Proof of Love

Jetaime: ‘Umm.. can I ask you for a favour?’
Reily: ‘Yeah? What is it?’
Jetaime: ‘There’s a guy that likes me, but I told him I had a boyfriend. He didn’t believe me.. ‘
Reily: ‘Okay. And?’
Jetaime: ‘I want to show him that I am really attached with someone I love, so I told him if you allowed, we will have sex in front of him. I don’t want him to keep bugging me.’
Reily: ‘Ask him over now then. I don’t mind. I also don’t want him to bother my girl.’
Jetaime: ‘Sure huh? I’ll text him to come over now.’

The couple waited in the living room for Hong, whom had been admiring Jetaime for a long time. Now that he is in Reily’s house, Jetaime was feeling so awkward that things had gotten to such a state.

Reily: ‘Hi, I’m Reily. You’re Hong right? I hope you will like, and give Jet some space after you see how much we are in love.’

Reily led them into his room and began pulling her long sleeved knitted top over her head, unclasping the bra from her back as she stood near his chest. The situation was considered to be intense but Reily was executing his moves as though Hong wasn’t there.

As soon as her skirt landed on the floor, he kissed her very gently, hands roaming on her chest and massaging those B cups carefully. Jetaime did not take long to get in the mood, reciprocating his kisses with a tongue fight that brought them to the bed, where they smooched noisily while lust built up in their bodies.

Reily: ‘Suck me first.’

Jetaime got on her knees under his balls and slowly trailed her lips down his chest, stopping at his erected manhood before devouring it in one mouthful. Her hair was neatly tucked behind her ears as she slurped up and down his shaft, twitching so ever excitedly. Hong was helplessly horny as he saw her in doggie, but working on her guy’s tool so passionately.

For a demure looking girl, this side of her had never been seen apart from her boyfriends. Once pre-cum started flowing, she turned a little more dominating and climbed back on top of him. With her knees by his hips, she held his dick upright and sat down impatiently, drawing a deep breath as his dick pierced into her pussy. Reily did not even had any chance to foreplay with her, and she was wet enough to sit over him in one move.

Much like being raped, Reily couldn’t do anything once she began to hammer her groin on his dick, swallowing and spitting his meat strokes after strokes. Her back was bending skilfully to contain his size, which was making some slopping sounds as she fucked him.

Reily: ‘Jet, let me do some work.’

Immediately, she got into doggy, almost facing Hong who was sitting near the foot of the bed. Too bad she wasn’t too sober then, and let off a sensual moan the moment Reily sent his cock into her. Slapping loudly on her butt with his hips, he was balls deep into her. There was no words to describe that erotic expression Jetaime was showing Hong, and Reily was looking at his bulge under his pants.

Jetaime (moaning): ‘Fuck me harder dear. I want you deeper.’

He pounded her as instructed and drove her into a screaming orgasm, where she collapsed onto the bed and was rolled over by Reily. Positioning himself on top, he penetrated her again and raised her legs into the air, jerking his hips as she got tighter around him.

Reily: ‘You’re really tight today. Is it cause we have a spectator?’

She took his hand and stuck his fingers into her mouth, biting hard on them to answer his question. True enough, he was spot on but she did not want to give Hong anymore false hope.

Gradually, her feet got together to give Reily an overbearing squeeze, one that he could not handle no matter how many times they had done it together.

Reily: ‘I’m about to cum!’

She bent her knees a little and pushed him out, but quickly holding onto his hands to let him know she still loved him. As per normal, he sat against the pillows and watched his girl get into doggy again, but this time sucking him till he came.

In just a minute, her mouth had gone at such speed he could not control himself anymore and held her head down as he came. His hip jerked uncontrollable at her mouth, which was sucking him so hard he flung his head back in agony.

Right after she emptied his last drop, she went over his legs again, and used her pussy to rub his softened manhood to ease her own soreness.

Reily: ‘Wait.. don’t swallow first.’ (whispering): ‘Show Hong.’

She shyly walked over to Hong and bowed at him, dangling her boobs as she opened her mouth to show him Reily’s load. A gulp sent everything down her throat and she returned to the bed, hiding under the blanket once she had showed him how much she loved her boyfriend.

Reily: ‘Contented? I think it’s time you should take your leave now.’

Hong was speechless at that physical proof and left disheartened. For Jetaime, it had hurt her a little to be so cruel, but what needs to be done was done. Reily made her lie down before going to her pussy, licking her thoughts away and replacing it with lust to go for the second round.

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