Surround Sound

‘Meet me at the hall AV room.’

Candice got out from her sleeping bag and went to the agreed spot, seeing the door slightly ajar with some movements inside. Her science teacher was one of the in charge for the orientation camp and he was one of the two that stayed overnight with the students. She volunteered to be one of the student leaders for the year ones without expecting for such a moment to pop up.

‘Mr. Tay?’

‘Come in.’

She went into the wire-covered room and saw him for the first time in shorts and slippers, wearing the custom-printed t-shirt for the freshmen camp. The baggy, white shirt she was in did little to hide her padded halter bra, and her butt was just peeking under the FBT shorts.

The instant she sat on his lap, he slid his hands under her shirt and went to her boobs, releasing the knot that was suffocating them. Fingernails went on to ache her nipples till she was moaning in the echoey control room, locked but breezy from the opened viewing windows.

He tucked his fingers into her shorts and she stood up, letting him peel her thongs and shorts off her athletic legs. Candice helped with his shorts as well and felt a tingle when she laid hands on his erection. Within the tiny space, she could only lean her ass on the mixer table while his fingers rubbed her clit high, and had to bend a little to continue jerking him.

‘I think it’s hard enough now.’

‘Standing doggy?’

‘Uh huh.’

She hopped off the table and looked out of the window, ass sticking out with excitement for her teacher’s cock. He wriggled his way into her teenage pussy and plunged without warning, sending her screaming into the empty hall. He had to cup her mouth to prevent her from giving away their after-dark activities. One of her knees were raised to the desk they were pounding away on, giving him more space to really shove it in.

The small figure was jiggling non-stop in his strong hands, pulling her backwards as he thrust harder and harder. For a girl her age, she was taller than most, and none of the teachers really bothered with the light make up she put on since she was a straight-As student.

‘Mr. Tay! I’m cumming soon!’

‘Arghh.. so am I!’

‘So soon?’

‘I’ve been too stressed from marking papers. So.. ahhh!’

Her head fell forward as he rammed his spurting cock so deep into her, setting off her orgasm at the same time. Her vagina just milked him continuously beyond his agonising groans, almost begging her to let him go when he was done before she was. The milking squeezes were sucking every drop out of him till he was too weak to remain standing, collapsing on the chair in heavy breathing.

The sight of her student leaking his cum out of her pussy was too good to miss and he just held her still until it stopped dripping. The two unethical pair quickly got dressed due to paranoia and left the tiny room, walking past the staff room where Ms. Liew came out with a male student in a sweaty shirt.

‘Hi Ms. Liew, still awake?’

‘Couldn’t sleep. So did some AAR with the organising chairman.’

The students made their way back to their respective sleeping quarters, leaving the two teachers to head into the staff room for some discussion. Well, the signs were obvious to both of them, knowing fairly well that they had a secret each to keep.

It didn’t take Mr. Tay too much effort to overpower Ms. Lim on the sofa in the lounge area, sealing a never-tell deal with his cock pounding her pussy to a deep, red soreness.

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