Magic Slim

Felicia finally received her box of slimming pills she ordered from the States. She opened the box and took out the small information booklet that contained all the information about the pills. Her eyes browsed through the less important details until a section in red caught her eyes.

User might experience heightened sexual urges as a side effect, and sexual intercourse is recommended as a workout routine with every dose. Trials have proven that semen contains properties that enhances effects of the medicine.

Was it even possible to have that as a side effect of a slimming product? It was the first time she came across such warning and thoughts of having frequent sex with her boyfriend came into her mind, edging her out of her comfort zone for the first time. Although there were many indemnities that followed after the sentence, that unique statement was what that confused her. Felicia wasn’t exactly overweight, but the lack of exercise nor diet control worried her about getting obese. So, these pills would help her out and the box had enough to last at least for a year.

After finishing her noodles for dinner, she popped two pills and drank the soup to help them go down. Her live-in boyfriend, Damien, came home shortly after work to see her in the living room, wearing a loose tank top with a short hem.

Damien: ‘Honey, I’m home.’

Felicia: ‘I’ve started taking the pills I ordered from U.S. There’s enough to last a year and I won’t have to spend more money.’

Damien: ‘That’s good. Had dinner?’

Felicia nodded and went back to her show, while Damien took a shower and changed into a fresh set of clothes, joining her on the sofa with a beer opened.

Felicia: ‘Read this line.’

He took the instruction sheet from her and read the particular line with the warning. Feeling a little unbelievable, there was some hope for him that she would actually initiate sex for the first time in their relationship. But whether that warning was real, only time would tell.

Damien: ‘So, did you feel anything after taking it?’

She placed one of her legs over his knee and took his hand, putting it between her legs on her pussy. True enough, sticky juices had covered her groin and her nipples were poking hard out of her top.

Damien: ‘You want to do it?’

Felicia: ‘That’s the least I could do to exercise right?’

With a burst of life, he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, pulling out their sexy Toyogo box of clothes and toys. He took a brand new set of dress and helped her put it on, so visually appealing to see her in a skimpy flare dress that tied around her waist. Felicia had long been in the mood to do it and she jumped into the bed after dressing up.

Damien stripped himself in record time and joined her, sitting on her tummy and kissing her passionately. Moments later, he lifted her dress up and positioned himself impatiently between her legs. Taking only a few seconds to ready himself, he plugged his rod in and filled her emptiness with his warm stick. That instant he entered, Felicia felt a wave of heat that amplified her raging hormones, urging her to place her legs on his chest so he could go deeper.

Needless to say, his hips began ramming into her meaty butt and his dick was blown into ecstasy. His girl was especially wet and tight that night, giving him all the energy to pound her with his might. Plunging non-stop into her pussy, he did all the work without a single complain and watched in happiness as his precious girl dived in and out of consciousness from the orgasms.

Felicia (panting): ‘Dear, let me get on top now. I am the one who needed a workout.’

He changed position with her and she lowered herself over his dick. The dominant side of her made her pussy much tighter and he was fearful of his stamina when she sat on him. Bringing her body over his, her hips starting grinding back and forth, sending the both of them into a series of groans that their neighbours overheard.

Soon, she was in full momentum with her belly movements and she switched to a circular grind, using her pussy to stimulate the tip of his dick that swirled inside her. That night was one of the wildest with the sex she gave him, and he felt so vulnerable from the speed she went at. It was his first time ‘meeting’ this crazy side of his long-term girlfriend and he felt fortunate to have her.

After ten minutes of watching her skilful tummy doing a little belly dance, he was nearing his limits and warned her in the most gentle tone. Felicia kept going despite his notice and even squeezed her pussy tighter, throwing him into a small struggle as his dick screamed silently from the oversensitiveness.

Damien: ‘Honey! I am cum.. ‘

She lifted her butt up with help from her thighs and slammed hard onto his groin, splashing her juices all over his body. Damien finally had the chance to experience what he always did to his sweet girlfriend, going non-stop as she came while he was cumming at the same time. This time, it was him who begged for mercy as his creamy white load erupted in her pussy, still slurping in and out of her squishy small hole.

She kept going until some of his semen flowed out with her honey-like thick cum, mixing it and used as a lubricant for the still-bouncing girl. At last, he could no longer take her torture and held her down on his dick, letting it shrink out of her love hole. With Felicia’s mission accomplished, she fell onto his body and rested in a panting mode, pussy still moving on its own around his shaft.

Felicia: ‘Dear, you like it?’

Damien replied positively as it was so rare that she was so initiating. And the thought of that warning label in the booklet was still floating around his head, assuring him that such nights of wild and dirty sex would still come and end his day.

As weeks went by, he noticed his girl’s body slimming, and the grasp around her waist brought his fingers closer to each other as he had to hold her in the doggie position. Felicia, his beloved girlfriend, was turning into a hot babe that belonged only to him. Years after they got married, she still crazily fucking him every night without the pills’ help – to get her daily exercise and maintain her model-like shape.

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