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It was a usual Friday, and Jenny was in her way home after school. The weather was hot to a point she was sure would melt if she was chocolate. The perspiration soon soaked her white shirt as the distance home was too short to take a bus, but a distance to walk under the sun and along blocks of flats. She pressed onto her grey skirt flapping in the warm winds to prevent any upskirts.

Finally, the fifteen minute walk in the glaring sun was over and whatever remained to get to her 16 degrees cooled room was just another ten minutes walk through the void decks. Strolling leisurely and blasting music into her ear. It was exciting to know that the three pieces of clubbing clothes came that morning. It would be her first time going to a private birthday party.

Without so much a sound, a pair of hands grabbed her bag and tugged her backwards. The shock was so abrupt Jenny couldn’t react in time. The strong arm wrapped around her neck and the other around her waist, pulling her effortlessly like a string in the air. She was dragged up the stairs to the third level and she was pushed into a room into one of the flats. One with no windows, just a bed with its legs secured to the floor. Strewing her bag outside the room, he pulled her by her hair towards his face. Still in her school uniform, she was the perfect role play this man had wanted.

Man: ‘Let’s get familiar with each other. You’re my kitty from my on, and I’ll be your master. Obey and you will get rewarded. Disobey, and punishment will come. Understand?!’

The shove to the ground from master was so painful it prevented Jenny from moving for a while, it also gave him enough time to bound her to a chain locked to the bed. Restrained by this locks, there was not a moment Jenny had to get her thoughts right. Was she kidnapped? Or something worse? A strong pull from her new master made Jenny crawled on her knees, like a kitty, to him. In front of her, was a golf ball width piece of throbbing hot meat. Kitty had only seen such a size online, and knew what it was used for. But in this particular position, there was only one thing he would like her to do.

Master: ‘Kitty, lick.’

Having no other options, she licked under the shaft to find no taste or smell, reducing her guard gradually. Cupping her full lips over the head, her tongue came forth and did a taste test, dabbing onto a little precum. Still, it tasted like water. Master used his hands on her head to help her manage his size, similar to your palm’s length. It went deeper and deeper into kitty’s mouth and the choking feel was making tears flow down her rosy cheeks. Her worst fear had came true, it was rape, it was kidnap. She belonged to an unknown man. Whatever he was doing, she was sure he wouldn’t get away with it.

Feeling helplessly humiliated, Jenny continued to play kitty and sucked on Master’s dick as best as she could. Applying whatever skills she learnt off the net, he still showed no signs of shooting. Using the chains, he got her to where he wanted, on the bed. Lying kitty flat on the bed, he secured another two chains to her wrists behind her. And on her knees were two shorter ones tied to the front. She was in a permanent doggie style. Her hands would not let her fall forward, and the knees would not let her fall backwards. As for the neck chain, it was tied to the headboard, making it impossible to head backwards.

Going behind her, Master lubbed a little of KY and placed some onto her pussy, waking her from the despair with coldness. He had not removed her school skirt, just the shorts and panties. Soon, his hands were felt on her ass and a twenty cent width tip was felt at her vaginal opening. Pulling her backwards, her butt pierced itself into his dick and it tunneled in with minimal effort, well assisted by the lubrication. In no time, it was right at his base, the penetration reached maximum length and kitty was biting her own lips, resolute not to burst out crying or worse, moan to his pleasure. It definitely hurt, and hurt like hell too.

With force, Master began his thrust into kitty and went slow at first. Just to build up the climax, or rather his own climax. The size of it ripping her pussy open was unbearable, and going through the motion slowly made her felt like going through the pain over and over again, just feeling that bit better each time. Soon, the speed became steady, and Kitty could sync her breathing with the in-out motion. Reducing the pain, and.. unwillingly increase the pleasure. Without control over the speed, moans escaped after some time and Kitty was enjoying the rape.

A good twenty minutes later, Master went even faster and drove orgasms after orgasms into Kitty, weakening her body and addicting her mind. It was the feeling of his veins on the dick stroking through her insides that kept her wanting more, while the reluctance to let him go, squeezing him with tightness, kept him wanting more. Without warning, a thick load of liquid flowed into her, not stopping until it almost overflowed.

Master quickly untied Kitty and made a new one around her waist. Adjusting the contraints of her hands to the bed, it was the first real thing in this house she placed her hands on. She was kept in a kneeling position, low enough for her to sit on her calves, which girls didn’t mind at all. But there’s a catch this time. Master left and returned with a dildo, to be placed under her butt and poking it into her pussy.

Master: ‘Now, fuck it.’

Kitty obeyed and started riding the toy, cold and long, feeling his cum flow out and covering the toy. Shame wasn’t on her mind anymore, she had that little faith in the civilians’ protection – police. Increasing her pace, her body unknowingly was yearning for an orgasm since she was already on it. Just as she was minutes away from the xth number of climax, Master reached in and pulled the toy away, leaving the void in Kitty unfulfilled.

Master: ‘What should you say?’
Kitty: ‘Please?’
Master: ‘Please what?’
Kitty: ‘Please put it back into me!’

Not sure if Jenny really meant it or for show, Master’s hand came back in to place the toy, and decided to fuck her with the toy. He started at the fastest speed he could go at, giving Kitty the biggest chain of orgasms she ever had, forcing the toy into her body without stopping since ten minutes. Her body was shaking uncontrollably, eyes flipped white and fingers clenched tightly, even after he stopped.

After dressing up, he adjusted her uniform back to the original straightness, threw the bag over her and dragged her right to where he picked her up, and left her to rest on the steps. He wasn’t afraid, Master knew it would change her.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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