Son’s Trophy

Guys, I have to warn you before reading on, for this entry is about a father, taking advantage of his son’s girlfriend. For guys (males) who have insecurity issues, do not proceed. For my ladies, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Upon reaching home after a long day at work, I went into my room as usual, changing into some light clothing for the hot weather. Seeing an unlikely sight of my son’s room being closed, I did not think twice and knocked on it before opening.

His girlfriend whom I had seen a few times was tied up on the bed, limbs restrained with a blindfold over her eyes. Apart from those straps, there was nothing else on her body.

Michelle: ‘Andy?’
Me: ‘I’m his father. Where did he go?’
Michelle: ‘Uncle! I’m so sorry.. he went to get some.. protection.’

She tried to roll over towards the windows but there wasn’t much she could do to hide her body. I went over to her and sat by the side, rubbing my hands together to warm them up. Placing my palm over her boobs, she gasped while letting off a scream, which I quickly silence by squeezing her cheeks together.

Me: ‘Is my son pleasing you well?’
Michelle: ‘Yes he is Uncle. Please stop.. ‘

I kept massaging her boobs till she stopped struggling, and I took off her blindfold, followed by my shorts. Her jaws dropped when she saw how hard I was, clearly bigger than my 18 year old. Her eyes never left my dick when I positioned myself between her opened legs, falling into a push up position right over her body.

Me: ‘I’m going to let you have a taste of me. You do love my son a lot right? I think you know what to do.’

Once my dick poked an inch into her pussy, her legs raised in vain to spread wider. After all, my size wasn’t something a 17 year old could take so easily. Surprisingly, she did not say anything while I shoved the rest of my dick in, filling her pussy up with a throbbing thick piece of cock. In fact, her closed eyes told me she did not mind me doing her at all.

Once I felt her tightness and juices flowing, my hips began working, thrusting vigorously at her nubile figure. Moans started echoing around the room non-stop, with my hands holding her waist still so I could reach deeper. In under a minute, her back arched upwards for an orgasm that sent her screaming, ‘don’t stop Uncle!’.

Dominating a helpless girl had never been so fun before, especially when doing it to someone so close but far enough. I simply kept going fast and furious till she came a few times, worn out but not wanting me to stop.

Me: ‘For Andy, can I cum in your mouth so he wouldn’t suspect a thing? You’ll have to swallow it though.’

Her dropped jaws only moaned louder in response, totally driven crazy by my continuous hips movements. I went on for almost five minutes at my full speed, sinking my rod as fast as I could go. For an old man, I could not last as long compared to the past, and had to slow down after her fifth climax.

Rushing over to her mouth, I stuck my dick in and pinned her head down, thrusting deeply into her throat where she kept coughing at my balls. Only after three minutes, did I stop and took over stroking my exposed shaft. Jerking violently as my cum built up, I sprayed my cum into her mouth till it was overflowing out of her lips. No matter what, it was good to cum after almost a month of no sex.

I pulled away from her after I was done and scooped the stains around her lips into her mouth. In front of me, she swallowed my load easily and even licked her lips to appear as normal as possible.

Me: ‘Alright. I’m done. I think Andy will love how wet you are now. Not too tired for him right?’
Michelle: ‘No Uncle. I think I’m hornier now than before.’
Me: ‘Good. Just wait here for him.’

I went back to my room bottomless, going to my PC to start the CCTV I had placed in his room. For their previous sessions, I had been listening to their conversations, some about me, some about other girls he had slept with. Of course, when I fucked Michelle, I already knew she masturbated when left alone, moaning my name softly without my son around.

That night, before they went out for dinner, Michelle came into my room to thank me for getting her so wet before my son made love to her.

Michelle: ‘Uncle, I’ll be dropping by tomorrow after he book in. You will be home right?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Here’s a set of keys in case I am late. I’ll show you some toys my late wife used. I think you’ll love them.’

Finally, the sex machine I had bought long time ago would be put to work once again.

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