Tickling Kitty

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Kitty was at her last day of school before the holidays and she daringly wore just a purple tube bra, and a pair of laced panties under her uniform. Without Master’s instructions, she had to keep the bullet vibrator inside her and the controller tied to her wallet. Once in a while, those playful friends of hers would be curious about it and click on it, which generated some unwanted buzzing in her panties.

A few of those guys in the class loved teasing girls, especially the two girls which everyone knew as ‘sluts’. Their short skirts, translucent tops, and sometimes flashing shamelessly to those guys they wanted as their toy boys. Rumours were nothing to them, but a few of the better behaving girls do envy them for their freedom and guts, though it’s bad publicity, having one wild time was all better than being that good girl for a life time.

Benjamin: ‘Jenny! So it’s holidays, want to be my girlfriend? Oh ya!! You still like the boy from next door right?’

Shawn: ‘Oh no. He’s sure going to make you all wet and high! Hehe.’

The two boys laughed as they proceeded on to disturb other girls. The boy next door was Aaron. An express student, with a quiet character but studious and pleasant, especially to girls. Any girls would loved him for being himself. He was very shy when it comes to initiating conversations, and that was exactly what attracted most girls. Kitty knew she lived near him, and there was something else in her that wanted him too. A last chance to strike! Kitty finally gathered enough courage to approach Aaron and asked if she could walk home with him, which he always did alone.

Given Jenny’s figure and jovial character, guys would usually be fantasizing and wanted more out of her, not only she didn’t allow, but she kept most of the good traits for guys that deserved her, like Aaron. The two of them turned towards the dense blocks of flats and Kitty suddenly caught his swinging hand. He stopped in his tracks immediately and ready to come up with an excuse or two about not being able to go into a relationship. Of course he couldn’t. Too many girls had tried it, and fights and quarrels had broke out.

Kitty: ‘Aaron, I’m not going to ask you to be my boyfriend. I just wanted to give you something. Okay?’

She led him up the flight of stairs to the house where Master first enslaved her. It was open, and there was no one inside. Kitty had asked Master for permission to bring him there and there was no reason Kitty shouldn’t enjoy a reward once in a while. Aaron sat on the bed with the constraints tucked away and Kitty stood before him, unbuttoning her top one button at a time, while the soft classical music in the background drowned the awkwardness for the moment. Peeling the sleeve off her shoulders, Aaron’s eyes stayed on her and the glitter in his eyes were more of admiration than lust. Her purple bra had attracted his attention for a while now, and now, he could feast his eyes on her tight little body. It matched her skin complexion very well.

Her skirt fell onto her ankles within seconds of unhooking and she held her ground firmly in her tube bra and panties.

Kitty: ‘Aaron, your turn?’

She reached out her hand and pulled him up while she took his seat on the bed. Without anywhere else to look, their eyes met as he removed his clothes too, down to his boxer brief. The seemingly small bulge did bother Kitty as she doubted her attractiveness. Soon, he was sitting beside her and the initiative part was next. Knowing how Aaron shy at such moments, Kitty took the lead and asked him to sit at the head of the bed. Sliding his boxers off his thighs, the sight was considered to be ‘shyly cute’ for her.

His foreskin loosely covered his really little bird, and it wasn’t even standing for her, that innocent huh? Smiling widely at him, she went down and pulled his foreskin back, revealing the pink flesh that poked its pee hole out to greet her. Kitty just bent forward and toyed his little pecker, till it grew to a size that she thought it was big. Standing at six inches, it was like magic. With the quick glances at his face, Kitty could see how shy yet lustful his thoughts were, trying to catch a glimpse of her mouth engulfing his throbbing manhood.

Peeking up at him, her mouth covered his dick and dived down. She went fast and slow, and deep and shallow, alternating between speeds and depth to find out which ones he liked most. Aaron was moaning non-stop and soon it got too intense for comfort.

Aaron: ‘Jenny! Can you go a little slower?’

Remembering the sensitivity of a virgin cock, she slowed down and took her time as she slurped her saliva up, before dripping all over his dick and slurping again, doing it over and over till he was ‘opened’. Aaron’s expression changed from a tensed, controlling one to a slightly more relaxed one, with smiles and the open-mouth-heavy-breathing orgasmic look. About ten minutes after the mind-blowing oral treat, Aaron lifted Jenny’s head and requested her to take his position at the front of the bed, while he explored her.

Pulling her lacy panties down her legs, the loop that stuck out of her vibrator popped out and Aaron pulled the toy away, shocked at the amount of juices that flowed out. Sticking her tongue out like a playful little girl, Aaron went down on her and licked the wetness off, only to realise more kept flowing as he did his job. After he quenched his thirst, his fingers shot into her without warning, making Kitty squeal as her muscles tightened around his fingers. Two fingers went in and Aaron began digging for more. His fingers were smooth and slender, yet he went fast and wild with his hooking stance, it was touching her G-spot at every stroke and her mind was already blank from the speed and the very fact her lover was the one fingering her.

Finally after getting close to fainting, Aaron had to stop too and fell onto the bed as he rested his arms and tongue. Kitty on the other hand, was exhausted from the two orgasms he miraculously gave her with many times sending her close to one, but kept her from cumming. She felt like he had been teasing her for about ten times, before letting her climax twice. Him being in a feeble state, Kitty jumped on him and positioned herself over him for direct penetration. Guiding his dick from her hand behind, it was parked at her entrance and Aaron had a regretful look on his face.


Pushing herself backwards onto him, his dick filled her pussy in mere seconds and her tightness had not even faded from the fingering. Aaron trembled as his cock was still very sensitive from her blowjob and couldn’t control his body at all. Without further ado, Kitty began riding back and forth over her prized virgin. Something was throbbing so hard in her, growing and spitting pre-cum at the same time, stimulating a different level of tightness that dangerously wrapped her vaginal walls around his dick.

Both Aaron and Kitty’s mind were fucking mentally too as they handed the controls over to instincts and if that is not enough, to the devil within them too. Her hips moved into automatic mode and his hips took just a few seconds to synchronise the up down movement for a deeper impact. With his pee hole hitting against her womb, her pussy retaliated by sending waves of squeezing motion up his shaft, planning to milk him dry of every drop of cum.

The cowgirl ride went on for as long as Aaron could hold on, but with Kitty’s control over her tightness, the duo went on for a good twenty minutes of frequent fainting incidents and sudden moans and screams from the frequent unexpected adrenaline speed boost.

Just as how Kitty surprised Aaron by pushing him over and raping him of his virginity, he kept going without telling Kitty as the brand new revolver spewed its first ever load of cum into a girl, until Kitty felt the warmth and the sudden filling of her pussy. Still dripping with cum out of her pussy, she kept going till Aaron stopped begging to stop and went silent. Finally done with her mission, she collapsed onto his body, fit with a little tummy. Almost falling asleep, a pair of hands suddenly grabbed her butt and pulled her to the sides of the bed.

Kitty (whispered): ‘Master.. ‘

He rested her upper body on the bed and legs closed on the floor, while plunging his dick into her cum-filled pussy and pounded away in doggie style. The strong, vigorous thrust of Master was a different league from Aaron’s, but they both had their good points and style, Kitty was pinned onto the bed by his strong hands. In front of her was Aaron’s flaccid dick with leftover cum dribbling over the tip onto his tummy, and Kitty was positioned close enough to lick it all up while being taken from her rear.

Having no time to change positions, Master unloaded his present for her into her mouth, and allowed Kitty to lick him clean before making his way out. As Master walked away, she hungrily slurped the drying cum off Aaron’s body and fell asleep with Aaron till evening – marking their end of school term.

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