Little Ena

This entry is written for Ena, the writer of Promiscuous Secret (now in dysfunc). It is a feature for National Day 2014, and you guys should have seen it on her blog some time back. So this is for those who have missed it.

Comfortably seated at the top steps, Ena leaned on my arms wearily, head almost touching my shoulders. I could smell the floral fragrance of her shampoo drifting towards my sense, all so natural in the concrete landscape surrounding us. For once, two person with intellect deeper than our understanding felt a connection, strong enough to spur a face to face encounter with someone who wrote their darkest desires.

Her arm laid lazily on one of my knees, and I placed my cheeks on her head, drawing a deep breath of yet another whiff from her head. Very slowly, I ran my warm hand across her back, feeling the bulge of her bra, and wrapped my arm around her neck. It had been too long since anyone had came so close to me, it felt so.. safe.

My naughty hand started sliding down her exposed chest above her black long-sleeve top, dutifully covering her seductive cleavage from prying eyes. Into the collar I went, and met her cold, soft breasts. The breasts of a mother, that fed her child, biologically enlarged to fill them up with the velvety milk that will provide all the nutrients good for anyone.

‘Be gentle with them J’, spoken with a pinch of shyness as though she wanted me to do exactly the opposite. Further down, I arrived at those pink berries, still unhardened before any teases. I squeezed one of them between my thumb and middle finger, gently rolling my index fingertip over. ‘Ahh.. ahh.. ‘. Her naturally sweet voice came without echoes, being the first sounds to break the aura of lust floating in the air.

The tired arm of hers shifted and her elbow nudged me backwards with her, lying relaxed on the steps we picked to contain our mysteries. The both of us knew where the line was, except that we chose not to see it momentarily. Not so we could do anything we want, but to reach across for something that we weren’t supposed to have. Much like.. temptations, except that it’s free, and rewarding. Thereafter, her hand continued north till she reached the zip of my jeans. Tugging it down in a struggle with my roaming hand in her bra, she freed my little one and we could totally see it twitching for air.

‘Wait.. I haven’t began with yours yet’, said in a hurry for someone who had been insecure about his ability to hold it in. ‘J, don’t worry about it. Us girls know we can always depend on ourselves to get the climax we want.’ That – was totally not fine with me.

I made her lie on the railings, facing me sideways, and I tucked my rod back into the grey briefs. Shifting her long, black and white skirt up to her thighs, I moved between her legs, only to free her collar low enough to reveal those milky white tits, topped with a pink cherry. ‘Hey J.. ‘, I didn’t let her complete her sentence and went down with my mouth opened, taking a huge ‘bite’ between my lips. Tongue went to work almost immediately and a squirm with shock told me I was hitting the right spots.

Blind to her arm movements, she dug into her bag and shoved something into my palm. I could tell what was it immediately. It was the controller of the wireless vibrator I had given to her to fill the ‘Toy’ wishlist on her blog. I gave the ‘Up’ button a click and her legs closed on me, clamping me in place as saliva coated her nips. Her fingers had wrestled into my hair, guiding my mouth along her glorious breasts where she wanted to be licked. I just couldn’t get enough of those freshly showered pair could I?

Finally, ‘Ena, turn towards me’, as I moved a step down between her legs. Not only she ignored me, she got up and helped me to remove her black panties that wrapped tightly around those succulent looking hips. ‘Is this okay J?’ How could it be any better? She was firmly seated in a position she had been yearning for, knees shyly together, but feet wide apart.

‘This is okay, but can be better’, a grin across my face made her turn towards the railing and those legs parted for the floodgates. I carefully pulled at the loop that the wireless toy was secured to, and popped out what was in my way. ‘Mmm!’, a yelp came with her lips closed, as though I watched how a little puddle formed on the step below where she sat, wetted by the fluids the toy had been holding in.

