Too Well-Trained

Denise: ‘Hey, you’re home.’

The lingerie-clad girl ran over to Cedric, whom kicked his shoes to a side to let her tidy them together. Placing one foot on her knee, she pulled those smelly socks off one by one and standing up to receive his bag. Since their marriage, Cedric had trained her to be his personal slave with an additional job of child-bearing. Now one year into her ‘training’, she had been groomed to his methods without getting scolded.

Sitting tiredly at their Italian designed dining table, she stood behind him to remove his shirt, before fetching his dinner on a tray. As he began eating, she crawled under the table and undid his belt, tugging his bottoms off along with his underwear once he raised his body. On her knees, she kept a close watch till he finished his meal, and proceeded to wrap her lips around his dick, sucking till he was in full size and sitting relaxed.

Cedric: ‘Let’s shower.’

She stopped her blowjob and went into their bedroom, turning on the switch for the heater while she stripped herself naked. The both of them went in for his shower and she covered herself in soap before body-sliding on him, cleansing his sweaty body with hers. Paying extra attention to his dick, her hand did not leave that rod while she lathered him. In less than ten minutes, he was cleaned and made their way to the bed where his laptop sat on a bed-top wooden stand for him to work a little more.

As soon as she slipped on the Thursday nightgown, she went to his groin and continued the blowjob, keeping him focused while he finished the last bit of the email he did not finish typing while at work.

Cedric: ‘Use the dildo on yourself first.’

The obedient wife opened the drawer by the bedside desk and sat with her legs opened, thrusting that rubber toy to moan for him to hear. Being a guy used to her voice, he did not get any hornier. Instead, he placed the laptop webcam in video recording mode and aimed it at her, which spurred her to enter a ‘pornstar’ mode to perform.

Denise: ‘You want to have sex today? Or just suck you off?’

Cedric: ‘Let’s fuck tonight. I am not tired yet.’

A smile appeared across her face and she turned herself around into doggie, where his dick spontaneously plunged into her pussy. The comfortable size of his dick flooded her mind with lust and her voice turned sweeter as he rammed really deep.

After just a few minutes, Cedric commanded her to take over and moved their bodies back onto the bed, where he laid with pillows behind his back and her pussy still over his dick. Bouncing just her hips, slapping sounds reflected her desire to please and his dick just stood upright for her to climax. That ten minutes she took to came twice felt really short but Cedric was suggesting her to ride him cowgirl style.

Excited with the thoughts of being able to watch her master’s expression, she continued slamming her pussy over his dick, while letting him grab her breasts till they were sore. She was his to play, and use, and fuck, and command. Everything she did was for him, but never once did she felt lost, cause she knew her job well.

Cedric: ‘I’m about to cum now. You can choose where you want to receive it.’

Denise: ‘Can you pump me in missionary? I want to hug you and.. ‘

Cedric: ‘Alright.’

She waited for him to free her space and laid down anticipating his love. Once his dick pierced into her body, her legs went around his back and she pulled him near enough for a kiss. To be filled with a penis from a guy she loved, exchanging saliva with tongues touching, her pussy grew tighter from this expression of love.

Cedric had felt her commitment and was slightly softened by her sacrifices she made for him. Pumping faster and deeper, his wife broke out in groans and he placed her feet together, further increasing the pressure on his manhood. In turn, the full length of her love hole was sent into hyper-sensitive mode which made her orgasms fire away like a machine gun.

Time was running out for him as well, being in a tight position, he did not bother to hold himself in any longer. Right before he came, he opened her legs and pinned her down with his body, pecking down her neck till her nipple was between his teeth. That ejaculation came together with her climax, pushing her over the limit as her nipple stiffened to his nibbles.

For the first time, she squirted so hard her body went berserk, thrashing around for almost three minutes. His cum kept pouring into her contracting pussy like there was no end to it. It was truly a round of sex he would never forget, drained to a point he felt so refreshed.

Cedric felt super tired but was taken aback by the pleasant suprise, a sign of his good stamina, and how happy he made her. Deep within that steel, powerful control, was a heart made of pure gold, soft but dense.

He left her lying on the dryer part of the bed while he blew dry the wetter part. By the time she recovered her energy, the lights were out, and he was snoring softly in sleep. The images of them making love kept appearing in her head, till she lost control and went under the blanket, to suck him off another round.

The next morning, her moans woke him up and he turned towards Denise to see her dipping her favourite dildo into her pussy.

Denise (whispering): ‘Good morning dear.’

Cedric: ‘Morning.’

He went to the dining where the box of cereal awaits with the jug of milk in an ice bath. As he started his day with the American style breakfast, Denise was having her breakfast under the table, right between his legs. Asian sausage, is that right?

Somehow, the method he ‘raised’ her had accidentally made her so sexually active she would milk him at each possible moment. Sometimes, Cedric wondered if his guidance had gone too far. How could he work when his wife always starts his day with a draining blowjob and ends his day with intense, desperate sex? Perhaps it’s time to rent his wife out again, not like he has not done it before.

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