Kitty Plays

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Master went out on an adventure with kitty that public holiday, and instructed her to keep a distance from him unless he approached. Kitty had a vibrator bullet in her shorts pocket, and a dong in her tote bag then. Kitty went pantyless but wore a halter bra under a crop top, parading her slim waist with a navel piercing. In a slightly elavated heels, her long legs caught all the attention she could handle, blushing red cheeks completed her shy look.

The two walked around the mall full of teens and families, brushing pass many guys trying to get a piece of Kitty on her breasts, butt and legs. Buzz.. buzz.. Kitty phone rang and Master’s voice broke her lonliness.

Master: ‘Kitty, go to the toilet and try out the big toy. Stay on the line.’

Kitty turned into the next toilet available and went to a cubicle. Pulling her tight shorts off, her pussy was long awaiting for this moment. She opened her bag and took the toy out. Making use of the suction cup at the base of it, she secured it firmly onto the toilet cover and opened her legs over the toy, before sitting down slowly. It was her first time trying a toy this big, and the softness of the silicon dong made it slightly better as her pussy screamed to accommodate the size. Right at the base was the widest and Kitty just had to let off a sighing moan when she reached the bottom.

Master: ‘Good kitty. Now, ride and cum to your heart’s content.’

If such a command irritated you, you would expect to just pretend and slip pass him, but what if the voice claimed total control over you? Your mind? It would be as strong as a thought you can’t resist. It would be as instinctive that your body would just obey.

Kitty started moving forward and backwards on the toy, and covered her mouth to prevent any moans. Her juices were flowing down the transparent toy and all over the cover. The few flushes she made did however drown the soft moans following each orgasms. She just couldn’t stop herself. Kitty’s pussy was enjoying herself too much that it weakened most part of her. And one final strong climax later, a stronger stream of juices exited and dripped down onto the floor, reeking of raging hormones and the desire for something more humane inside her.

Kitty was done cumming and cleaning in a quick but short ten minutes and asked Master what to do next. Of course, the wireless toy couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. She pushed it into her well lubricated pussy easily and adjusted it to a comfortable spot. Exiting the loo, Master had a hidden expression of satisfaction on his face and proceeded to turn on the vibrator for a test. Kitty’s legs crossed suddenly but attracted no attention since she looked more like ‘waiting for someone’ outside the toilet.

Master: ‘Go to the arcade. Buy a ten dollar card with the money I gave you.’

Kitty listened obediently without questions, and it would be the moment Master would join her too. She got the card and wandered for a while before Master texted her to go for the motorbike game. Kitty had tried them before and it was fun, sitting on the bike, she realised the front of her shorts was slightly damp and the pink material of her shorts could be seen by the public.

Sitting still on the machine, Master joined her and went for the ‘versus’ mode, making the right move to turn on the vibrator as the countdown for the race started. If only you guys could see it, Kitty’s pussy was so wet that the excess juice flowed down her legs, although little, Kitty was still worried. The left right tilting motion of the race was creating a weird sensation in her, it was pushing her vagina towards the toy in different positions, fondling different areas of her pussy. As she neared a climax, the game went into the final lap and Master went full speed, for both the race and toy, sending Kitty into another intense orgasm before he crossed the finish line and claim triumph.

The two of them dismounted and walked towards the Neoprint machines that seemed to be neglected ages ago. Once inside the private space, Master inserted the coins and proceeded to pose behind Kitty, lifting her shirt and bra up, teasing her boobs in full view of the camera. Each photo progressed with her in awkward positions and the last few being a challenge for Kitty to let Master doggie her to climax and ejaculate a full load on her face within the time limit. The second set of photos they took showed how Kitty licked her Master’s tool clean and swallowed the present she received in the short period of time.

Without any more words exchanged, Kitty returned the bigger toy and kept the small one inside her till they reached the neighbourhood, making Kitty remove it in the evening light at a playground in the middle of a few blocks. Master and Kitty had their quickie of a seated riding position and ending with a mouthful of cum in her mouth. The two proceeded their way home and Kitty remained smiling all the way, finally, couldn’t resisting herself, she took her phone out to text Master.

Kitty (SMS): ‘Meow <3<3’

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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this fantasy, if made into a photo series or short porno clip would be amazingly arousing!

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