Missed Connection

A brunette haired girl gave me a longer-than-usual stare before plopping the two thick books in her hands down onto the table. Swiping her sundress over her bum, she took her seat and quickly crossed her long legs before any peeping tom looked up her dress.

Her smooth complexion was hard to ignore when she combed her fringe behind her ears, and out came a notebook and a pencil case to her working desk. I was at the table opposite hers, empty with three available seats but who would join tables when there were others? I continued with my notes taking for an upcoming test and much of the sunny afternoon passed without any interruptions.

After an hour or so, she unfolded her legs and beige showed itself under her dress. She got up and brought her books with her, walking over to my table with an awkward expression.

Girl (whispering): ‘Umm.. I’m so sorry to interrupt. Could you keep an eye on these for me? I need to make a call.’

I nodded discerningly and she went away. Just ten minutes later, she was back and a wide smile made the hot sunlight through the windows slightly more bearable. Her lips whispered a ‘thanks’ to me and she joined me at the study table. How could I remain focused with a beauty before me right?

Girl (whispering): ‘Looks like you’re going to be here for a long time huh?’
Me (whispering): ‘I’m actually almost done.’
Girl: ‘Kaylen’.
Me: ‘J.’

We resumed our own work and stayed quiet until I closed my book, and her vision fixated on me when I replaced the books back on the shelves. By the time I returned, she had her stuff cleared from the table and her books on her lap, as if ready to leave too.

Kaylen: ‘Are you in a rush? Wanna get dinner?’

I had no plans for the evening but I wasn’t sure what she was up to either. Why would she ask me out of so many better looking guys here? Perhaps she was avoiding someone? I agreed and we decided to dine at a coffeeshop nearby. Before we left the library, she needed to visit the toilet and I accompanied her to the entrance.

Barely five seconds after she entered the ladies, her head appeared around the door and held onto my sleeves.

Kaylen (whispering): ‘Come.’

Losing my balance to her tug, I fell in her direction and into the ladies I went, straight into the wider handicap toilet. Before I could make sense of the situation, she had me up against the concrete, tiled wall and her lips came onto my neck. I pushed her an arm’s length away and she reached for my belt immediately, surprised to see it come loose with just a click.

What had gotten into her?

As I let her lower my jeans, I dropped my bag onto the dry floor and hugged her close before more damage was done.

Me (whispering): ‘What are you doing?’
Kaylen (whispering): ‘You? I can’t resist you.’

She held my face between her palms and gazed into my eyes, looking down to my lips and cupped her hand over my underwear.

Kaylen (whispering): ‘Your eyes, your lips, you look so sexy when you are focused.’

Her cold fingernails wriggled into my briefs and she slapped my hands onto her butt. The firm yet fleshy ass, without any underwear on. It wasn’t a beige panties I spotted. It was her pussy!

When I was caught in the drift of her lust, she had taken a seat on the toilet cover, face to face with my cock. Her hand continued to stroke it to its full potential, twitching with excitement and fear at the same time. A few seconds of pause gave her time to accumulate saliva in her lower jaws and she went down on me next.

Sucking with vigour, I was totally lubricated and in a trance from her up-down moving lips, soft tongue gliding underneath my shaft. I slipped my free hands into her spaghetti dress and felt her naked breasts, warm and perky with nipples hard as rock for the tip. Toying with those erected pokey summits, Kaylen went even deeper and flooded my mind with a wave of extra hot throat.

I was done with her mouth after a while and I turned her body so she could lie on the water tank behind her. I dropped onto my knees and opened her legs wide, letting her find something to hold them apart for me. Sweetness was the first flavour I tasted as I brushed my tongue across her slit, tip then going on her clit to vibrate slightly.

She peeled her vaginal flaps open for me and I began cycling through the alphabets, drawing them with my tongue on her pussy. Those hands that dug into my hair was so lively and energetic. She guided my mouth wherever she felt best and her body was trembling with pleasure. It wasn’t long before she was breathless and stopped my licking, staring straight down at me with an anticipating look.

Kaylen (whispering): ‘You are fucking good at this.’

She got off the seat and let me take her place, and got busy on her phone for a moment. When she placed it on the toilet paper holder, did I realised what she just did. Could I be worried when she’s the person with most to lose? She turned herself towards the door and stuck her ass out on me. One hand wrapped around my rod and her feet shuffled to get to the right distance.

Raw and wet, her touching knees forced all the air out of me when she sat over my lap. Once the gasps and moans subsided, I pulled the straps of her dress off and held her gorgeous melons in my hands. As I began to knead them, she started bouncing her ass, slurping me in and out at erratic tempo.

It didn’t take me long to stand up on my feet and had her hold onto the hangers behind the door. With our feet stable on the floor, I pounded her in long strokes that landed gently on her ass, silencing the overwhelming horniness that could heat up the whole toilet. Between our session, people came and went, oblivious to what was happening in the last cubicle.

Kaylen’s juices were leaking all over her legs and I was thrusting in a steady rhythm. She turned over to me after some time and let one of her legs over my arms holding onto her waist. Giving me more space to penetrate deeper, I sank my cock all the way in and hammered the life out of the both of us.

We remained in this position for about five minutes, filled with hot breaths all over each other’s bodies and sweat sticking our clothes together.

Kaylen (whispering): ‘I can’t take this anymore.. My legs are going weak.’
Me (whispering): ‘You came?’
Kaylen (whispering): ‘Duh! A few times already!’
Me (whispering): ‘Then, it’s my turn.’
Kaylen: ‘Sit.’

I pulled my cock out of her and slumped onto the toilet bowl. She pulled her feet out of her flip flops and kneeled on them, before taking my cock into her mouth again. This time, she made me slouch lower so I could get my body straight. Her forehead slammed onto my tummy as she took it down her throat, gagging at the same time as I panted.

As quietly as she could, I was getting mouth-fucked by her. There was no sign of mercy when she fondled my sensitive balls, lips tightly sealed around my shaft. Just as the climax built up, I brushed my hand across her cheek and she knew what I was hinting.

Her mouth stayed at the small head and tongue came to swirl around it, while her hand pumped the rest of the exposed shaft. My eyes had shut themselves in the pure enjoyment of this royal treatment and she was bobbing her head a little to help.

About two minutes later, my body began shaking and my cock thickened momentarily. A strong gush of cum shocked her but she kept her lips closed, still moving along the deadly bump under my penis ‘hood’. The whole ejaculation felt like a long time especially when she did not let go of me, jerking for more cum until my dick was completely shrunkened.

When we were done, she looked around for somewhere to dispose of the cum but she didn’t notice the other use for the toilet I was seating on. So, in a gulp, she swallowed with her neck straightened and straddled over my lap for a rest.

For a good few minutes, we made out with our hands roaming on each other’s genitals, but she was the more accessible one for me to give another orgasm to. At last, she got off me and we dressed up as fast as we could. The escape plan was simple, she left the toilet first and whispered out loud for me to exit when the coast was clear.

Legs tired but mood satisified, we went for our dinner that was filled with chatty conversations about our lives. After that, was a walk through the NPark opposite the library until I was brought to her block unknowingly.

Kaylen: ‘Still available for the night? No one’s home.’

That said, it was an unexpected but rewarding study trip at the library, all the way to her house.

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