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Ever since Mabel left work, we had no time till one Thursday, where she had to clear her remaining off days. We met at a coffee house near Outram Park, and the fifteen minutes wait wasn’t too bad in the relaxing cafe where my favourite baristas worked.

When the bells on the door chimed, all eyes turned to the small-sized, yet curvy girl pushing her way into the cafe. I had never seen Mabel in any other clothes during work, and now, that white mid-sleeve shirt that went with her flare skirt totally blew my mind off.

I got up and waited for her to come close enough so I could shake her hands, instead, her arms opened and she wrapped them around me like I WAS the girl.

Mabel: ‘I missed you!’

Was it just the American culture she tried to imitate? Or was it that much ‘like’ for me? A simple reply of ‘me too’, sat both of us down and I called out to Daniel for a cup of latte. We finished our drinks over small talks about her new work. Her perfume was totally drowning me in her beauty without overpowering the aroma of the coffee beans.

We wandered to Chinatown where more eyes stared at her sexy figure, before we stopped at the entrance of a hotel to cross the road.

Mabel: ‘You are working later right? There’s almost four hours left. What do you normally do?’

It was only one time I told her I checked into that hotel to nap, but there was something else to it when she popped that question.

Me: ‘Nap at this hotel?’
Mabel: ‘Want?’

I shook my head at her rhetorical question and walked first into the entrance. We checked in easily with both our IDs and went into a room at the first floor. It was those antique bed with an old looking dressing table, but she wasn’t too concerned about it. Her shirt buttons popped opened and her black bra showed itself immediately. That black skirt went off casually too and a pair of matching panties covered her firm ass.

Mabel: ‘You’re not going to shower?’
Me: ‘You go first.’
Mabel: ‘We can shower together if you want.’

If I want?! Okay, no need to answer. My clothes appeared on the hanger in a moment’s notice and we went into the tiny bathroom, lathering our bodies with much awkwardness and shyness. Her tiny waist was so tempting to hold but we were too doubtful about laying hands on each other.

Me: ‘Do you want me to scrub your back?’
Mabel: ‘Okay!’

She turned her chest away from me and I rubbed her back for her, roaming my soapy hands around her waist and cleaning her belly. My dick was rising and touching her butt.

Mabel: ‘My turn?’

Before I reached her groin, she had to stop me with this question. We turned ourselves around at the same time and her hands went straight for my dick, lubbing it up and stroking it steadily.

Me: ‘So that’s your back rub?’
Mabel: ‘Bare-back rub.’

That pair of small nipples brushed across my back and created an even harder erection. Before we knew it, we were kissing against a wall and my dick had slipped between her legs to ‘clean’ that area as well.

Me (whispering): ‘Why do I feel like we have been wanting this?’
Mabel: ‘I don’t know?’

She took the shower head and rinsed the soap off our bodies, paying extra attention to get my dick smelling fresh and hard. Without drying our bodies, we exited the shower and went to the bed, where she made me lie in the middle of it.

Her small body laid next to me, head resting comfortably on my stomach. Her hair had totally blocked the view of her next action, but that warm tongue melted my heart with a deep breath of air coming out of my mouth.

Me: ‘You have done this before?’
Mabel: ‘Nope.. I want you to be the first.’

Her head continued moving up and down, sucking and exploring where the most sensitive areas were. It was both so raw and exciting as she trailed her nails along some parts to get a response. In all, I was groaning and gasping during the whole foreplay.

After some time, I could not take it anymore and placed her next to my wet patch on the bed. I bent both her legs and she was just covering her mouth when my hair brushed along her inner thighs. Without wasting time, my tongue flicked her clit continuously beneath the trimmed pubic, lapping hungrily up and down her slit to get her body ready.

A violent tremble from her body after five minutes drove her insanely wild till she had to stop me from attacking her then-sensitive pussy.

She guided my face to hers and my dick just hovered outside her love hole.

Mabel (whispering): ‘Be gentle k? It’s my first time.’
Me (whispering): ‘Are you sure? What about the blood?’
Mabel (whispering): ‘I’ve fingered myself before. So I don’t think will have.’

I approached her pussy slowly, poking the tip in and waiting for her reaction. As each inch entered, her fingers tightened and relaxed on my ribs. It was the perfect docking procedure that did not rush a single bit.

Mabel: ‘Oh my god.. I can feel it beating inside.’
Me: ‘And you’re wet just right.’

I began thrusting and she was moaning in a sensual tone, something like the hum to a high-end car. I just kept moving non-stop as she grew more active, somewhat reluctant to stop to change to another position.

Mabel: ‘I wanna try doggie!’

I pulled out of her and she flipped over immediately, perching her ass up for me to put it back. Once I was inside her, she started moving backwards instead. Taking that chance, I rammed as hard as I could and she regretted moving her hips in the opposite direction. It was so deep and orgasmic, almost too much for her to handle.

Holding her waist firmly, I continued doing what I was doing and she was cumming continuously for as long as I kept moving. Till about another five minutes later, she fell forward away from my dripping wet cock and panted deeply to catch her breath.

Mabel: ‘Can I ask you for something?’
Me: ‘Yeah?’

She began turning her body around and let her head dangled over the foot of the bed, eyes looking right between my legs as I moved out of the way.

Mabel: ‘Can you fuck my mouth?’
Me: ‘No way.. it’s going to hurt.’
Mabel: ‘I want to feel a little pain. Please?’
Me: ‘Umm.. then you can bite me too.’
Mabel: ‘Huh?!’
Me: ‘Cause I like a little pain too.’

It was almost impossible to place my dick into her smiling face, but we did it nonetheless. My dick slipped deep down her throat and her teeth scrapped sexily at my shaft, driving me hornier and faster as the pain turned me on to the max.

The few minutes we engaged in that deep throat sex was the best moment we had, at least till I came. Without warning, I paused with my dick head at her lips and my body just fell over hers, hand landing between her legs and fingers rubbing her clit vigorously.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

Her mouth changed to a baby-sucking mode and she did a strong suck that extracted the first shot against my body’s tempo. The rest of it flowed like lava into her mouth and my body thrust a few times at her face. I was so sure my balls had hit her nose but her tongue was still swirling to smear those cum that was still leaving my rod.

Her abs suddenly arched upwards as she climaxed and we were locked in that position till she was done, draining all of my energy while she worked on that over-sensitive piece of meat.

I dragged her back to the pillows once we were done and rested in silence, occasionally looking at each other’s gaze filled with lust.

Mabel: ‘This will be hard to beat.’
Me: ‘Beat?’
Mabel: ‘I don’t think any other guys can give me such an experience ever.’
Me: ‘Why not I be the only guy to give you this, at least for now.’
Mabel: ‘For now? Not forever eh?’

The lazy girl rolled over into my arms and we hugged each other till the phone rang, alerting us at the last fifteen minutes of the transit stay. We went for another round of sex in the shower, banging loudly in standing doggie till our legs went jelly.

For the rest of the day, I worked in a happy mood, and Mabel went home to keep sending me lewd photos of herself getting off to keep me wide awake.

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