Melted Chocolates

‘You’re so irritating! Argh!’

She playfully shoved me away when she made a mess on the counter while stirring the chocolate, getting a few evil laughter from me while at it. I didn’t think twice and pushed her as hard too, where a little catfight broke out between us.

When we finally stood down after a breathless tug-O-war, I felt her grip lasting a little longer than normal. I was still holding onto her too, somewhat unwilling to let go of the fiery kick in her cheerful smile.


I relaxed my grip and helped her upright, ending the struggle where we got warm chocolate all over our faces. There was something in her eyes that showed a little sadness, covered up by the happiness she portrayed on our normal working days. We wiped the sauce off each others’ face and I just pulled her closer onto my chest.


Her whisper sounded so loud in the empty kitchen and I couldn’t stop myself from giving her a hug. The misery she had kept in her heart suddenly poured out in tears over my shoulder, wetting her eyes embarrassingly when I looked into them.

‘Don’t cry. It’s so unlike you.’

Her lips were wet as well, looking exactly like the glimmering chocolate she was tasked to melt. Our lips touched in the softest manner and she led the fight to bring my tongue forth. The passion in a 19 year old was undeniably hot when it came down to this, stripping our shirts off in the darker part of the kitchen.

There was no urge to break free from our tongue-fight and we just caressed each other while making out, removing our bottoms to just our undies. The matching whites she wore was so cute on her small frame, and my underwear was already lowered by her wandering hand. I responded to her advances and stuck my hand into her panties as well, meeting that wet slit that shivered when I laid fingers on her clit.

‘Sorry that I didn’t shave.’

‘Neither did I right?’

She pumped my cock to a hard erection and I was drenched in her juices. We finally took the pesky pieces of underwear off and I carried her on top of a chest freezer next to us. Sitting on a stool, I forced her legs opened and sank my mouth into her pussy, licking and sucking her oyster till she was moaning. It just kept flowing to quench my thirst, until she came right in my face.

‘Fuck.. Sorry!’

‘It’s okayyy!’

I used a morning towel to wipe my mouth and she hopped off the freezer, kneeling between my legs with my cock twitching so incessantly. An immediate devour took my rod into her mouth and she sucked it well. In fact, so well that I almost lost my balance.

Never could I imagine a pretty face like her to go down so deep, licking every area to coat her saliva over it. I was so close to fucking her mouth if not for the innocent face working the glib tongue on the tip. When she started panting, I stopped her and lifted her chin up.

‘What now?’

It was evident we weren’t done. I brought her to a large steel table top and threw our aprons at an end, before she sat on it. I was still on my feet and she was at my waist level, legs apart, ready for me. I pushed my cock in after capping it with a condom and began pounding her swiftly.

Her high pitched moans were so alluring with every strokes going so deep into her, jerking her ass on the cold surface so relentlessly. She was squeezing me so tight with her possibly Kegel-trained muscles that I could feel a death grip when she came.

‘Fuck! King gosh!’

She hugged me till I stopped moving and took me out of her. Holding it in her hand lightly, she began jerking it at her belly.

‘It’s your turn.’

The condom came off slowly as she moved up and down, leaving it on the floor when it finally slipped off. The devilish look on her face was menacing when she went faster, to a point I was groaning so girly in front of her.

‘Cumming soon?’

‘Uh huh!’

I planted my forehead on her shoulder as I came hard onto her stomach, sticking my stringy mess all over her smooth skin. She just kept going till I couldn’t take it anymore and backed away from her.

We both knew how much risks we took for our little tryst and began cleaning up after I came. It was delightful to watch her dress up so sexily, probably the same for her when I put my clothes on.

The mousse cake was done and left in the chiller to take its shape, giving us some time to chill over coffee and tea. The little outburst of lust did improve her mood and the lively little bitch was back in business.

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