Lost and Found

Holding the bag in his hands, Raphael took the lift up to the floor where the IC showed. He had intended to go for a morning jog when he came across a handbag in the corner of his usual starting point, at a HDB void deck. The expensive, branded wallet had the girl’s identification card in it, along with her address indicating her residence around the area. Walking past the corridor of her unit, he peeped through the windows and saw a girl wandering around the living room, scratching her head as though trying to remember where she misplaced her stuff.

That must be her.

Raphael thought to himself as he scanned the sexy figure of the girl, wearing a long sleep dress that was translucent from the sunlight in the kitchen. He went for the door and knocked a few times, before she opened it for him.

Raphael: ‘Hi. Are you Joyce?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. What can I do for you?’

He held her bag up and her eyes lit like diamonds. The ecstatic girl jumped into his arms and thanked him profusely, until he awkwardly placed her back down and handed her the bag.

Joyce: ‘Come in. Thank you so much for finding my bag. Where did you get it?’
Raphael: ‘At the void deck a few blocks away.’

She dug her fingers into her hair and scratched, frowning her brows while last night’s incident came back to her.

Joyce: ‘Oh shit! I remembered I was dead drunk and fell asleep at the seats. Then I went home and continued sleeping. Luckily it’s still there.’

She disappeared into her room with a limp and emptied the bag loudly, checking if everything was intact. After a few minutes, she came out and went into the kitchen, pouring a cup of apple juice for him.

Raphael: ‘What happened to your leg?’
Joyce (giggling): ‘I don’t remember too. Hit something I guess?’
Raphael: ‘Mind if I take a look?’

Sitting next to him on the sofa, she turned her body sideways and raised her injured leg for him. He took her ankle and placed it on his lap, pressing along her calf with his thumb. He went all the way above her knee and finally hit the ache almost a palm’s width from her knee.


Raphael: ‘It hurts here?’
Joyce: ‘Yeah.’

He proceeded to massage that area until the bruise subsided. Continuing his way up, another spot was uncovered at two palm’s width above her knee, and he could spot a white cloth between her pussy. Massaging it for a while, he kneaded his way up her dress and she allowed him to do so, as if she wanted it.

Joyce: ‘You are good in this.’
Raphael: ‘I learnt acupuncture when I was younger. Didn’t expect you to be my first victim.’

They laughed at that small joke and drank up all of the juices. Slowly, his hand reached her inner thigh and a small patch of wetness appeared on the panties. Well, this was as far he could go without offending her.

Raphael: ‘Rub it in circles when you are free k? It will lessen the swell.’
Joyce: ‘Why don’t you do it for me?’

Giving her a slight grin, he continued his work and ‘accidentally’ touched her pussy. Looking at her face for some bias expression, he realised her eyes were half-closed.

Joyce: ‘Don’t stop.. ‘

His thumb went onto her panties under her dress and rubbed hard on her pussy, moving in circles with light pressure. As he went on, his thumb picked up some of her moisture and she shifted her hands to her panties as well, pulling it aside for him to masturbate her.

Jumping at his chance to get his hands ‘dirty’, he spread her soft folds of flesh and tickled her clit with his fingertips. He just kept going until she took his hand, pulling his fingers to her love hole.

Joyce (slutty): ‘Why not just finish the work here?’

He sank his middle finger in and went at a slow pace, forcing out some of her juices as he thrust his finger deep. Her girlish moans was heard at last and the devil in her awakened. She leaned forward to his pants and attempted to undo his shorts, only to irritate him so much that he had to strip himself for her.

Joyce: ‘It’s so red down there. Must be aching too. Let me help you massage it.’

In a way, she was right. His rod was swollen, red and twitching. It must be in pain. Her fair hands went to his dick and stroked it up and down, pressing along his shaft like how he did for her leg. Gradually, the tension in the living room died down and they sat beside each other, ‘getting off’ to a good start of their new friendship.

Raphael: ‘It’s getting more swollen. Hmm.. why don’t we use our swollen parts to massage each other? It will save more time.’

That lousy sentence did sound inviting, and Joyce was well turned on for some action too. She laid back on the sofa and he picked himself up, kneeling between her legs and jerking himself off slowly. The two of them took the whole thing so openly like a natural progression, holding nothing back as he leaned on top of her.

Raphael (whispering): ‘Swollen meets redden.’

His throbbing dick pushed its tip into the pinkish pussy and he took his time, while she breathed rapidly to control the slight pain of his penetration. Taking a good thirty seconds, the journey in was the most sensational as her vaginal walls separated to fit his dick. The awesome seal around his shaft proved to be too much for him and the slow pace helped to delay further.

Finally, he was in, and the speed picked up. Her head was over the armrest emitting moans while he rammed from slow to high speed, dipping his cock into her pussy in his naturally long strokes. In just a couple of minutes, her legs went around his hips and held him tightly, building up a shiver until an orgasm made her scream loudly in the room.

Joyce (whispering): ‘It seems that red is a little more sensitive today.’

He heard that sexy phrase and maintained his speed, knowing that this unexpected romp with a beautiful girl might make him cum earlier than usual. Sitting back on his calves, he jerked his body at hers in a steady tempo, giving her another two orgasms before he had to slow down.

Raphael: ‘I’m sorry. I couldn’t last longer.’
Joyce: ‘It’s okay.. I got what I wanted.’

She sat herself up and he fell backwards, fully exiting her genitals. Joyce left the sofa and went on her knees in front of him, holding his dick and working on his lubed shaft in front of her face.

Joyce: ‘I haven’t had breakfast today. This will make a good protein shake right?’

Raphael nodded and she cupped her mouth over it, taking her time to slide her lips up and down. The peaceful tongue remained under his shaft and let the momentum guide her. She kept her mouth working tirelessly until she felt a sudden growth of his member.

Joyce: ‘Cumming?’

Raphael gave a ‘yes’ with difficulty and she knew what to do. Pumping her head faster, her tongue went in circles around his little head until he sat upright, holding the back of her neck in urgency. Her lips dived down all the way to the base and kept it inside, for as long as she needed. The delivery of her breakfast felt a pause in his balls, but immediately flushed out of his system once her tongue made a little wriggle.

The strong impact into her mouth shocked Joyce and almost caused her to jump back. His hand remained firm and held her down as breakfast poured into her mouth, filling her cheeks up. Pulling out of her as he came, all of his cum was saved and she kept her lips kissing at his tip. Not wanting to ruin the blowjob, she swallowed his load without leaving his dick and sucked hard a few more times to get all of it out.

After a minute of painful sucking, he had to push her away and she licked her lips. Completing her first meal of the day, the girl stood up and sat next to him, massaging his balls until his dick went back into hiding behind the foreskin.

Joyce: ‘The swelling is gone.’
Raphael: ‘Yeah. Thanks for your help.’
Joyce: ‘You found my thousand dollar bag!’

They sat around for a while more before Raphael took his leave, well pleased from returning a girl’s lost handbag. The sense of satisfaction from doing a good deed was definitely something worth going the distance for, plus, the gesture of gratefulness from the owner could be more than what we expect, right?

Remembering that, he placed a duplicate set of keys to his place in her letterbox, with a message to return it to his address if found. Well, I believed she ‘found’ it and needed to make a trip to give it back to him – at his place.

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