Opposite my Window

Peering out of the glass windows of the hotel, I was enjoying the view from the rare occasion where I checked into a hotel for a night of much needed sleep. This particular hotel in Malaysia had a few blocks, and directly opposite me, at a distance, was a dark-skinned girl, about to slip on her night dress.

I did not look away thinking that she would not notice, but a sudden pause in her actions scared me for a bit till she waved to me. I closed my unknowingly opened mouth and swallowed my saliva before waving back. She gestured her finger pointing downwards and I knew she was hinting an instant date.

The silly me did an O-K reply with my outstretched arms, rewarded with a giggle from the long haired lady. Without wasting time, I put on a plain red shirt and went downstairs, walking hastily to the lift landing at the lobby.

That very lady in a white short dress appeared with a denim jacket, walking out of her lift looking around. I did not make any more big movements and went straight to her, spreading my arms as she did so to hug me.

Girl: ‘Hi.. you can call me Natasha.’
Me: ‘And I’m J.’
Natasha: ‘You live here alone?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

Natasha: ‘Umm.. can I go up for coffee then?’

Her arms tucked under mine and we made our way back to my room, as though we had bonded just by our looks. Her smooth complexion was no doubt attractive with a bronze like glow. Nineteen years old, Malay, and staying at that hotel for her business meeting. She was certainly at another level compared to the mundane working life that most Singaporeans had, with little hopes of starting our own businesses or dreams.

As soon as the lights were dimmed, I pulled her jacket off her slim shoulders, while my shirt was removed over my head. Our faces stood motionless at an inch before each other, holding ourselves back for the last few moments.

Slowly, her eyes closed and chin tilted upwards, lips looking so delicious that I could not resist them. A second later, we were breathing through our noses, lips sealed around each other and tongues sliding into mouths.

An easy push of her shoulder-straps placed her dress onto the floor, revealing those pointy nipples that were so pinkish despite the dimness. Those shy hands of hers was rubbing along my groin, at that already huge bulge that she stirred up.

Natasha (whispering(: ‘Shall we?’
Me (whispering): ‘I can’t wait for it.’

Our hands went to my shorts, undoing the belt and going bottomless. She was only in a pair of silky white panties then, and it was less than easy to take them off. Our bodies then collapsed onto the bed, with her on top of me. We were still kissing with our sights on each other’s eyes, but the heat from her body was telling a whole new story.

A change of mood made her kneel over my hips, lips trailing down my body from the chest. Her body shifted as she made her way south, pecking till she arrived at my erection that was throbbing gently in her palm. That cute tongue stuck out at the sides and licked its way up, brushing across the whole shaft in full distance.

It was like those Japanese porn, where girls were trained to perform, yet I could tell her skills were driven by desperation, perhaps from the lack of sex. We did not exchange any words during the foreplay, only indulging in the awesome silent pleasure given to each other.

After the tease, her mouth did not continue down my shaft, disappointing me a little but for a reason. We rearranged our position to a 69 one, and I immediately went for her clit. The few deep breaths she took did not last once her lips went around my dick, going up and down once I began toying that enlarged clit.

Our mouths never stopped till she came a whole lot of juices down my face, which she apologised profusely while still moaning in pleasure. That was something I never seen or heard of, a girl being so shy while she was clearly enjoying it. A quick recovery of our bodies placed her on my arm, lying down and looking so ever innocently at me.

Natasha (whispering): ‘Sorry sorry.. ‘
Me: ‘It’s okay. I feel good knowing I made you happy.’
Natasha: ‘Huh? Then did I make you happy?’
Me: ‘Yes you did! It felt really good.’
Natasha: ‘Then how come I don’t feel that you’re wanting me?’

Well, that was a question I had not expected. Being a guy more driven by the ambient than activities, I did not really lust for her at that level. She meowed cheekily at me and climbed right over my hips, sliding her pussy down my abdomens to let my dick poke into her. It was a journey filed with pauses as she tried to accommodate me into her tight hole.

No matter how much pain her face was telling me, there was never a word of vulgarity coming out of her. That final moment where her head looked upwards with a gratifying sigh, placed my heart at ease. Once docked, her waist started rocking and riding, to the slight numbness her pussy was squeezing me with.

I wasn’t a fan of cowgirl since it did not fully stimulate my dick, but it was still fun to see her go crazy being in control, giving herself orgasms on this biological sex toy. Only five minutes later, did she look at me, and realised I was just smiling at her.

Natasha: ‘Are you enjoying it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I am. I love how you get yourself off on top.’
Natasha: ‘You want to change positions?’
Me: ‘I don’t mind. Umm.. doggy?’

Natasha: ‘I want to look at you. Go on top of me?’

I nodded and let her lie on me before rolling over. Our genitals were still connected and there wasn’t much to do except – to thrust. My hips slammed hard against her groin, shoving my excited cock into her. In a few strokes, the whole room was sounding so erotic, moans and groans of pleasure could definitely be heard outside.

Natasha (moaning): ‘You’re really good in this position.’
Me (groaning): ‘Cause I wouldn’t want to disappoint a beautiful girl like you.’

My dick just kept pumping her till she got more excited, flipping herself over willingly into doggystyle. Speechless, I pounded her with all my might, making her knees slide between my legs as she screamed into the pillow. At last, she laid flat on the bed, jerking to the powerful thrusts I was delivering to her ass.

In fact, the harder I went, the tighter she got. Somehow, she was appearing pitiful as I rammed the breaths out of her, but never wanting me to stop whenever I asked.

Natasha: ‘Wait wait.. Let’s try something I never done before.’

She made me sit on my butt facing her, and her opened legs went over mine to fit my cock into her pussy. I leaned back on my elbows while she raised her hips, slamming down at my rod as she moaned ecstatically.

Me: ‘Hey umm.. I won’t be able to last if you keep at it.’
Natasha: ‘Sounds like I am about to cum too. Let’s do it together.’

Half panting, half smiling, it was the happiest her I had seen for the night. I raised my hips whenever she went down, going on and on till I was about to climax. My hands went to her waist and held her down while my ass slid with help of the bed sheets, pulling them out from under the bed as I thrust for the last wave.

Just as her pussy tightened around me, she reached for my neck and we hugged each other closely for that exact moment when I unloaded. Making out and making ‘Mmm mmm mmm’ sounds, our chests were catching up on air while our privates danced in the constrained space.

Natasha: ‘I can spend the night here right?’
Me: ‘Yeah you can.’
Natasha: ‘I don’t want you to take it out.’
Me: ‘Uhh.. it would be my first time being inside a girl for the whole night.’

We laughed heartily and made ourselves comfortable, with lots of awkward movements to lay on the bed. Although I was getting smaller, I could feel her pussy moving on its own, massaging my tired penis till it was growing again. Her bodily scent and sexy, naked self, did not help at all when she felt how big I had gotten.

Well, we did not even had more than ten minutes of rest before we got so horny again, fucking our brains out till four in the morning. How could I still remember how many times I came right?

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