opened your eyes to see her face planted in your lap, and her shaking head totally drove you insane. She had never done it before, and you had to stop her before she choked.

You: ‘Where did you learn that?’

Butter: ‘You were the one asking me to go deeper the first few times I did it.’

You had no recollection of such a demand, but again, you might have said it unconsciously. Now that she has got you rock hard, it was time for payback. You stood up and extended the sofa to form a makeshift bed, and stood behind her, ready to carry her to it. Before you did just that, the long zip running down her spine was pulled and her clothes fell apart. The nude coloured bra was unhooked and placed with her dress, and she found herself on the bed, naked for your enjoyment.

You got on your knees and stayed between her legs. You lifted her knees wide apart and got into push up position on top of her. One of her hand went down her tummy and held your rod in position, giving you an easier time to gently put it into her. Afterall, it will hurt a little as your manhood stretched her womanhood. As you penetrated her, the pain-pleasure mixed expression in front of you made it clear that the pain was worth it. Wasting no time to relieve the soreness, you began thrusting your hips and her legs went around your waist to pull you in deeper.

Seeing how much she enjoyed the love making, you sat back and held both her ankles to your shoulders. Pushing against her straightened legs, you raised her butt off the bed and achieved maximum depth when she opened her eyes wide as you pounded her, mouth made voiceless from the furious attack.

After a while of the crazy rampage, you got a little exhausted too, and her pussy was getting sore from the high speed. You let her down and turned her to the side, while she took over from there and got into doggie. Her butt stuck itself out for you and with the lights, you could make out the smoothly shaven pussy that she had waxed for you. Between the delicate folds of flesh, was a slit that had juices making a long strand of liquid dangling from it.

Knowing there was no time to waste in case your dick started cooling down, you lifted her butt up from under and inched your dick towards it. Placing the tip at her opening, you violently pulled her backwards while you rammed forward, sending her into a long scream of unknown emotions.

Immediately after you impaled her, the monster in you appeared to keep going and make her moan non-stop. To be more exact, you want to see her fall to your fast paced thrusts, and get her addicted for more. From time to time, her butt would start lowering and you would raise it by lifting her thighs. Her helpless hands could not find anything to hang onto, and her moans had turned into groans. Although her mind was in a state if blank, her pussy was in fact getting wetter, and you simply went faster.

Five minutes, ten minutes past with her convulsing non-stop from the intense orgasms you gave her. Nonetheless, her contracting pussy was psuhing you to your limits as well, and the perfect ending was long planned for in your mind. As the pressure built up in your balls, your body went faster beyond your control.

Butter was already partially lifeless, moaning only to relieve a bit of the pain between her legs. Less than ten seconds later, you rammed yourself so hard at her that your pelvic bones hurt, but the pain went away as soon as your chamber cleared the multiple rounds of hot semen. Plunged deep into your own girl, her pussy convulsed uncontrollable to contain the huge load you delivered. The satisfied and loving expression remained in your mind even at the last few waves.

Butter: ‘Honey, don’t pull it out yet.’

She gave a hard squeeze of her legs and you went on to exit slowly, draining the last drop into her. She laid breathless on the bed although you did most of the work, but it was all worth it. You had found a way to make yourself so tired to sleep through the long hours of boredom.

Feeling well pleasured, you sat beside the drowsy girl and watched as she drifted to sleep. Just as eyelids shut themselves, you walked up to her and lowered her jaw, sticking your softened meat into her mouth. Instinctively, she took it in and suckle on it. You didn’t mean to go for another round, just to clean yourself up without leaving the room. You lightly pried her mouth opened again and lifted your hips away, letting her fall into slumber in the cold room.

You: ‘That’s my good girl.’

There was nothing more priceless than having a loving girlfriend, with a higher sex drive than normal, sleeping naked to you, giving you permission to roam her anywhere you want. Even waking her up for more sex will be alright with her.

A dream come true.

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