New Blood

It was an accident when Ms. Ng knocked into a secondary one boy right outside the staff room. Somehow, the glass panel in the door did not reveal the small sized boy. With all the worksheets over the floor, they both picked them up in a frantic and the little boy, Jason, had his eyes down her collar. Right into the little canal that showed how firm and soft the two breasts were. Unknowingly to Ms. Ng, her skirt had already slide up her thigh and was giving Jason part two of the show, thin pink fabric revealing the hairless pussy of hers.

Ms. Ng: ‘Jason, can you help me bring the worksheets you are holding to the Red Cross CCA room? Just follow me.’

The growing hard on had been a little uncomfortable, and he had to simply masturbate the thoughts off his mind. He followed her into the cold recreation room and placed the worksheet on the table, arranging them to need piles. Stealing glances at the teacher’s back, his image of her had changed. Those loose bra she wore, and the translucent pink panties. She would make a good model for the nightly wanks.

As the lust level grew in the CCA room, Harnold was hiding in the cupboard, supposedly to be eyeing his favourite teacher and giving her a surprise. Ms. Ng turned around out of a sudden to as she remembered Jason and saw the huge bulge from his tiny shorts. She got a little shocked and awkward, but it wasn’t the first time she was tempted to have someone younger anyway. Jason apologised profusely and sat down while he calmed his little head with random thoughts.

Ms. Ng: ‘Jason.. are you feeling alright? Umm.. I don’t think sitting there is going to help. Why don’t you let me help you?’

Jason: ‘It’s okay. I am sorry Ms. Ng. Just give me a while can?’

She removed her heels and walked over to Jason, kneeling in front of him while she undid his shorts. The little boy could only watch in disbelief as his cock sprang from under with a coat of pre-cum over it. Then, the sexy teacher he fantasized just minutes earlier, took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it, clearly trained for it. Up and down her head went, higher and higher Jason felt. The four inches of meat wasn’t as big as Harnold’s, but it was sufficient then. After a few minutes, she stood back up and lifted her skirt high enough to remove her panties.

Turning around to show Jason how wet she got, Jason didn’t disappoint her and went to lick up her juices as she bent lower. Another few minutes later, Ms. Ng’s legs had gone too weak to support herself and she let herself down over his dick, unprepared for the virgin ride. Perhaps it was the fun of having virgins, Ms. Ng felt a sense of excitement and honour as his dick penetrated her wet pussy, it didn’t felt like the times she had with Harnold, but it felt satisfying. Bouncing up and down on his lap, Jason was trying his best to hold it in as she tightened around his meat.

Harnold, being kept in the cupboard long enough, burst into the room with his pants already down and stood in front of Ms. Ng, whose mouth was wide open in shock, which was also in position when Harnold forced her mouth on his dick, choking her a little as he thrust hard into her mouth. Jason was stunned too, but quickly understood what was happening and smiled as the two boys worked together.

After a long ten minutes of threesome, Jason was about to cum. So, Harnold pulled Ms. Ng up and turned her around, bending her towards Jason to suck him off while Harnold continued using her pussy in doggie style. No more than a minute later, Jason ended his first sex class and unloaded his huge load into her mouth, which Harnold instructed not to swallow. It was definitely the biggest load Jason had gave, cause he was so weak on the sofa he almost fainted on the spot.

As Harnold felt his climax reaching, he increased the pace and rammed harder into Ms. Ng, till the moment his rifle cocked. He pushed Ms. Ng onto the sofa in front of Jason and kept his hard dick inside her as the firing pin struck and forced the divine load of cum right into her pussy, filling her to the brim. She was kissing Jason with his cum contained in her mouth instinctively all the while, sharing whatever she tasted with him. Her knees resting comfortably on the sofa, Harnold pinched her nipples hard and brought her body backwards to him.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, you can swallow now.’

*Gulp.. gulp*

She swallowed with a smile and went on to adjust her clothes after Harnold pulled out while watching the two boys got dressed. Cum was still dripping down her legs when the boys left. Hasty? Maybe. But ever-sexciting.

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