Bad Kitty

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Going back to school during the holidays sucked big time, even worse when Jenny had to put on her uniform for that few hours to submit her homework. Already grumpy due to the late mornings, the hot weather added on to her restlessness. The whole trip was silent, except for the music blasting in her ears, right to the staff room. No one even bothered to ask her to remove her mp3, since it wasn’t allowed in school. The only consolation was the super cool air blowing in her face, chilling the wet patches of sweat on her top.

Walking into the cubicles-filled arena, the automatic lights by the back of the room was off, thus indicating the absence of much everyone. A head popped out from the front row of desks and called out to her.

Mr. Teo: ‘Jenny! Here.’

She stood beside him and handed over her work. Looking at dustbin, a familiar looking condom wrappers lay among the mess, with a residing hard on. It suddenly hit Kitty that maybe he wasn’t alone here. Feeling the bit of naughtiness crawling up her back, it sent a chill between her legs to have some kind of fun. Her mind had quickly planned something.

Jenny: ‘Mr. Teo. I have questions on one of the papers. Can you teach me how to do it after I return from the toilet?’
Mr. Teo: ‘Sure sure.’

Jenny disappeared behind the wall and faked closing the door. Silent whispers could be heard and she wasted no time to remove her clothes down to her matching blue bra and laced panties. After opening the door to close it back with a quiet twist of the lock, she walked right towards him and crawled onto his lap, using his dropped jaws to her advantage,  she covered her breast over his mouth and popped the question.

Kitty: ‘Mr. Teo, question twenty six. Did I do it right?’

He could only muffled a ‘umm’ in the midst of the boob attack, her agile hands had worked down his body and unzipped his pants as lightly as she could, whipping his dick out into the cold air after some effort. Her hand started the blood pumping and then took over the handjob with her lips, gagging her way down and using her throat’s reflexes to squeeze that bit of his little mushroom. Her head kept going, while his hands dug into her hair firmly, guiding her to go as deep as she could.

Mr. Teo: ‘Hmm.. Jenny, it still doesn’t feel right. Maybe you should do it differently.’

Those words were said with his eyes closed, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her skilful mouth sucking the life out of his dick. Kitty bent over his desk and perked her ass out, ready for Mr. Teo to abuse it. Rolling the chair backwards to accommodate her body’s length, he pulled her waist down over his dick and felt his young student’s pussy swallowed the whole of his manhood. A dancer, Kitty definitely knew how to grind, and can also perform little quick bounces on his lap, or you can call mini-hip slaps, where two hips just tap each other lightly. With her legs closed tightly, every bit of her tunnel was in close contact with his enlarging dick.

His phone buzzed and he quickly fumbled to pick it up. Kitty knew it was that teacher or girl he was having fun with earlier, and showed no mercy of slowing down as he spoke.

Mr. Teo: ‘Yeahhh.. I am almost.. done. She went too fast.. and had quite a bit of.. mess.’

She bit her lips tight to prevent any moans and the only sounds audible was the slurping between her pussy and his dick, sliding in and out too smoothly. Holding her hips for support, Mr. Teo stood up and bent over Kitty, kept low to the desk so their backs do not protrude out of the cubicle. Banging her quickly yet swiftly, he took care not to slam into her butt nor pushed her too hard against the table. His penis just slipped in and out like a machine gun, recoiling, loading and shooting invisible rays of orgasms.

After seven minutes or so, his phone rang again. This time, the female on the other line whispered too loud.

Mr. Teo: ‘Last question last question. I’m about to finish soon, in fact, about now.. ‘

Still holding onto the phone, his groin pressed onto her ass firmly and filled Kitty up with his DNA in protein form, while his balls were being emptied to a vacuum.

Jenny: ‘Thanks Mr. Teo, I gotta go le! See you when school reopens!’

Quickly picking up her bag, Kitty walked out of his sight and picked up her clothes before exiting the staff room, for real this time. She would find her way to get dressed. And for Mr. Teo, his zip went up in time and his best performing student, Xue Ling came out from one of the cubicles in the back and gave him a kiss, one that went into a tongue fight that was sensual enough to raise his dark knight. The condoms in his drawers weren’t use, cause Jenny would not be able to pleasure him with that between them.

Bad girl rewarded. Eh? ;)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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