Dirty Acts in Dirty Places

Shelia: ‘I think there’s a toilet in this carpark. Help me find it. Super urgent.’

She dragged her boyfriend, Jacky, behind her as they walked up the ramps, setting their eyes on the small room in the center of the carpark. He had spotted it as well and let go off her hand, where she ran and locked herself in the toilet.

Shelia (shouting): ‘Jack! You still out there?’
Jacky (shouting): ‘Yes. Take your time.’

She took a good five minutes in there before the wooden door creaked eerily, her hand stretching out to pull him inside. Her skirt hung over the edges of the sink and she was naked waist down. Being her boyfriend, they had their share of intimacy, but Jacky wasn’t too keen on doing it in that dirty washroom.

Shelia (whispering): ‘Can we do it here?’
Jacky (whispering): ‘Huh? But we are meeting tomorrow right? We can do it at my place.’
Shelia (whispering): ‘Please? I’m kinda wet now.’
Jacky (whispering): ‘Even peeing can make you wet.’
Shelia (whispering): ‘Duh.. I was thinking of you raping me inside here.’

He smiled and hung his bag on the hangers, before pinning her at the cleanest wall he could find. His hands had gone to her neck but before she could kiss him, he held her by the neck and made a little squeeze, choking her a few times.

His fingers scrapped into her hair and tilted her head to the side, ears almost touching his lips that were breathing warm air into them.

Jacky: ‘You wanted this huh? Then you better don’t disappoint me.’

He jerked her head downwards and she unlocked her knees to squat at his feet. Before her eyes, his belt, zip, came undone and a flaccid piece of 4 inches dangled. Right as she wanted to hold his dick up, his fingers tugged at her hair without hesitation, whispering a short but clear phrase in her eyes, ‘no hands‘.

With just her mouth, she collected his meat onto her tongue and began sucking him, feeling blood rush into his rod to stiffen it up. In no time, he was hard as rock, but she wasn’t gagging for some unknown reason. Having a cock erect in her mouth somehow made her body ready for it. And so, her head soon bobbed back and forth at that manhood, coated with generous amounts of her saliva as she fed off him hungrily.

This was another side of Jacky Shelia had never felt before, one so powerful and scary. He was full of control and rage, confusing her if this was what she wanted when she initiated at first.

After he had enough of her blowjob, he helped her up and placed her in front of the mirror. Her spaghetti bra top was unzipped next, freeing her breasts for him to grab and knead. As painful as they were, her nipples grew hard and swollen, as though asking him to continue the hurt.

He adjusted her hips away from the sink and made her stood feet-together. Moments later, the tip of his penis touched her pussy and it did not stop advancing till he was all the way inside. Her head had been up looking into the mirror, watching the satisfied face of Jacky as he felt her wetness and warmth overpowering his senses.

Hips began thrusting, and her boobs jiggled beneath her chest. Never had she felt so turned by this kind of outdoor sex, for it was making her a woman that belonged to a man, a strong, loving man who could pleasure her. Juices dripped loudly in the confined space, right from his balls onto the ground. There were no words to describe how horny she was, jerking her ass at him whenever he paused. They were so hot the room could be a sauna, but for two person.

As Jacky went into the final phase of his intense hammerage, Shelia came faster and longer, sucking his dick deeper with her pussy. That length was perfect to stroke her g-spot, sending that tiny spot into a frenzy.

Jacky: ‘I’m gonna cum, and it will be inside you this time.’
Shelia: ‘Eh no! Jacky! Don’t don’t. Don’t play with this!’

His nails dug into her waist as he pounded her, not letting her slip out of his control. There was nothing Shelia could do except to try and lean forward, away from him. His balls continued slapping on her clit, till she came another time, and releasing the last bit of inhibition from him.

Her pelvic bone hit the ceramic as he stumbled closer, jutting his hips as thick, cream shot into her vagina. Shelia wriggled herself to break free at once but it only made things worse, massaging his dick to really force every drop out. Within that couple of minutes, he kept panting and groaning, allowing his body to freely convulse as his balls shrank quickly.

Finally, his hand held the back of her neck weakly and kept her still while he pulled out. Large blobs of cum came flowing down her legs and her feet opened up to ease the heat from the machine-like speed of his sex.

Jacky: ‘It’s not over yet sweetheart.’

He picked her up by her hair and forced her to kneel again, shoving his cum covered dick right back into her mouth. Licking and sucking him clean, the whole process did not take long and she was soon in a corner, trying to cover up her naked body.

Jacky (whispering): ‘Are you alright? Did you like it?’
Shelia: ‘Is it over?’

Jacky nodded with a concerned look and helped her wear her clothes back, walking with his arm around her waist out of the place. For once, she found herself wet just thinking about what happened, staining her panties (with some cum mixed in) even before she got home.

The two of them had opened a side to her deepest desires that would be interesting to follow up in their future meet-ups. Right after she reached her room, she snapped a photo of her wet panties, and sent it to Jacky, who was feeling really guilty about what he did.

Needless to say, they went on FaceTime to let him see her getting off. For one, he had no more energy for another round. It was just too..

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