Curious Kitty

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It was difficult for Jenny to recover from the ordeal, and even harder to understand what happened. No matter how hard she tried to forget the rape, it returned to her everytime she closed her eyes. On top of that, her body would register a pleasurable sensation when she recalled how she obeyed as his kitty. Master. Her pussy twitched as the recollection of how it slid inside her returned, brushing along her soft tunnel of meat, wet and warmed by the thoughts. Her nipples went hard that moment and the desire to go back to Master got stronger.

Picking her pouch up, she slipped on her grey school skirt and went back to the stairs she remembered. With only a tight fit tee and black bra, her skirt wrapped around her thin waist loosely. Kitty climbed the stairs and walked into the house, door wide open. She couldn’t hear anyone, and she had to see the room again to believe. Peeking around the door frame, the bed welcomed her, along with the collar and other chains on it.

Master: ‘Welcome home kitty.’

He pulled her by the arm and threw her on the bed. Pinning her against the sheets while he strapped the collar around her, Jenny didn’t struggle one bit. She turned this upon herself by visiting the house. As her legs got pushed open by him, the panties was soaking up her wetness that leaked without any stimulation.

Master: ‘Good. You’ve learnt to behave.’

She perked her butt up into doggie position, Master’s hand went down her back and into her panties, pushing his thick fingers into her pussy. It was so wet and tight he had no problem thrusting his fingers into her hard and fast. Kitty reached blindly to his pants by her side, tugged it low and grabbed the excited shaft, stroking it up and down as fast as his fingers went. She had lost control of herself, thrown into his world of domination. Picking up his pace, kitty fell onto the bed and moaned her heart out, shivering from the orgasm he just gave her.

Master: ‘You like it kitty?’
Kitty: ‘Meow?’

It felt better than admitting to a yes or no. He went behind her and lifted her skirt up before pulling her panties down. Her bright pink petals were begging for him, till it was drooling. Doing a dick slaps on her clit, his manhood slid right inside her, splitting the two pieces of meat open, as he took a moment for her to adjust to the pain and pleasure, as well as for her pussy to wrap themselves tighter. Slowly, his hips hit against hers and her fleshy soft ass gave a little cushioning. Jenny was long gone, leaving poor Kitty to Master’s command and utility. Kitty’s paws were clenching the bed, blown away by the forceful pounding and g-spot fondling.

After five minutes of constantly drifting in and out of unconsciousness from the pounding, Master decided to flip kitty around onto her back. He was purely ruled by his power over his little sex slave and could not convince himself to take a break. Pushing his hungry cock once again into her, the legs wrapped around his waist to push him deeper and keep him inside longer with every stroke. The fucking wasn’t just physical, her mind had accepted the calling and unwillingly enjoyed the dominance. With a string of orgasms to handle, kitty’s body broke down and legs went limp on the bed, the only response was her pussy tightening at his limits.

Without as much of a pause or slowing down, it was headed for the inevitable end. Spewing the load of hot cum inside her, his body couldn’t handle the sensitivity and collapse onto kitty, still high from receiving his warm present. After a minute or two, kitty had squeezed Master dry of every bit of life. He pulled out of her and rested while admiring kitty’s sweaty body resting on his bed – like an exhausted cat from sex. From his position, he watched as his fluid leaked out of her and dribbled down her fair complexion butt, staining the bedsheets.

Master then undid the chain on kitty neck and got dressed. He then helped the lifeless kitty put her clothes back on, minus her bra and panties. Carrying her on his arms, he went down the stairs and placed her on the steps, rudely disposed of like the last time.

Master: ‘Kitty, come back whenever you want.’

Like any feline, she gave him a final look before climbing shabbily to her feet and headed for her house. Roaming everywhere, cats do not have a home, but they remember emotions and sensations – to whom ever made them feel good.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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