Little Secrets 3

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Joey was already 18 when she first had her experience with masturbation. The curious her had decided to explore after reading 50 Shades of Grey, but was careful and delicate in how she was going to do it. There was no way to enjoy the stories without the knowledge of sex and its pleasure. It was too good a trilogy to miss and worse, to read and not understand.

The day was especially free and with her house empty, she had all she needed to meet the devil in her. Keeping her iPhone on Google, she managed to find articles about masturbation and she planned to take it as far as fingering herself, but not with her fingers. Going into her bathroom, she filled her tub to her ankle height with lukewarm water and prepared to shower. The water, cold for her comfort did not affect her in anyway nor diminish her desire to find out more.

Joey sat in the tub with the sleek shower head and proceeded to aim the jet at her clit. She had no way of knowing if she got it right. Picturing the image of a vagina in her mind, she used her two fingers and opened her centrefold, before going upwards to expose her clit. With no warning, the jet hit her right in the spot and she felt a sense of weakness going through her. Never before she felt so vulnerable and manipulable, her body was no longer in her control.

The jet of water splashed onto her clit and it soon got swollen and more sensitive. Coldness overwhelmed her and she had to pause to adjust the water temperature. Looking at the thin shower head, she knew it was his lucky day to be able to help his mistress out. As the water level rose, she placed the shower head in its position to penetrate into her and very carefully, she made her way in. The expansion of her vagina did not experience too much pain in the warmth and the jet had stopped spraying water.

Inches by inches, her body had anticipated the deep-body exploration and showed no resistance. As a good 4 inches was in, it was the point in time she felt an even stronger force which sucked more of her energy out. It was a certain area in her vagina, which she guessed was her G-spot. Moving the (shower) head in and out of her, the G-spot gradually lowered its sensitivity as her pace increased. Still, it had gotten a lot of strength out of her. Her body’s muscles had gone into relaxation and was only moving, fuelled by sheer pleasure.

The bathroom echoed her moans as it grew in volume, started from just her audible breaths. The head was moving furiously in and out of her, escalating into her first orgasm quickly which she faced with bravery, accepting her ‘end’. With her hand weakening, she pulled the plug of the tub and let it drained out of water, until it reached her ankle deep. Slowing herself down, she knew her first orgasm must be dealt, with her feeling the full effect of it.

Once the water reached the desired level, she replaced the stopper and lay flat against the bottom. Her legs were opened and out of the tub by the edge, and the shower head was once again in high speed thrusting the life out of her. As the climax neared with the crazy moans, one of her legs slipped and turned on the water to the head, as her climax arrived, the jet intensified the effects by flooding her pussy and forcing the water on her G-spot. Her legs quickly closed with the shower head trapped in her and she embraced herself as the water got forced out of her pussy.

Unless she switched it off, her orgasm would not stop. So, using her last bit of energy, she raised her feet and as she did that, the change in the shower head’s position triggered her overdrive and while her feet did turned that tap off, her body was spraying out its own liquid. The hot juices squirting out of her would not stop despite her hands on her pussy and never before, she gave up control and allowed herself to thrash around like a fish out of water, spraying that fluid while she tried to calm herself down.

Finally, after a whole minute, her convulsion died down and she stopped moving, crouched in the tub. There was nothing left of her except her body. If anyone was to rape her now, she would not have the energy to fight back either.

The first orgasm she felt was this strong, and way bigger than what she read and imagined. Fuck me. She said with no regrets but in shock and exhaustion.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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