Little Secrets 2

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Among Qiqi’s clique of friends was Celine, same age as her, 19, but was even quieter and kept mostly to herself. Although she was quiet in nature, but she felt extremely comfortable among her clique of friends and would display her crazy side whenever she was with them.

Her experience with herself was slightly more different, but she never told it to anyone, ever. It wasn’t her choice when she was exposed to it, and it had been dark to her since that event. When she was 13, her family and her was at a Christmas party, and many of her cousins were invited to their house. There was BBQ, catered food and mahjong tables to ramp up the hype.

As nightfall arrived, a few of her cousins decided to stay over and her room was the one most ready to accommodate. The two guest rooms had became their storage and were inhospitable. At 1am, a male cousin of hers had already fallen asleep on her queen sized bed. His name was Julian, and Celine was the closest to him since they attended kindergarten, primary school together. Their families were close too, with their fathers meeting up for golf and mums meeting up for mahjong.

She had a few drinks that night and could not hold out anymore, so she went to bed as well, sleeping next to him knowing nothing bad would happen. As we know, the very moment we wished to fall asleep was also the hardest to close our eyes. Julian had been woken by her entry to the bed and he turned himself to face her.

Julian, 15, was two years older than her, and like every guy out there, could not control his mind as he watched her beautiful face, breathing deeply through her mouth. He pulled the blanket lower and slowly, his eyes followed the pace, admiring her slender shoulders, obvious collarbones and her slim tiny waist. Her FBT shorts had accidentally exposed her thighs higher than usual and he made his way to her legs. Under the netting of the shorts, he realised she did not wear any panties underneath and her pussy was smooth, shaven.

Celine then moved to reach for her Eeyor soft toy and covered her eyes to shield from the lights. She had left it on in case anyone wanted to use her computer or sleep in her wider-than-normal bed. After she stopped moving, Julian moved closer to her and he placed his hand on her waist. The air conditioning was set to 22, comfortable for the hot night, so there was no need for her to cover up either. His hand then went under her shirt and he forced his way down her shorts.

She’s not an idiot, she felt what was happening and moved the cover on her eyes away. Julian quickly sat up and covered her mouth.

Julian (whispering): ‘Shhh.. You don’t want anyone to see this. So keep quiet.’

Celine was shocked and speechless. If she screamed, it would turn ugly for her, and her parents would surely beat her no matter who was in the fault. She would rather this get over quickly and no one found out. The consequences were too grave to even consider she was actually a victim.

Julian wasted no more time explaining and he pushed his hand between her legs. ‘Open’, he asked as politely as he could. She placed her hands over his which was covering her mouth, seemingly ready to pull it away and scream. Her legs moved slowly apart and she felt his finger exploring her forbidden kingdom. She closed her eyes and tears flowed almost automatically, aware of the incest her cousin was committing.

He took some time to feel for any prickly stubs of her groin, but her waxing sessions had managed to kill of any growth of her pubic hair. It was smooth, like a newborn. Sliding his hand deeper into her shorts, he went for her pussy and she closed her legs tightly. Julian wasn’t that bastard after all, he pulled back and instead, lay his finger tip on her clit, which he quickly found by moving his finger upwards, running under the soft folds of her privates.

Julian (whispering): ‘Just relax.’

She could not. Her body registered a new sensation as he fondled with her clit, moving in every directions. He was caught in her expressions, closing eyes, parting lips, increased rate of breathing, blushing cheeks, sweating pores. Above that, his fingers could feel her pussy drooling, lubricating the initial rough contact to a slippery, easy one.

His fingers kept moving, increasing in pace, when he felt her hand on his pants. She had unknowingly reached for his erection and by slowing down a little, he used his free hand which was no longer over her mouth, to unzip and yank his hardy out. Her grabbed his warm shaft and stroked, slowly at first, but got fast after he resumed his pace.

As the tension got higher, Celine covered her own mouth to suppress the moans while Julian struggled hard to cope with his. In no time, she felt her own body losing control and leaked a smooth, thin liquid that wet the bed, the orgasm continued for as long as his fingers went and she learnt that her pace of jerking her cousin would actually account for how long he could keep his fingers going.

Her body shook non-stop and as exhaustion kicked in, she finally pulled his hand away from her and covered her lower body with her hand. The hand which was on his dick did not stop and Julian turned his body to face the ceiling, while she turned over to him, stroking his hot rod. Suddenly, he held her hand still.

‘Where do I shoot? I don’t want to dirty your bed’, Julian with a concerned look that had expressed more than what he asked. ‘Shit. Don’t you shoot on my bed’, there was no way Celine would dirty her own bed with his load. Julian sat up against the headboard and held her head, ‘No choice then’.

Huh?! She felt her head getting pushed on his standing rod and she opened her mouth to receive it. She wrapped her lips carefully not to let her teeth get in the way and he helped himself to forcing her head down on him. She sucked and sucked, determined to quickly help him finish before anyone entered the room.

After an agonising few minutes, she felt his hands relaxed and followed by a strong taste of saltiness and bitterness pouring into her mouth. Giving her head a strong push, his dick reached her throat and Celine choked hard while he emptied the remaining waves of cum down her mouth. The moment he lifted his hands away, she slowly exited his dick and held her lips together to contain the load.

Quickly, she adjusted her shorts and wanted to go to the attached bathroom, but was held back by his strong arms. He threw her back on the bed and pinned her down with a hand on her body and the other pinching on her nose.

‘Swallow it’, the demand was way overboard, but she could not overcome him, and the need for air came despite her swimming background. *Gulp gulp* She swallowed it all in two mouth and he let her go, to the toilet to dig whatever she could, which was in vain. Celine had experienced her first orgasm in such situation, and nothing would ever make her forget that, except perhaps a guy who would touch her heart and eliminate her fears.

Since then, Celine was no longer the same. Her mind had been rewired to torture men in their own pleasure and never give them her body.

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