As my ears tickled up her thighs to the advancement of my head, Ena’s body reacted by spreading even wider, till I was taking in deep breaths of her beauty. My hands went to her inner thighs, and with my thumbs, I peeled those delicate folds apart, exposing the glimmering wet slit. It was inviting.

Spending enough time with the prelude, I dug in and wriggled my tongue in place. Right then, the letter ‘A’ appeared in my head, and I spelt it out with my tongue cause why not? Ena was controlled by a force she couldn’t say no to not because she had no choice, rather because it was a need our bodies couldn’t live without, like hunger, and this particular need came with moans.

As I reached J, her clutch on my head got tighter and her hips thrust at me. ‘J, wait.. I.. ‘, her words couldn’t be faster than what her body wanted to tell me. The sticky clear liquid appeared in bulk and I made upward-strokes to collect them all. She was breathless throughout the few seconds and as soon as she calmed down, she pushed me by my cheeks backwards to look at my mouth.

‘J, you licked them up? But most guys.. ‘, ‘Nah. I am not worried about something so delicious as you.’ A blush made her smile and the energetic Ena made me swap places with her. As a guy who isn’t used to a woman going on her knees for him, I felt particularly honoured. The guilt that I always felt, didn’t show up. Somehow, I could tell she wanted this.

‘Just relax and enjoy k, J?’ There was no need to say anything. Any, and I really meant every, guy would feel relaxed in this situation. Playfully, she reached for her little wet hole and retrieved some juices, rubbing them sparingly over my flagpole. Of course, I remembered how she liked the sweetness.

Her lips gracefully parted and I did not felt anything till she was halfway down. A sharp intake of breath made me sensed a smile behind those cute thin lips. She brought herself back up to the ring and sucked on the tip in short bursts, drawing all the blood to the top. Once I was trembling to the sensitive act, she tickled the tip as she slid her mouth along the shaft.

‘Ena, just go up and down. I don’t want you to do this for too long.’ The obedient girl heard and nodded. To see someone do this for me, I assumed it was tiring and so it must be. What could be more important than the person you are trying to please? Definitely not myself. This has always been the way I worked, not that she has to know.

Each stroke was filled with more lust as her warm tongue laid motionless under the shaft, while her tightly-pressed lips took me in over and over again. I wasn’t looking to explode in her mouth, I wasn’t looking to be treated like a king. She was.. this girl I couldn’t get enough of, yet I understand that no one wants feel like a sex machine. I’m not going to let her feel anything close to that either.

‘Ena.. ‘ Her head rose and she licked her lips in a gratifying look. ‘J, You taste salty and I’m sweet.’ Yes, she is really sweet, in all ways. We got on our feet and made our way to a corner in the stairwell, where no one opposite could see us. The few pipes there served as support for her as she leaned forward for me, perching her roundness awaiting.

‘Hang on Ena. Protection.’ Her turn of the head with a smile expressed patience, and respect. I rolled on the rubber knowing it would benefit the both of us even if it didn’t felt the best. Our minds had already gotten what we wanted. Now, it’s time for our bodies.

‘Umm.. Ena.. If I don’t go deep enough, let’s change position?’, I was that insecure. ‘I’ll let you know J.’ Her reply wasn’t judgemental, nor did she show any signs of disappointment. I knew I was being appreciated for trying, for the least part. She spreaded one side of her rear and I guided my hips upwards, tucking the tip into the warmness of her. Now, the question is, how far can I go? Argh.. I should just focus on giving it all and not worry right? Except that this is the very girl I am trying to satisfy.

I entered her forbidden kingdom and all she showed me while inside was a forgiving slot. I was sure it wasn’t the deepest she felt, but I wasn’t sure what to think of the tight grip she was squeezing the pipes with. ‘This is as far as.. ‘, trembling voices ensued. ‘J, this is.. the right spot.’ Did she really mean it? I guess there is only one way to find out, plus this wasn’t the only position we can do right?

