Coffee, Sex and Love

Winnie (WeChat): ‘Can I go over to your place for coffee then?’

I had sent her a photo of my new espresso machine and she was all excited about having someone who loved coffee living near her. We found each other on the social app within 100m of each other, sparking a conversation that kept me looking forward to her replies.

From her profile picture, she was a plain jane who simply knew how to make up and dresses herself up, making her as gorgeous as a girl you would bring home to your parents. Once we had set the time on that very off day, her last message was ‘wait for me!’.

In under a few seconds, I heard the metal gate above my unit slam loudly and the beeping of the lift. As planned, I put on my shirt and took the stairs to the void deck. A slim, brown-haired girl in a light blue romper sat at the round table, tapping away on her phone while I saw her ‘typing..’ status.

Winnie (WeChat): ‘Where are you?’
Me (WeChat): ‘Behind you?’

She swung her head around and a powdered face stared shocked at me. I was on the other hand smitten by her pure, demure looks.

Winnie: ‘I thought you lived at the other end of the block. You’re just below me all the time?’

Spending not more than two minutes in our small talk, we headed up to my place and the stainless steel piece of art in the corner of my kitchen counter thrilled her. It seemed that she had been researching a lot on this device but without any means to afford the high price.

In that twenty or so minutes of exploring and making ourselves a drink, she was filled with so much enthusiasm that scared me a little. Finally, we got our milk frothed and she just brought the two cups towards the bedrooms, peering into them to find my room that had two beds in it.

Winnie: ‘This is the room you share with your brother huh?’

Very conveniently, she went into it and sat on the bed against the wall, holding up my glass to invite me over. What did I get myself into? Was she just being playful or just so innocent without any sense of offending people? I hopped into the bed next to her and we sipped on the messy latte art I failed to draw, watching her close her eyes an extra second and inhaling deeply.

Winnie: ‘It’s the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted so far. Some of the cafe owners kept telling me ambience is what makes a coffee taste great. Now, I tell them good coffee is good anywhere.’

With our glasses emptied with only the foam coating the insides, she hastily snatched my cup and placed it on the empty computer desk, before collapsing onto my pillow.

Winnie: ‘Your place is so comfy. And this bunny soft toy is so cute!’

Somehow, my ‘scent’ made her felt at ease and the lack of suspicion made her so.. attractively fun to be with. She turned herself into spooning position, hugging my soft toy and preparing to go to sleep. Now, what was a guy supposed to do when a girl wants to sleep on his bed? Lie next to her and hope for something to happen? Nah..

I got off the bed and unfolded my blanket, pulling it over her body till she looked at me with those puppy eyes.

Winnie: ‘You don’t want to sleep?’
Me: ‘Haha. Umm.. I just had coffee?’

She pouted her lips so cutely I couldn’t resist her and hid under the blanket with her, lying so close I could smell her shampoo. Like magic, I could feel that coffee was her love potion when she hugged my arm with the soft bunny, adjusting her head to lean on my shoulder.

Her tired eyes opened once again, and a few sighs came out of her lips.

Winnie: ‘You know, it has been so long since I felt so calm. A nice soft bed after a comforting warm drink.. with someone I can trust.’
Me: ‘How do you know I can be trusted?’
Winnie: ‘Hmm.. someone who has patience for a great cup of coffee, and willing to share his knowledge, letting a girl lie on his shoulders. It’s like a dream. Really.’

I had no idea what reply to give to her compliments. It was unlike anything I’ve heard. Are baristas really so perfect? Do they belong to a rare group of humans?

Joining her in slumber, I tried falling asleep but couldn’t do so when she kept fidgeting. Since I wasn’t that tired, I just laid quietly while fantasizing a life with her.

Just as I was about to black out, she clamped her legs over mine and rocked her hips, as though scratching an itch. Her hand over my chest had clenched into a fist and I guessed she was awake then.

Winnie (whispering): ‘Your smell.. it’s making me horny.’
Me: ‘Huh? Umm.. okay.. ‘

I was still wondering if she meant I smelled (good or bad?) like her sex toy or just some pheromones from my scent. Her knee accidentally went to my groin and she began to tease it, stirring some fast-acting response that quickly obstructed her nudges. Each time I looked at her, she would have her eyes closed, as though letting her mind lead her. Me being a guy, did not ‘reject’ her offer as her hand rubbed on my tool outside my shorts.

Feeling too restless in my position, I overlapped her arm and as soon as I cupped my palm over her groin, her legs opened discreetly under the sheets. I did not hurry when I reached under her clothes, letting the soft material of her cotton panties get wetter as I massaged her clit.

Winnie (whispering): ‘I can’t take it anymore.. let’s take off our clothes?’

She peeled her romper off casually till she was in just her bra, bottom still hidden under the quilt. On my side, my bottoms were removed, leaving my shirt on that held the ‘scent’ that made her so horny. Our hands were directly in contract with each other’s privates, jerking and stroking in a frenzied state. The both of us did not know how far we could bring things to, that’s why we did not dare to advance any further.

