Moving Beds

It was most unbelievable when a delivery company received an order to transport a queen sized bed with a budget of $300. Although the order came asking for an air conditioned truck, it was still a huge sum for just one item. At the bedding shop, a couple in their twenties were waiting beside a cling wrapped mattress, and the three workers quickly loaded the goods into the spacious truck. The couple who paid for the delivery, Ben and Amy, hopped into the same compartment and they made their way to their new home.

In the lit enclosed trunk, Ben was quick to pull his 26 year old wife onto the bed, and pinned her flat on top. The whole journey would take at least 2 hours, since the vehicle had to take a longer route due to its size. Amy’s shirt chiffon dress was raised to her waist and Ben’s hands lowered her black coloured panties down to her feet, before she kicked it away. The lusty heat were crackling as they removed their bottoms, with Amy grabbing his dick even before he laid back down the bed.

Once he was comfortably at rest, she opened his legs and found her spot between, sinking his dick into her mouth after some saliva lubricated his rod. She worked hard at getting him up, and executed her deadly blowjob which he fell weak to. The teasing of her tongue swirling around his shaft soothed his senses and perked him up at the same time. On top of that, the sloppy up down thrusts made the entry wet and messy – the way he loved it. Amy had gotten used to his requests for extended oral sex, and so she did not stop until she started the spat of deep throat mouth fuck.

A few pumps down his rod was all Ben could take before he stopped her, since there was more than just her mouth he needed. Still lying on his back, he helped her over his abs and jabbed his hips upwards, driving that long tool deep into her pussy. The usual wetness greeted him by letting him in all the way, resulting in an embarrassing yelp from Amy. She leaned herself forward and pushed onto his chest, hips kick starting into a grinding motion, exactly like how a girl on a raging bull would act.

Their hips slammed hard at each other, resonating the slaps, grunts and moans in the echoey space. The truck’s bumpy journey did them a favour as Ben’s private part pierced deep into his wife with every hump. As soon as they stopped at the next traffic light, Ben took the chance to roll Amy over on the brand new bed and got into missionary. Holding her wrists against the soft mattress, he worked his core muscles to guide his hips in a scooping motion, digging into her sensitive slit.

It was almost too much for Amy to handle, especially the part where the huge bumps of the truck made him rammed extra deep. The stretch of her pussy was almost reaching maximum depth, but he showed no signs of tiredness behind the dripping forehead. Slowly, as her consciousness leaked away, her body went into its backup power supply, by contracting her vagina around the thrusting rod. With all her intimate parts getting fondled by the long piece of meat, Amy jolted awake and bit her lips together as Ben moved even quicker.

Amy: ‘Fuck baby! I can’t take it anymore. Just cum already!’

Her pussy was red, and the slight sore came helplessly despite the generous amount of wetness her body was delivering.

Ben: ‘Don’t worry. I’m cumming soon.’
Amy: ‘Change to doggie?’

Yes, that was her favourite position where his dick would reach that special place. And she couldn’t wait for it. The moment he pulled out, Amy flipped herself around and kept her knees together. The next she felt was his hands, just below her waist, pulling her down. Instead of him shoving his manhood in, her pussy was forced down over the girth and the splitting of her labia felt like the first time he took her in doggie. Her body squirmed slightly as he forced his dick in, until he could not see any length uncovered.

Gradually, Ben increased his speed, piercing deep into his young wife, making her moan so loudly. The mood changed when she realised the slow action actually felt better, in a way leading to a much more intense orgasm. Led by his strong grip, there was no control over herself. Those folds at her pussy leading all the way to her womb was convulsing on its own.

Ben too, could clearly feel his dick getting its life squeezed dry. But in his mind, he knew he could not rush any of this. The strong willpower maintained control over his pace and overcame his urge to just end it all. After ten minutes of the mind fuck, his weakened wife moaning breathlessly was ready for the final lap. Pausing for a few seconds, he picked up speed and thrust all the way into her, stroking all her buttons until she went crazy digging her nails into the new bed.

That was the least of his concern though, his body was going into adrenaline mode too, driving his speed even higher. Alas, the gates of death appeared before them, and his barrel churned out the piping hot cum into his dear wife. Amy was in fact motionless, kneeling with her hands straightened on the mattress. A small shiver was running through her body, getting as gentle as it could be. It seemed like something was missing, and Ben knew what it was.

Before his dick finished shooting, he lightly placed his hands on her shoulders, and pulled her hard backwards. The sudden stimulation of her g-spot sent her mind blank and as Ben was pushed out of her body, the outward stroke gave her clit another brush. The shivers got more intense, building up to a violent convulsion that sprawled her on the bed. She took up the spooning position but it wasn’t sex she needed. There was nothing Ben could do except to admire his beautiful deserving that out-of-the-world orgasm he gave.

While Amy’s body was still jerking on the bed, he dressed up slowly and prepared her underwear so she could slip into them easier. Ten minutes later, he heard her voice to help lay her flat on the bed, rejecting the panties so she could air between her legs. Without a bag or empty pockets, he threw them into an empty corner.

About thirty minutes later, the truck finally came to a halt in absolute silence. The movers could feel the heat and see the glittering sweat on Ben and Amy’s skin, leading themselves on to imagine what happened behind. The bed was shifted into their two storey bungalow and the couple paid the supervisor for their hard work.

Apart from the new bed, the newly wed couple was also looking forward to their makeover to a spacious storeroom, into a sex lair where sex toys and furniture decorated their secret dungeon.

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