Little Secrets

Note: This 3 part series are recounts of three girl and their first exposure to pleasure.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Qiqi was a quiet girl, who loved netball and sports. All her life, she had only hung out with girls of her clique and had a bunch of friends who were good behaving too. Of course, they spoke about all the topics under the sun, but never once touched on sex. Most friends in her clique were not attached nor had any boyfriends except for one or two of them. Seen as a shy and delicate girl, she was comfortable where she was.

As she grew older, she had her own secrets too, and one of it would be related to her ‘personal time’ in her room. When she was in secondary three, she managed to come across a massager which her parents had, but was no longer in use. With much persuasion, her parents let her have the device, with pure intentions that she needed it to relieve her aches on her muscles from exercises and stress.

That special night she was given that massager, was one she started her brand new night life as well. Turning it on, the sheer strength of the vibration had scared her a little, but for someone who had never experienced pleasure, she knew it would be used somewhere else on her body. Only a few weeks ago, she began touching herself below, exploring her vagina and its sensitive areas. The little pearl under her labia turned out to be the spot she could not get enough of, and with more probing on it, she found herself at a situation that if she continued teasing it, she might just lose her mind.

But this time, something else would replace her fingers, and the end of the massager with the sphere would be the first foreign object to come in contact with her so intimately. Qiqi covered her lower body with her blanket and plugged the massager into the wall socket. She laid back on the mattress of her room and turned the device on, with a strong grip on the handle. Holding onto it tightly, she was aware of the strength and the possibility that it might hurt if she was too rough with it.

Placing it gently on her stomach, she slowly guided it downwards to her pelvic. Keeping her legs apart under the sheets, it pressed onto her pussy and the vibration was sending impulses of pleasure up her spine, into her head. As she wasn’t alone in her house, she knew she had to be very quiet. After all, it wasn’t on the top speed yet. Her legs opened wider and she managed to land the small area of the sphere on her clit. It was merely a light pressure, but she could feel the suspense building up for an explosion in her mind.

She applied a little more strength on the massager over her groin under her blanket, it all felt better. The teasing of the vibrations was all she could handle then and Qiqi held on the handle, filled with anticipation for the point of no return. After a minute, the climax was climbing to the high point and the urge to – not-stop, hit her sensually.

Fuck. The first time she used the word as a self-curse came out silently of her mouth. Her breathing got quick and shallow, and her body went into a slight tremble. Her pussy was screaming for more, and her hands reacted by pushing it harder against the her pussy. Finally, she gave in to her inner desire and heaved a moan, it was the most sexy time she felt with herself despite her already good figure.

Two minutes later, with herself in the dark and playing on the massager, her eyes closed on its own and the hardest, smoothest sensation flooded her head. The weight of her stress, her tensed muscles and worries seemed to fade away all at once and she felt a small pool of juices flowing out of her vagina. The warm liquid went down her slit and in between her legs. The amount was little to be of any concern, but the realisation of such an unbelievable and simple solution of self-indulgence was ‘eureka’ level.

One round was all she could manage and she tucked the hand-held stress reliever into a corner. Picking up her cell phone, she turned it off and pulled the blanket over herself, ready to go into a night of well-deserved rest.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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