After completing this entry, I found it only right to inform you guys that the introduction might be a little long winded compared to the ‘action’. Please pardon my enthusiasm and lack of skills to shorten it any further. I think it will be more complete to paint a background and describe the scenes leading to the best part. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I write it.

Rebecca would appear to you as how a misguided teenager would, often appearing in a body hugging spaghetti or tank top, small FBTs or short denim shorts. In a way, her clothes matched the ‘ah lians’ (Singapore term for gangster-like behaviour in females) of a previous generation, but still maintained the same level of ‘danger’ (heck care and easily agitated mood). However, one thing that made her stand out was her character, preferring to hang out and shop alone, without the usual gang that most of us assumed she had.

Frequently, the males of similar background, asking for her number or a date, and she would brush it off with style, saying that she doesn’t make friends that way. Somewhere inside in her heart, the tendency to behave still kept her proper. Apart from her hermit way of life, there was something about her that no one knew, and that was a obsession, or rather, a fetish for our National Service guys.

One of her fondest memory came from an encounter that she never mentioned to anyone, and it was after many emails with her that she felt comfortable to reveal it for the first time on J’s blog. And so, here is her story that she hoped everyone would like.

It was a bright and sunny Wednesday morning, where few people would hang out around the shopping areas in town. Rebecca actually liked the quietness and uncrowded malls more than the weekend bustle where everyone would be in their best outfits, going on dates or meals. That day, she had decided to head for Bugis to get some lingerie to replenish her worn out undies, and the weather could not be any better. Wearing a white U-neck sleeveless long tee and a pair of slightly torn light blue denim skirt, it was the perfect attire to keep her legs cool and arms free.

Getting into the direct bus towards the South, she sat in the front where the seats faced the back of the long bus. As per normal, her phone kept her entertained until a tanned guy boarded, and took a seat on the other column, facing the driver. Rebecca could not stop stealing glances at him after she noticed the black sling bag he carried, with an army logo on it. Sure, it was kind of distasteful to be carrying the standard issue sling bag out for normal use, but the current generation should know how useful it was, with its spacious interior and compartments.

It was obvious to her that he was still in the army, probably at the BMT stage with the number 1 hairstyle. Two more stops into the joyful ride, the change in road lanes directed the sun into her eyes and the only logical move was to change her seat. So, she went to where the NSF sat and took the empty space adjacent (in front of him, but on the left) to his position. Their meeting eyes made her a little embarrassed, and the subtle smile on his face totally melted her heart.

Somehow, she felt the urge to make conversation with him, and get his attention to calm her senses down. After a minute of thought, she finally had a plan, and it was probably the most daring thing she did in her life then. Placing her bag on the side, she rest her bare feet on the edge of the seat in front of her, exposing her tiny floral designed, white panties to him.

A few quick glances into her skirt quickly made his face blush and he did not spend more time looking at her, turning away so he wouldn’t offend. Seeing the cute expression of the guy made her more confident and she removed the one earpiece she plugged into her ear.

Rebecca: ‘Going to Bugis too?’

Guy: ‘Yeah. Going to buy some clothes. You too?’

Rebecca: ‘Yupp. Shopping alone?’

Guy: ‘My friends prefer to sleep. So I had to go alone.’

Rebecca: ‘Haha. Me too. Want to shop together? I don’t mind some company.’

Guy: ‘Sure. If you don’t mind. Oh.. and.. your panties.. ‘

She realised how ‘decent’ he was and placed her feet down, delighted at the flash date she set up. The bus reached their stop after thirty minutes and they went into the air conditioned mall, where they spent the next hour trying on clothes and commenting on each others’ choices. Rebecca found out that his girlfriend broke up with him after he enlisted, while she herself had been single for a long time.

Slowly, she took the chance to hold his hand and the firm grip he gave needed no more description. They were going on a one-day date that none of them had expected. After a quick meal at Bugis+, they found themselves sitting on the topmost floor, where the open garden was too hot to hang out at. So, the cooling space at that level became the ideal spot to sit and continue chatting.