My hips began pounding and her extended groans were kept to the minimal volume. I was so distracted with her response that I wasn’t even trying to cum anymore. Within minutes, she was reaching for my back to keep me motionless inside her. I did not fight against her wishes and stayed still, feeling the impending tightness that wrapped so snuggly around me. It was full of compassion and.. something else. Somehow, she had accomplished a desire for someone who really meant to know her deep secrets, by reaching into her depths.

Her juices dribbled down her legs and some fell straight from where our physical connection was, dripping loudly onto the floor. Ena straightened her body and turned herself around to me. Foreheads covered in perspiration, eyes locked in bewilderment, genitals twitching with excitement, our hastened breaths only meant that we needed more.

I took a step closer to her and she rested her head on my shoulders, hugging so closely my Bratwurst slipped between her legs. With a wet shoulder, a whisper came about. ‘Thank you J. I haven’t felt anything like this even though I did this a few times.’ I had no idea what was ‘anything like this’, except that I did my job well. ‘Ena.. I felt more freedom with you than with any of my partners I had. Maybe it’s because we were looking for something beyond sex, but we have to go through it to find it.’ Her head slipped up and down, nodding to my words.

For a minute, we didn’t move, and when she did, a breath was taken and she went to her panties lying on top of her bag. ‘J, let’s tidy up and we’ll help you out.’ A weak smile was all I had strength for and my jeans went back to where it belonged, and her panties and skirt looked as normal as we haven’t done anything. Even the wireless, went right back to where it came from.

Stepping back into the corner, she unzipped my jeans again and took it out, only this time she was squatting down and her hair tied up into a ponytail. ‘You want me to shoot in your mouth?’, I was really hesitant about it. I would do it if she wanted me to, but there are urges I had held back so I wouldn’t hurt the people I love. Or could she have figured out from the start? ‘J, you have given me more than what I needed. Just listen to your body?’ I could only sigh and brushed my hand across her cheeks, bending down for a long kiss that kept us drawing breaths of the scent from each other.

Safely away from the wall, her mouth began to work back and forth, maintaining a suction that was channeling my energy downwards. She knew she was unlocking urges that most of us had been trying to contain for the longest time. With care, I held her ponytail and kept her in place while I thrust, shallow at first, but my body simply couldn’t hold back. Deeper and deeper I went, gagging sounds came about and her lips gapped for air.

Now, our bags were within reach when we tidied ourselves, so she slipped the controller back into my palm. Clicking on the speed button thrice, I hoped it was working. Her hand quickly disappeared under her skirt and the furious movements beneath, she was doing her best to accommodate the discomfort. Her other hand had moved to my balls and they were fondled as the stick moved, driving me crazier with each pump.

There was no turning back once she felt my balls collapsing into a firm sphere. She let go of my balls and placed her hand at my bum, forcing herself deeper as groans became more frequent. ‘Ena! I’m shooting.’ I buried her face deep into my groin as the white chocolate spewed into her mouth, unsure if they went straight down her throat or trapped at the back. We froze for the longest few seconds while she breathed through her nose, throat contracting rapidly as my muscles forced everything out.

At last, I felt truly empty and pulled away from her, till her lips were at the tip. She composed herself without separating, and went back down to the base for a tight squeeze of her mouth. Coupled with a gentle suck, she drew the last bit of cum and I helped her up onto her feet.

Without saying anything, I planted my lips onto hers and heard the swallow in my head. The next thing I knew, her slimy tongue pried my lips opened and I got a taste of what she just had. That little tongue fight happened at the same time she brought my little one back home, safely in the tight jeans.

Boy, wish I could tell you guys better what we did. We remained at the stairs after we were done, and cuddled as closely as we could. The both of us knew there was only one way to be closer, and we had already felt that moments ago. Resting and fondling away, I was happily clicking on the wireless toy. Little did I expect her to take me out again (along with the removal of her vibrator), and climbed over my lap to tuck it into where it wanted to be forever.

Ena, Happy National Day to you and to everyone who supported us. I hoped you enjoyed the wordy session above.

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