Beautiful Girl

My slim sexy Nat did not know what to do after she removed her skinny jeans. Just lying on the bed, her innocent eyes looked into mine with lots of questions. For a 19 year old, she is quite a gem whom had not gained any experience sexually, except for her private moments in her own bed.

Nat: ‘So what do I do now?’
Me: ‘Just stay still and let me do the work. Relax and let your body does what it wants.’

She brought her arm to cover her eyes and I lifted her thighs up, into 90 degrees in the air. I opened them apart and buried my head into her crotch, but taking my time to slowly approach her pussy. She was trembling a little from both the cold and uneasiness, expected from a first timer who knew she was handled with care.

My tongue tapped on her slit and stroked upwards, sliding right under those soft flesh and into her clit. Initially dry, my saliva helped lubricated it and her arms were stretched out as I licked faster. My tongue was in a rapid vibrating mode, poking at her clit and swiping along her slit. For that demure looking girl, it was way better than using just fingers.

Her head flung left and right, occasionally moaning for me to hit a spot again, I was all hers to navigate and that frantic horny voice gave commands as frequent as she could.

Nat: ‘Stop J stop. I can’t take it anymore. It’s too sensitive down there.’

I paused and climbed over her body, looking at her tired but smiling expression. We waited for a while while she kept checking if her clit had returned to its normal sensitivity, and my dick was totally left untouched. How could I ask her to play with it when she doesn’t know how to handle it?

Nat (whispering): ‘Put it inside me?’
Me: ‘You ready?’
Nat: ‘I don’t know what to be ready for.’

Her legs raised themselves and I placed her feet behind my back. Her sight was locked at mine while my hips auto-pilot to her pussy, nudging the tip at her entrance to find the correct hole.

Me: ‘Here?’

A shy nod came and I slipped the first inch in, to a yelp where she clenched both my wrists tightly. It was painful for her, seeing how much thicker it was compared to her slim fingers. Quickly returning my attention to her, I began thrusting my hips slowly where her nails dug into my arms, but shortened the agony.

Little Nat was soon moaning in pleasure after the pain subsided, appearing only when I tease her with a deep penetration. Minutes passed intimately, with our bodies sticking close without stopping our hips. The musical slapping sounds coupled with the hungry slurps, it was pure lust that was driving our minds wild.

Once she had enough of this guy-on-top pose, we gracefully disconnected and went into doggie, making her look so tempting like never before. Her tiny ass did not wait for too long before being pierced by my rod. It went so deep that a loud gasp came out from her mouth, one that spurred her to start fucking me by rocking backwards.

We engaged in this double rape to see who would last longer, and also to put our desires to the test. Our bodies slammed hard against each other and groans echoed like gunfire in the room.

Nat: ‘Fuck.. I’m cumming for the fifth time!’

I purposely held her waist and brought her body back onto mine, not allowing her to escape as her pussy tightened around my dick. It was both fun and naughty to be teasing her in this way, till it was her turn for revenge.

Citing that she had enough, I was made to lie on the bed. She the. Climbed on top of me and slipped my rod easily in, bouncing with her hands pressing on my chest. She was really hopping on top without caring if I was crying or moaning. My cock was so sensitive I could not control my body anymore and just flipped around to knock her off.

Too bad it didn’t work, I was so crazy that I did not tell her when I was cumming. Only trying to flip her off, she did not notice my open mouth silent scream.

Nat: ‘It’s so warm inside. Did you shoot inside me?’

I nodded desperately as my dick was still shooting but she did not look worried. Instead, she fell onto my chest and kissed my chin. My dick took its time to empty as much as it had, dropping dead only after she lifted her ass off.

We cuddled on the bed without washing up and fell asleep, awakened by her hand that accidentally brushed across my dick.

Nat (whispering): ‘Oops. Let’s take care of that first?’

It was growing steadily and her eyes just told me she wanted it as much as I do. Will you say no?

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