Rebecca: ‘I need to use the toilet.’

Dexter: ‘Alright. I’ll just be here.’

Rebecca: ‘Wait outside the toilet for me? Then we go back to Bugis to see if there’s any shows to watch.’

He got up and followed her to the narrow opening, where she suddenly pulled him into the ladies where she had been keeping watch to see if anyone entered. The empty cubicles instantly turned her on a little and he just tagged along into the last door. In the privacy and silence, nothing held them back and he grabbed her by the waist to lean against his chest. Their lips met and a dazzling dance appeared on their tongues, flicking and swiping against each other.

Without waiting, Rebecca began unbuttoning his shirt and those firm muscles just made her weaker to his progress. After his top was out of the way, he lifted her loose white top off and revealed those black bra with lace designs on the cups. All that was left was her skirt, that flowed seamlessly down from her waist. While their lips were still busy, his fingers undid the buttons on her skirt and it fell to her feet. His pants were harder to remove, but wasn’t much of a hassle once he offered some help.

Both of them got to their undies in no time and Dexter was in a hurry to move on. He turned themselves around and took a seat on the toilet, before unclipping the hooks of her bra. Before she could take it off for him, his mouth had taken her nipples in full and sucked on them like a hungry baby. Her mind was immediately distracted by the flush of pleasure and the bra took a longer time to come off. Once her chest was bared, his free hand went to fondle the other breast and it added to her craziness. Every once in a while, she would opened her eyes to peek at the energetic young man feeding on her boobs, flicking and nibbling on her nipples until they got sore.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Dex, they are sore!’

He stopped teasing her and at the same time, the main door opened and a couple of ladies entered, chattering loudly while talking about the pervert at their workplace. And while Rebecca was waiting for them to leave, Dexter’s hands were moving up her legs, and pulling her panties off slowly. Still distracted, she let him remove them under her legs and stood frozen. Sensing her adrenaline working, he made a little space for her feet to stand on and one of her legs was raised at 90 degrees.

The footsteps headed towards the door and he got off the toilet, squatting under her body where her wet pussy was ready for him. Opening his jaws wide, he cupped his mouth over her privates and attacked with his tongue, moving erratically everywhere. From her clit, along her slit, and poking at just the entrance of her pussy. Amid the orgasmic foreplay, Rebecca could see his dick pushing painfully against his underwear, and she knew it was her turn next.

After some time, he got tired and stood back up, only to be pulled to the toilet again to sit. She fell on her knees onto his trousers. Kneeling between his legs, his underwear was yanked lower to let his little brother breath and it did not remain in the open for too long either. Her small mouth went over the tip and tickled it until he was trembling helplessly. Once his sensitivity was heightened, her lips stroked along his shaft, going all the way to three quarter of his full length.

Shoving her face smoothly in a moderate pace, Dexter was thrown into another world where few men had gone. Her salivating mouth made the trips up and down so slippery, yet warm and calming. Those lips that lightly caressed the nerves filled underside drove him into ecstasy, overwhelming his senses like never before. Less than two minutes into the momentum of her blowjob, he could not take the stimulation anymore.

He stopped her and helped her up, tugging away his underwear at the same time. It was time for the climax of the show. But there was one issue.

Dexter (whispering): ‘I don’t have a condom.’

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Huh. Then how?’

There was clearly nothing he could do, except to pause and buy it. Unless.. she was okay with doing it without. Rebecca was thinking about going raw instead of getting a condom, and by the time he decided to buy, she had made up her mind.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Let’s do it without. But be careful k?’

Dexter was all smiles when he heard it. He got up and let her take the seat, lying her backwards onto the tiled walls of the toilet. Missionary was a little tough to get into without exposing his feet under the cubicles, and so they spent more time thinking of other poses. Finally, she suggested standing doggie and he was open for it.

Getting on her knees over the toilet cover, he stood behind her with his feet opened, beside her calves. As gentle as he could, the head went in and Rebecca bit on her arm to contain the moans. Slowly, his rod entered her unused pussy of a long time and it completely filled her up. The size of it was pressing so closely against the interior, and she could even make out his heartbeat from the dick. His hips wasted no time and began pumping at her, piercing deep into her womb and pulling out all the way to her entrance. These long strokes truly drove her insane and there was nothing more she needed now.

