Morning Treat

This is a little story of a special kind of perverseness and fetish. It’s about consuming ejaculate, or sperms.

Sister: ‘Wah kor! Breakfast with love ah?’

Raymond made a treat of caviar and a piping hot cup of cappuccino for his sister. But it had a special twist to it. His sister had the habit of going around their house in just a bathrobe for comfort and would use his bedroom to store her clothes, which had accumulated to quite a big pile. On top of that, she would change in his room WITH him around, or even when he was changing at the same time.

You know how agonising it was to watch her sister wriggle those pairs of tight fitting panties on, and being asked to help to put on corsets and bras, while being in just boxers and a hard on. Once, she had fallen asleep on his bed with him, after returning home from chalet late at night and overwhelmed by alcohol. The smell of alcohol did not affect his bulge, watching her creep into his room and removing her heels and dress, down to her bra and panties.

Raymond could not hold himself back that night and went to remove all of her lingerie, before sucking on those delicious perky tits, well fitted on a body of a seventeen years old. He placed his dick in front of her and as he lowered her jaw, she accidentally turned and sucked on it like a baby. He knew the line was long behind him and the gentle thrust into her thin lips. Instinctively, she continued sucking and Raymond’s hand soon reached into her pussy. Pressing hard on her clit, his fingers went in circles and the juices were flowing. Her body responded.

Pulling himself out of her sweet lips, he went behind her and hugged her. His hands roamed down her navel, to the restricted zone and resumed giving her the sensual touches. Her legs opened and it was right above his dick, pleading to be filled. Not intending to give another fuck, he inched slowly towards her pussy and paused for a second as he rested at her opening.

Prying her pussy lips wide, he inched in for the kill and it accepted his entry willingly. She was already wet to the brim, and the pussy walls split without any forceful actions. Soon, his dick was going in and out of her limp body, with the occasional moans giving him scares. Just as the thrill of fucking his own sister overcame his ability to last, the sensation of cumming came as suddenly as it could be and he quickly pulled out. Fumbling for her panties on the bed, he found it in no time and squirted his healthy white coagulated milk onto it.

There came the fun part when he put it back on for her, and cuddling with her for the night. The morning came and she was long gone before he woke up. It seemed that the mystery of finding cum in her panties bothered her till she finally had to confide in him and since then, he had another fetish growing.

The caviar was extra salty with his cum mixed into it and the foam on the top of the cup of coffee had semen as well. It just made him cringe as he watched her lick the foam off her lips. Slowly, her body gave in to the effects of the relaxant he doped the drink with, and helped her to his bed. Senselessly, he flipped her legs open without care and poked his dick into her dry pussy. Giving a few spit onto his shaft, he tried again and it went in easily.

With nothing to stop him, he rammed into her small body till her back was bruised with the tight grip he gave. He was basically smashing into her, driving his starving dick up her pussy as deep and hard as he could, till he was about to cum. It had been days since he used his sister’s pussy, and it just felt so good.

Thrill overcame him again and losing control, he wasn’t going to waste his cum this time. Pressing both her legs together, he held onto her waist and pushed hard, making her a sandwich between his really hot hot dog. Mustard was about to be served over it. Thrusting faster into her, the momentum built up quickly and his body gave way just as his shaft launched whatever ammunition he had left in his balls, it was the second load that morning, since he made breakfast with the initial load.

Still, the second wave was substantial to create a back flow and with the few more miserable thrusts, he noticed the amount of cum leaking as he pulled out. Wiping her slit a few times, he finally got her cleaned and threw the bathrobe over her.

An hour later, she woke up and felt refreshed. Unaware that her own brother had actually cummed in her and he might just get away with impregnating her since she was already troubled by whichever ‘stranger’ that fucked her when she was drunk that chalet night.

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