Working on her clit, she came in under five minutes and I was still going hard, without any time limit as long as she did not perform too skilfully. After that climax, her pussy got so wet that she stopped me from smearing her juices all over my hand.

Me: ‘I don’t mind getting dirty. Just enjoy it?’
Winnie: ‘I’ve had enough. I want to help you now.’

She covered her back with my blanket and kneeled with her legs opened over my calves. Now on top of me, she scooped some juices from her pussy and applied it generously over my rock hard dick, before bending her back down to my groin.

In the full light of the blaring sun outside my window, I watched her lips wrap around my manhood, descending so slowly it drove me crazy in no time. Seeing how desperate I was getting, her head began to move faster, sliding her tongue on the underside as her mouth slurped louder.

I soon found myself in a struggle as she fondled my sensitive spots, groaning in agony to her delightful grin.

Me: ‘Hey.. I think it’s enough. Don’t want to tire you out.’

She stopped with a gleeful look, before falling back onto the bed. This time, I got up and went on my knees, right below her hip. She knew what I was thinking and her feet closed together, raising her knees to her chest.

Me: ‘No protection?’
Winnie: ‘I want to feel you inside me. So no.’

It was like an ‘I dare you to please me’ expression she gave when I was still pondering. In front of me, a girl waiting in excitement, looking so hopeful and innocent at the same time, my next move was logical.

I stuck the tip into her fleshy soft moulds and tore my way through, spreading those tight vaginal muscles apart to sensual moans echoing from her mouth. I did not stop till I was balls deep into her, and her arms went under her knees to hold her legs high up for me.

Pressing under her thighs to keep them in place, I thrust violently to a sudden squeeze where she screamed out she was cumming. I wasn’t even a minute into the action and her face was squinting so hard. Juices leaked like a broken tap and our movements became more slippery. The nerves on my dick got so sensitive that it went numb, allowing me to extend the race to drive her crazy.

She soon opened her legs wider to let me lie on top of her, hugging me in her arms while moaning dirty words to me. Well, it wasn’t really that offensive with phrases like ‘go deeper’, ‘faster’ and ‘oh yeah.. ‘ I was so sure my neighbour on the other side of the wall could hear us. It was that passionate, intense sex that got us so reluctant to break away from to change positions.

After five minutes, I let the panting girl rest and she totally did not need it at all. Tucking her knees in, she rolled over into doggie and her fingers went to work between her legs before I got into position. Not wanting to let the girl wait, I quickly went on my knees and she raised her body upright so I could hug her.

Hands now squeezing her breasts, my dick moved in short, deep thrusts to reach her deepest spot. Her moans were no longer audible, but her breaths got faster and shallower when I made long, slow strokes.

Winnie: ‘Let me know when you’re cumming. I want to let you try something.’

Wait. Try something? So I wasn’t the first? This would be the last time we meet then. Her body fell forward once I went deeper, and the final moment came after ten minutes of alternating slow, fast pounding.

Me: ‘Okay. I’m about to shoot.’

We disconnected and she placed my bolster in front of my knees. She turned herself around to let her head hang over the bolster, putting herself in a position to let me mouth fuck her.

Winnie: ‘I saw this on the net the other day. The guy came so hard when he unloaded. I want to try this with you.’
Me: ‘I thought you’ve did this before when you said ‘let me try something’.’
Winnie: ‘Huh? No no.. I haven’t done this.. actually, I haven’t had sex for almost a year after I became single. Maybe that’s why I’m so crazy today.’

A part of me felt relieved, but the truth is, I won’t know the truth. I angled my dick into her mouth and picked up speed gradually, gagging her at times but her hands behind my butt (above her head) signalled me not to stop.

My dick’s attention turned to her lips as her tongue got knocked all over my rod, touching every possible areas till I was about to explode.

Me: ‘I’m shooting!’

Her lips opened up and her jaws dropped to the widest possible. I sank my rod down her throat a few times before pulling out to her teeth. After the first squirt, her pink lips closed around my pee hole and the rest went like machine gun to the naughty sucks she gave to get every bit out. ‘Tired and contented’ was the only words suitable after I pulled out, without any bad feelings since she went back to sucking after she swallowed.

I leaned over her body in return and licked up her juices, accidentally giving her another orgasm in 69. Having our share of fun, we were officially exhausted and felt energetic for unknown reasons.

Winnie: ‘Not tired?’
Me: ‘I think I felt more energetic after sex.’
Winnie: ‘Me too! Let’s go make another cup of coffee. Then maybe another round if you’re not tired.’

She dashed out of my room to get to the machine before me, starting the second part of our day of coffee – and sex.

Now that we’re almost a year into this food and sex relationship, frothed (naturally sweetened) milk became our favourite liquid to pour over each other to lick. How would you guys link food and sex together? Is human-sashimi still in the trend?

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