Her pussy remained moist without any wastage of juices, and his vigorous thrusts totally immersed her in a trance. The first orgasm that came almost caused her knees to slip, but he had held her in place and kept going despite her pleas to take a break. His non-stop pounding turned her single climax into a chain of orgasms, flooding her mind with pleasure as long as he kept going.

Dexter’s body was lead by the tightness of her pussy, squeezing him harder as each orgasm passed. He knew it would be hard to delay without spoiling her mood. And it was only five minutes into the sex.

Dexter (whispering): ‘I can’t take it anymore. Shall I pull out?’

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Yeah. Take it out. Take it out.’

He exited and helped her off the toilet, taking his seat on it as she wanted him to. She took a minute to wipe away the dripping juices and asked him not to touch his dick, possibly wanting to help him finish off. As soon as his dick started going down, she used her panties to wrap around his rod and stroked it a few times back to life.

After which, she climbed on top of the toilet with her feet beside his hips, and lowered herself carefully. His slouching body allowed her to find a firm place to sit, and he pointed his dick upwards to her pussy. With two of her fingers spreading her pussy lips open, it was easy to sit over the rod and she needed less than a few seconds to get it fully embedded.

The bounce started once she stablised herself, and it went on with soft moans into his ears. It wasn’t those hard slapping action on his lap, but a forward-backward grind that teased the sensitive areas of his shaft. She was in her own world too as the angle kept poking against her g-spot, unfounded until Dexter came along. It was a whole new sensation when her orgasms came, throwing her off balance if not without him holding her down.

This particular position and motion sent him into an alarm mode since it was especially sensitive. He could not hold his load in any longer.

Dexter (whispering loudly): ‘Becca! I can’t hold it in anymore. Get off me now.’

She suddenly woke up from her trance-like state and hopped off him, going between his legs and taking his reddened stick into her mouth. This time, she made sure to push her head all the way down, reaching his manhood to her throat. Although there was some gagging, the determined girl kept going until his hand hit on the sides of the toilet, grabbing it tightly as his semen streamed out of his pee hole into her mouth.

Rebecca quickly lifted her head to only hold the rod halfway deep, and created a suction. Thereafter, a shallow blowjob was executed to extract all of his flavours out. To think a fit, young NSF going weak from an ejaculation, she felt a sense of achievement as he begged her to stop. Still not giving up, she slammed her face into his groin after she swallowed his sperms, and went on despite his shivering lower body.

Her tongue pushed hard against the bottom of his rod and the slightly shrunk size made her confident of getting him to shoot another time. At that position, it was hard to maintain eye contact with his expression, but it was not needed. All she wanted was to make him cum another time with her mouth.

It only took her five minutes of face fuck to get another climax from him, and the second load was as huge as the first. The only difference was the grip of her head, forcing her down as his dick rammed into her throat. She had skipped the tasting this time, since it all went down into her stomach direct.

Dexter realised his forceful actions and let go of her once he was done, apologising profusely to a smiling girl with tears in her eyes.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘It’s okay. As long as you like it.’

She sat on his lap sideways to clear her throat and got dressed after a while. They had spent another ten minutes in the cubicle putting on their clothes, and making out for a bit more. It was an unspoken connection they felt towards each other and whatever happened today that made them felt loved, even if it was temporary.

In the theatre, his fingers kept themselves busy under her skirt, while her hand was warmed by stroking his dick to yet another cummage. That day, Rebecca couldn’t be more pleased with what she went through, and the plan to masturbate all night long to whatever happened had long been clouding her mind.

After their day ended, they made their separate way home, making it a point to keep this special day a secret. Although he had left her his number in case some of his ‘marines’ (read: sperms) did make her pregnant, there was no formal contacts exchanged, and no physical memory (like photos). It was truly an experience that Rebecca deserved to keep secret.

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