Lovely Tangles

Darkness was all I saw when I woke up, only remembering that I had fallen asleep on Jetaime’s bed. It was a tired day for me after work and we had gone to her place for some couple time. Unknowingly, I drifted to sleep in her arms, while she was studying right beside me.

As safe as I felt, I called her name out to make sure she was still around. That cheeky ‘yes?’ assured my mind that it was just some activity she came up with with my lifeless body.

Jetaime: ‘Can I try something on you?’

Me: ‘Yeah?’

Feeling her shirt tickle my thigh, I recalled that long shirt she wore earlier, knees weighing down on the area near my legs. Her hair then fell over my sensitive inner thighs, before warm breaths blew over my dick. It had took me a while to realise that I was semi-erected, but her lips that touched the tip so gently woke it fully.

My mind could not imagine how she looked like then, still drowsy from the nap. Those lips lightly wrapped around my girth and warm saliva dribbled down the shaft to my groin. There was no movements from her, yet my dick was throbbing so hard I knew it was moving on its own. I have not yet displayed any signs of desperation.

Slowly, her tongue came in contact with my pee hole and it slid so comfortably down, filling my empty mind with pleasure of her soft, wet, mouth that began to stroke up and down. Long sighs came as my senses relaxed, and her palm went around my testicles, massaging them to the rhythm of my breaths.

I had known Jetaime from my workplace, being a psychology student in a private school, she had responded to many of my mind-games. Sometimes I would ask her about the thought process of customers waiting for their food, and why impatience do not help them get good quality consumables.

We had some form of physical contact when we ran shifts together, handling food and beverages. I guess things happened in our favour and we got together after leaving that company (while I went to another F&B place to work). Now, she’s mine and her signs of affection was still driving me crazy.

After the blowjob, her warm body hovered over my chest and kisses began from my forehead. Moving downwards to my lips, ears, neck, chest, nipples, an unknown form of energy was moving under my skin. The final few kisses ended near my naval, and my erection couldn’t be any harder for the both of us.

At last, I felt her hands untying the straps that kept me still on the bed, freeing me to uncover my eyes. The first thing I saw was her beautiful face, staring right at me while almost back on her knees between my opened legs. Picking my body up, I hugged her before falling back onto the pillow, and did a rollover to place her on the bed.

Slipping my hands under her shirt, it was gone with a sharp breath of excitement from her, signalling me to continue ravishing her body. Elbows on the bed by her ribs, I massaged those firm, tiny boobs so gently but effectively, air gushing into her lungs with every squeeze. I could not resist myself from kissing my way down her neck, and lifted her legs apart to reach that slippery hole.

There was no resistance from her as my tongue fondled her clit, flicking up and down in short, rapid movements. Moans escaped freely from her mouth and I kept going till she pushed me away for making it so sensitive.

Jetaime (whispering): ‘Put it in now.’

I crawled over her body and let my hips auto-dock, sliding my way in so gracefully as not to hurt her. Her face flushed as soon as most of my meat was inside, and her legs went around my hips to keep me close. Thrusting in an increasing speed, we just hugged each other while making out, giving our lust full access to our bodies.

Her pussy kept leaking juices as I rammed deeper, with sensual exclaimations to make me go faster. Never did we rush such intimate moments, for I would always make long, forceful strokes into her – exactly the way she liked it. That slight deprivation would make her hungry for more, and the last few seconds when I was cumming never fail to give her an intense orgasm.

For this special girl, one was enough – one good one. As our bodies kept slamming against each other, her teeth sank into my shoulders. That pain translated into energy for me and I did not disappoint, pumping my stick so deep she would further hurt me with her nails. It was a moment where I enjoyed pain so much.

As usual, I went for almost fifteen minutes in that one position till I was about to cum. Turning my head towards her ears, I gave her the signal and her knees raised themselves as high as they could go. Can you imagine a 1.58m small girl so willing to be fucked and creampied? Well, that’s a little crude but that was how beautiful she was.

My balls slapped her pussy faster and it was the last lap for me. Her vagina tightened around me at an alarming rate, trapping the blood in my penis from flowing backwards. Against time, my dick grew larger in her and her moans turned to groans, occasionally screaming as her pussy went crazy.

Jetaime: ‘Shoot it all inside.. I want it all.. ‘

Never had I fulfilled a request so willingly. Droplets of sweat fell on her bed as I unlocked the nitro, bursting out at full speed till my cock suddenly jolted up. From the tip, it took a deep ‘breath’ before squirting the first load, at the same time as an inward thrust. It had gone so deep inside her that I did not hold myself back anymore, pumping my cum deep into her womb.

My pretty girl just clawed my back as she climaxed, eyes rolling white while the entrance of her pussy locked me inside. Giving me a few more squeezes on my dick, I could feel my balls sucked to an emptiness. Very quickly, it collapsed while I was still inside and she only let me go when it had shrunk to the small possible state.

Lying next to each other panting, smiles were on our faces and she was rubbing her tummy to show me how warm it was.

Jetaime: ‘Looks like you are crazier after I tied you up.’

Me: ‘Can I do it to you too?’

Jetaime: ‘You dare you try!’

This time, she snuggled into my arms before dozing off in record time, face glowing from the interesting round of sex that we brought to the next level. You know, seeing her next to me naked, I was thinking of ‘raping’ her while she was all worn out.

I think I should just get to it instead of thinking..

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