(cont.) Mega Bangbang

Part 1

Adeline’s life was no longer the same after the undeserved experience. On top of that, the photos and video clips taken while she was raped, started circulating in public and everywhere she went, attracted either disgusting or lecherous stares. Her family could not do much for her as it would be her way of life she needed to get used too.

Among those sneering peers at school, there was a few who stood by her out of pity. But it did not change the fact she felt hopelessly at her wits end. School somehow felt the safest place to be in, until one day, envelopes were passed around in secrecy. After her classes ended, Jake who was appointed, approached her to tell her about it and make a deal.

Jake: ‘Umm. Adeline, have a look at this.’

He showed her the contents of the envelop and it contained a detailed plan to clear her name and fight for her normal life back. But it was without terms and conditions.

Adeline: ‘Seriously? I’m in this state and you guys can still think of such things?’

Jake: ‘A lot of people will help you. If you do that little favor for them.’

Adeline: ‘How many of them are still in school right now? If I agree?’

Jake did a quick mental count and blurted ’16’. It was a safe number. Anymore would be better, and less would make it seemed like a scam. She darted her eyes around in deep thoughts and finally gave him a long blink.

Adeline: ‘Let me put my things at home first. Then i’ll see you all in the music room, I believe you can get it opened right?’

She calmly walked away as though it was no big deal. How could bad could her life get? The guys appeared like ninjas once Jake texted a few of them. To get the music room open, they simply just invited a teacher along.

The guys waited in the huge music room that was blasting cold air through the vents. Two sleeping bags were opened over a few conjoined desks in the middle of the room. Among the group were couples who wanted to be part of the fun. Even if Adeline was a victim, the kind of help she needed was too big to go unrewarded. Jake been outside the room pacing around patiently all the time, waiting for his phone to ring.

Adeline (on phone): ‘Are you guys there already?’

Jake (on phone): ‘Yeah. I’ll meet you outside the room.’

She appeared in a set of uniform that she had grown out of, skirt ending just a few inches below her hips. The top buttons of her blouse were almost burst open from her well developed breasts. The graceful slim figured Adeline walked towards him and took the blindfold from his hand. She tied it around her eyes and let him guide her in, onto a table with the pile of comfortable sleeping bags.

Hands then began to remove her clothes, starting from her top and skirt, then the pair of beach shorts she wore under and her bra as well. Adeline felt her legs spread with some force and fingers belonging to more than one guy had went to roam her body.

Although cold, the less aggressive advances made her felt at ease and her pussy was quickly moisten with honey like consistency. The perverse groping stopped, and the most gentle prodding of her intimate part was done by a soothing warm rod. No doubt she had blindfolded herself, the urge was strong for her to know if the guys were enjoying what lies before them. The cloth over her eyes was gone by her own effort and Jake was first to be inside of her, between her bent legs that was stepping on the table.

He pierced deep into her and held her waist so he could go faster. And while guy number one was at it, the girls gathered beside the tables and played with her sensitive nipples. A second guy then went to her head, and positioned her so she could suck them at the side. He wasn’t so patient like Jake. In a few minutes, his hips was thrusting the long rod down her throat with much pleasure. Thankfully for the dick inside her pussy, it had alleviated the choking force and helped her managed the oral sex.

Jake was still pumping into her when the guy at her mouth lost it and shot down her throat. Jake sped up too and a few hard rams later, deposited his cum into her. For your info, that was just the first pair of guys. The rest of them took turns doing and shooting their loads into her. Although there was only 16 guys she expected, a few more came into the room after a few of them had their turns.

Just 5 pairs into the session, her pussy was already overflowing with the excessive amount of cum they dumped into her. Her juices were so diluted that it was all whitish at her pussy. Still, the increasing number of orgasms were turning her on for more sex. Adeline was growing hungrier with each climax, and the guys at her mouth was making her feel full too.

It was the teacher’s turn to play and he went over to her pussy, pulling her downwards over his twitching manhood. The series of powerful thrusts startled her mind and was making her moan uncontrollably. Mr. Kim was so huge she wanted him to keep going for as long as he could. He was spreading her pussy so wide it was stimulating her in every area possible. Mr. Kim kept pumping into her while the girls teased her body, until he was about to cum. He went over to her mouth and continued his task, thrusting his dick down her throat until he served his special cum shot into her.

Every once in a while, the room would get less audience as some of the guys and girls would leave, while some stayed on for a second round. Adeline did not get much physically tired but the bombardment of orgasms did knock her into a trance every now every now and then. Despite that, she was still moaning and pushing out sticky juices so everyone can have their mind blowing ejaculation.

After two hours, everyone had their fun and Jake was all that’s left in the room. He helped her onto a chair knowing her legs would be wobbly, and packed her clothes for her too. To end the day, she completed her performance of putting her clothes back on, since he had already seen her strip. Once she was done dressing up, Jake was about to send her home too.

Adeline: ‘How many times did you shoot today?’

Jake: ‘Once?’

Adeline: ‘Hmm.. Stand here.’

She led him to the wall of mirrors and let him faced them. She squatted down before his feet and unzipped his pants, taking his dick into her mouth without hesitation. He did not reject her either, since it was not much difference from what the guys did to her earlier. She worked her mouth with her tongue, throwing her head against his groin, taking his dick deep down her throat with every strokes.

Jake was surprised at how good she made him feel without him moving an inch. It definitely felt different from just fucking her. There was more emotions and he could truly enjoy what a girl she was. How he wished she could be doing it for him forever.

After a few minutes, his load that was unprepared for finally shot out of his meat stick and she held it in her mouth until he was done. With that, his legs went weak and sat on the floor to rest. Looking into his eyes, her sweet lips parted and she showed him the love he gave her. Swirling it a few times in her mouth, she swallowed it and hugged him in gratitude.

Adeline: ‘Thank you for all the things you’ve done. I know it might sound awkward, but will you be my boyfriend?’

He hugged her tightly and whispered a yes. Following that day, she changed her name, and her good friends helped her did a makeover, to someone no one knew and everyone helped get her life back. The mega gangbang definitely changed her sex life with Jake for something that was crazy and wild, but it would still be up to them to stay together, accepting what she went through.

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