Lian Ai (Love)

Me: ‘Don’t be sad lah. You look so pretty. I’m sure other guys will want you.’

Sherlyn wiped the tears off her eyes and took another puff from her cigarette, extending her arms to reveal some of that dragon tattoo under her sleeve. She was that typical ah lian who did not study far, and her clique was those smoking and drinking type, often causing her to struggle with herself about doing the right things.

That night, she came to my block to cry her heart out over her recent break up, from a guy who got with her just for showoff. Now that someone cooler appeared in his life, she was not needed anymore and thrown away after their routine sex.

Sherlyn: ‘Will you want me then? I screwed up my own life, with tattoos, smoking, even took ice last week.’
Me: ‘C’mon, he was the one who made you took it before fucking you right? You are not the type of girls who will find drugs to get high.’

She turned her body towards me and leaned into my arms, while I stood up so she could wipe her tears with my shirt. I had no heart to push her away even though she had stopped crying, and merely remained still till she slipped her hands under my shirt. Still, it wasn’t anything to be alarmed and I did not move.

Feeling her breaths on my stomach, her fingers dug into my casual berms and went around to my belly, where she suddenly tugged the front of the elastic waistband down. My underwear was yanked opened and her lips just went over the tip, sucking on it like a child needing something to pacify her.

Me: ‘Hey.. don’t do this. I can’t give you what you want. I’m just a normal guy.’
Sherlyn: ‘And all I want is a normal guy. Not some beng who only knows how to talk big.’

She had kept my dick back into my underwear and was looking up at me as she completed her sentence. That crop top of hers never looked looser as her cleavage showed up in those black cups of the bra she wore.

Sherlyn: ‘Can you accompany me tonight?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’m all yours.’

She packed her cigarettes, lighter and phone into her bag along with mine, and held my hand tightly. We strolled along the quiet void decks till we arrived at a playground, with scribblings all over the plastic slides. We had climbed to the ‘highest’ point of the playground and she obediently wrapped my arm around her neck, burying her face into my chest like.. my girlfriend.

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Can I suck you?’
Me: ‘Huh? What for? I don’t need it.’

Her fingers walked up my legs and yanked my shorts down again, without any resistance from me (guys being guys ;)). As soon as my dick popped out in excitement, her head went down and I leaned back on my arms, while she took greater lengths into her mouth. She had her lips sealed around my shaft and moving in a steady tempo, without any special moves that really drove me wild.

All I could see in front of me was a heartbroken girl, finding worth in herself as she sucked me deeper. There was no need to make me cum with her oral sex, and I had already felt satisfied by what she was willing to do for me. It was just a robotic, up down motion her head moved in, and my heart was filling up with her enthusiasm.

Me: ‘Sherlyn, you can stop now.’

Her swollen eyes looked at me happier, and the smile she tried to show was winning my sympathy. She blindly reached beside for her bag and after a minute of searching, a silver foiled wrapper was shoved in my hands and I knew what she was up to. Right then, I was sure I did not want to be having sex with a girl that vulnerable.

Me: ‘I can’t do it. We are not that stage yet.’
Sherlyn: ‘I’m not asking you for sex.. I want you to love me.. ‘

The jagged edged tore into its own piece and she took the rubber ring out, capping me on and rolling it down as far as she could reach. Her stretched arms found a railing to hold onto as she lifted her butt off, to slide her shorts down to her knees. That skin-tight panties were so normal except for the slit down the crotch, which she claimed it to be part of its design. True or not, I wasn’t sure. But it was tempting me with that ease to put it inside her. No wait.. I wasn’t supposed to.

Sherlyn climbed over my lap and planted a long, motionless kiss, while her ass slipped over my cock and down onto my legs. I could feel the wetness from her eyes and she took a deep breath as my base touched her pussy.

Sherlyn: ‘You.. it’s so different from my ex.. ‘
Me: ‘Huh? How? Isn’t it just a dick?’
Sherlyn: ‘I feel very safe with you. I don’t know why too.’

She made me lie down and took control by rocking her ass over my groin, forcing my dick head to rub against the underside of her pussy. Minutes passed like seconds to her soft, careful moans while she got tighter around me.

After some time, I knew I was rock hard and she was getting tired from the crying earlier too. So I led her into a slide that was designed as a tube, and laid her facing the entrance. Her chest was hanging over the edge and I was on my knees behind her, still able to maintain balance as it wasn’t very steep. I pushed my palms against the walls and ramming deep into her, going hands-free by circumstances.

Both of us just groaned out hearts out in a discreet volume but did not get loud enough to endanger our little fun. She was constantly convulsing from the orgasms and I was alternating my hands on the slide to give her breasts short but hard squeezes.

All I remembered was how warm and slippery she was, sliding my cock so easily into her love hole. At times, her body pushing backwards onto me had helped me maintain my stamina, plus she moved in a very dance-like, graceful manner.

There was no rush on her side, but it was a struggle for me to last as long as I could.

Me: ‘I can’t hold it much longer.. I need to unload le.’
Sherlyn: ‘Wait wait.’

She rolled herself onto her back with me still above (open legged doggy) and let her body slide down the slide to my waist. My condom was quickly removed and her mouth took my dick in, arms hugged around my hips. I was bringing my dick down her throat, pumping as though I was in her vagina.

Between a short pause, she asked me to unload in her mouth and my dick throbbed happily. I lifted my hips way above her lips so as not to choke her but she was forcing me down on her.

I managed to keep my strokes shallow and her tongue made use of the space to tickle me till I groaned out my final phrase. ‘I’m cumming’. It came out hurried and her lips just opened widely as I watched my dick, held in her hand and aimed at her mouth, squirt those thick, white cum and her tongue naughtily came out to let me coat it all over.

My weakening legs gave way and she got to wrap her lips around my dick again, sucking it dry to my desperate calls to let me go. As sensitive I was then, I felt happy that she felt happy. Her pumping hand relieved every drop out of me and I was then allowed to climb back to the metal platform, where she laid down with me to admire the stars above us.

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Can I spend the night at your place?’
Me: ‘Am I just a fling to you?’
Sherlyn: ‘No.. why do you say that? You’ve been with me whenever I needed someone. I felt so guilty asking you out only when I am down. I understand what I need now, and all the things you’ve done for me.’
Me: ‘Can I be your boyfriend then? Just to see how things work out.’
Sherlyn: ‘Haha. I should be asking you if I can be your girlfriend. I will work things out for you de.’

We hugged really tight then and left for my place after a while. In my bedroom, we had real, intense, passionate sex to seal our new relationship and came so many times together that she fainted before me for a deep sleep till morning.

How would you view a studious, normal looking guy beside a smoking, tattooed girlfriend? Jealousy? Or unworthiness?

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