Happily Working

It was the first time Jetaime had seen me in other clothes apart from the dull black collared tee as required by the company. Being assigned to have off on a short-handed day, I couldn’t leave my staff to run the place alone and made a trip down to help till another staff went on shift. I could see the shocked expression when she saw me enter, thinking that I was another hungry customer.

Jetaime: ‘Wah.. going somewhere after this? I thought you’re not working today?’
Me: ‘Haha. Come to help you open lo. At least till Z comes.’
Jetaime: ‘So nice huh. Okay can.’

I went ahead to complete what she had not done and throughout the preparation hour, she had been sticking close to me to help me complete each task faster. Within half an hour, we were done and each had a cup of coffee to enjoy while we slacked behind the CCTVs.

Her eyes had never seemed so bright and attracted before, certainly not expected from anyone working in the F&B line. We were usually tired and self-contained, ready to work in an monotonous mode. But that day, she was extra lively and got so engrossed in striking up topics.

After she took another sip on that white cup for the coffee, she stared into the cup and licked the creamy foam off her lips.

Jetaime (whispering): ‘You look good today.’
Me: ‘Thanks!’

Her cup landed softly on the bar mat, with the heart shaped latte art I drew for her. Just a minute later, she stood opposite me in front of the espresso machine and placed my cup down behind her without looking. How could I miss that blushing look from a girl whom always appeared so strong and capable?

A step she took brought us closer to under a feet apart and her hand reached for my neck, sliding her four fingers behind my ear and thumb in front of my lobe. It was a moment so magical, especially when her eyes darted from my lips to eyes. What was different about me today that made her lose control? Was it my clothes? Or just a feeling she had been withholding from me?

I did not let her take the second step to kiss me, it would be too ungentleman. In return to her contact, I planted my hands on her waist and pulled her in, just enough for our lips to connect and her soft tongue poked out to wet me. From then on, we could not take even a pause as things heated up, hands running under shirts and changing our position into a corner.

Right after I had unhooked her bra from behind, her shirt went up for me to attack her nipples and I feasted on them hungrily, sucking so hard she kept moaning for me to slow down. At the same time, my cock was pressing so hard against my underwear, to a point the pain was translated into pure lust on her boobs.

Once she could no longer take my nibbling, she brought me back to kisses and her hands fumbled to break my dick – out of my jeans. That piece hot rod stayed warm in her palm as she stroked it faster and faster, forcing me to french her more passionately. Still, there was one thing to clarify before my mind could think of anything else.

Me (whispering): ‘Jetaime, where do I unload?’
Jetaime: ‘Huh? So fast?’
Me: ‘No lah. Just asking first.’

We went back to the espresso machine and she tucked her fingers into her jeans, shaking her ass a little as she lowered them. Her panties had gone down at the same time, leaving an open invite that required no more directions.

I ran my middle finger across her slit to find a slippery coat, almost ready for me to enter. Because of her jeans hanging around her knees, there were limitations on how wide she could spread for me. Nonetheless, I was fine with her feet together. My dick was guided into the correct hole with her help and a gasp came with the first inch.

Jetaime: ‘It’s almost nine. Finish it soon k?’
Me: ‘You came already?’
Jetaime: ‘Haha. I will cum when you go all out. Don’t worry about that. If not you can make it up next time.’

I held her waist firmly and thrust to my heart’s content, pounding her against the heavy equipments at the bar. Cups were jittering as we groaned together, feeling her orgasms squeezing my cock so hard as I sank it as deep as I could.

Her hands had clenched around the handles of the portafilters so tightly I could see her veins, a sign of pleasure that made me smile with encouragement. Going at that crazy speed, in that super wet tight hole, I did not bother to hold myself back at all. Time is running out for the both of us.

Me: ‘I’m cumming.. ‘

She retracted her hips to let me out and squatted before my dick in a flash. Her mouth went over the tip and her face shoved continuously into my groin. She didn’t went too deep, but it was more than enough to trigger my load that blasted into her mouth.

Halfway through, she could not contain anymore of my cum and accidentally slipped my cock above her chin. The last few squirts of cum splashed across her nose and forehead, shocking her for the second time but it was of pleasure. She cupped her mouth over my dick for the last part, sucking whatever that’s left in my rod.

We hastily returned to our positions once we were cleaned up, looking as decent as we can be for our first customer. When I peeped over at her, she was grinning at me while licking her lips, certainly a good breakfast to have before work.

Time passed slowly for that weekday with little customers, and the handover to the second shift was done in a happy mood for the two of us. Just on the way out of the secluded mall, a discreet spot caught our eyes and we ninja-ed into the small corner..

To think I would actually miss work. :X

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