Kitty’s Addiction

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Aaron and Jenny had been hanging out in the flat, as their secret hideout. Master would be in the house, but paid no attention to the two kids with raging hormones since he would get his turn in due time. Mr. Teo on the other hand, had been using Kitty’s body well when his partner was away, pounding hard in various parts of the school. Until one day.

Kitty brought Mr. Teo to the house and shocked him with the presence of Aaron. He was considered one of the better students and he would be the last on Mr. Teo’s mind to have Kitty too. With little patience to get started, she went over to Aaron and pulled his shorts down, before devouring him hungrily. Her ass covered with the school’s skirt was soon flipped up as Mr. Teo finished removing his pants. Pushing her panties to the side, he helped himself into her and Kitty’s suction increased on Aaron’s dick.

Aaron: ‘Fuck! Jenny! You’re sucking too hard!’

She gave no concern to his warning and continued sucking. With the speed of her mouth going faster and tighter, Aaron could not hold his load and shot hard into her mouth. Kitty then crawled to his lips and kissed while still getting fucked from the back. Aaron took some of his cum from her and swallowed with Kitty. Making out for a while, her kissing got Aaron up and standing in no time.

She got off him and adjusted the pillow for Mr. Teo to lie on. Sitting down over his matured big cock, Kitty remained motionless as she waited for Aaron. Mr. Teo knew she wanted a double penetration, her butt was asking for it. With his two hands, he peeled her butt open and exposed her virgin asshole to Aaron.

Mr. Teo: ‘Use that bottle of lubricant.’

Aaron took it and smeared some of it over his dick and onto her ass. Kitty couldn’t help but purred as his finger wriggled into her anus with the cold gel. After a minute, she shut her eyes tightly and bit her lips as Aaron’s cock inched into her. Mr. Teo felt his male student as well, it was gliding against his dick between a thin piece of flesh.

The double penetration took longer than usual but Aaron felt ready. It was his second round, thus it would last longer on his sensitivity-reduced shaft. Slowly, he thrust into Kitty and she moved along Mr. Teo’s body. With two dicks inside her, the pussy was really being tested as it felt really hot inside. Her pet teacher in her pussy and her crush taking her ass. There was no friction with her wetness and it gradually went faster.

Not long after, her ass felt like burning and tearing that she screamed with every push, thankfully, Mr. Teo dick in her pussy was stimulating her well, bringing the pain away, replacing it with pleasure. As the three of them kept up the pace, the first to cum was her teacher. Without warning, both Aaron and Kitty slowed down as they felt his warm cum pumped into her pussy. He pulled out of her and left the two kids in doggie style. Kitty’s legs gave way and did a split, slamming her body against the bed. Aaron being inside, laid over her back and jerked his hips fast.

Kitty’s ass trembled and contracted with all her might from the stimulation and drove Aaron wild. Within minutes, he creamed into her fair ass and had to pull it out as soon as he could. The small waterfall turned into a cumfall as his precious cum dripped onto the bed. There was no smell, since Master had been cleansing her intestines with enamel.

Master appeared in the room with the two guys and handed them a blue pill with a ‘V’ on it. Popping it into their mouths, Master went up to the bed and sat by the edge. Kitty immediately got on her knees between his legs and sucked on his throbbing dick. On and on she went, without a word or even much of a break. After three minutes or so, Master cummed into her mouth and a loud gulp ended her job for the moment.

Master: ‘I figured it would be better if we include another friend of Jenny.’

He snapped his fingers and another girl walked into the room, blindfolded with a gagging mask that only showed her mouth and nose. Kitty helped her onto the bed and with their vitality restored, Mr. Teo went over to the face-covered girl and bent her over. Aaron went to Kitty and hugged her tightly in his arms. He took her uniform and helped her to wear her clothes back.

Aaron: ‘Can I bring her outside to play?’
Master: ‘By all means.’

She pulled her clothes neat except for her missing undies and followed Aaron to the corridor. There, he lifted her skirt up and plunged into her pussy with vigour, working his hips against her forcefully. Kitty loved how strong and big he had gotten, and allowed him to use her in anyway he wanted. After all, she liked him.

Mr. Teo gave no mercy and pried the unnamed girl’s legs open, before going on top of her and forcing his enlarged dick into her. It did shock him with her unbelievably small slit, and to imagine it managed to fit his large size. The soothing warmth relaxed him and the close fit left no excess space. It was his size, not too tight, nor too dry.

Without a word exchanged, he began thrusting into her and she clenched the sheets tightly before losing control after a while. The moans echoed in the living room like stereo sound with Kitty getting banged at the door and Mr. Teo enjoying his present. The new girl had no idea what was happening, but she did kept up with the various change in positions and requests to be blown.

The longest twenty minutes passed and the two men were beyond their limits. The Viagra had worked too well and they loved the effects of it. With Kitty riding Aaron by the stairs outside, he lost control once against and forced his cum into her for the third time after being administered the pill. It was already on blank mode and the futile thrust into Kitty finally drawn enough energy out of him to take a break. They went into the living room and fell onto the sofa beside Master. Her pussy was still drooling cum and juices, which Kitty tried to scope with her fingers and licked it clean.

Aaron’s dick was still twitching uncontrollably from overusing and he felt numb to a point he could watch Kitty suck on his dick while lying on his lap but no feel a thing. Suddenly, a loud scream came from the room and it was silent for a minute or so, before Mr. Teo came into the living room with the poor exhausted girl in his arms. Her body was covered in sores and bruises, while his body was covered in bite marks.

Master smiled as Kitty went to help the girl onto the armchair. She massaged her pussy gently and witnessed the never ending flow of cum streaming down her legs. The two men got dressed as Master requested and left the place. He removed the mask on the girl and she smiled at him.

Alicia: ‘Did Master enjoy it? You’re especially rough today.’

Kitty’s jaws dropped as she realised. Alicia was Mr. Teo’s daughter, who was studying in the same school. She had just been wasted by her father. And possibly impregnated by him as well.

Kitty: ‘Master, does he know?’

Master: ‘Who would possess a body designed by your teacher, made for him as well? Alicia’s mother gave birth to her, giving him the body that is his fruit of labour, and who is she to deny gratitude? Especially to her dad?’

Kitty sent Alicia home that night with a deeper understanding and further spent a few hours at her place with Mr. Teo, pleasuring herself and numbing herself off the incestuous fact. For that, she was locked with a chastity belt and another two keys given to Master and Aaron.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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