Too Late for CNY

Sen: ‘Hi kor! Happy Chinese New Year!’

My lively 15 year old cousin skipped to the chopping board of unfinished cabbage and continued the work, slicing and dicing them as unevenly as she could. This cousin of mine was close to my family as she loves to cook, dropping by at the most untimely manner when my grandmother prepares dinner. Now that we were all grown up, the only times she visited was during Chinese New Year, but that didn’t dampened her passion for cooking.

Mum: ‘Wei! You two! Stop playing! The veggies are all messed up. Go watch TV and talk to your relatives outside.’

The innocent me was suddenly dragged into the mess Sen caused, and we left the kitchen to the adults whom pretended to listen to my ailing granny’s nagging. As the house was crowded to a point there was no seats left, I went into my room and Sen tagged along. Unlike how she remembered, my room was messier and the only space left was my bed.

Sen: ‘Woah! TV! I can live in your bed forever! Just feed me taogey (bean sprout) and rice and already.’

She jumped into my bed without invitation and I sat at the edge, until she shifted in closer to the wall. Seated side by side, she did all the channel hopping and stopped only when HBO came on. How could anyone resist HBO right? This daring cousin then pulled my blanket over her body, officially stealing my chou chou from me.

Sen: ‘Why your blanket smell like mine?’
Me: ‘How I know? Don’t use it la. Very dirty.’
Sen: ‘I like it!’

It was awkward to be in the same bed with her as the close bond between us had faded with time. Yet it never bothered her that I was more mature and capable of fantasising better. As the day went by, the noisy living room quietened down and she fell asleep, turning to me to hug me like a bolster. When her thigh landed on my crotch, it was what happened next that woke her up. Unable to calm myself down from the sudden attack, a bulge in my shorts poked at her leg.

Instead of ignoring it, she just grabbed it and poked her head out from the edge of the blanket.

Sen (whispering): ‘What’s this? Someone is turned on?’

As the day was still bright, my white blanket was thin enough to let some light through. She disappeared under my blanket and pulled my waistband down, before her cold hand touched me. By then, I had lowered the blanket to let her breath and saw her curious eyes at my rod. The innocent touches she made got me even harder, to a point I had to get out of bed.

After she explored my rod for a bit, she reached into her own skirt and felt around.

Sen (whispering): ‘Kor. I’m wet too. Like you.’

She managed to stretch a strand of pre-cum for me to see and I was at the verge of raping her. She adjusted her height to my shoulders and played with my cock, showing a slutty lip-bite expression while looking at me. I gave in to the temptation right then and reached across for her groin, massaging her warm and moist area of her panties.

Me: ‘Take off your panties.’
Sen: ‘And you lower your shorts.’
Me: ‘Deal.’

We did as agreed and got off to a sensual start, helping each other out in the secrecy of my bedroom. Her clit was overflowing with juices as I rubbed faster, and my cock couldn’t be any more pathetic looking in the red and swollen state. Once she was too hyped up, she took my hand and guided me lower, so I could slip my fingers inside.

A soft, whispering moan escaped and she told me it was the first time she had someone elses’ fingers inside. She was tight and wet, making it tiring to finger her for long period of time.

Sen: ‘You ever had sex?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’m 26 leh.’
Sen: ‘With someone my age?’
Me: ‘Nope. Underage sex is caning leh.’
Sen (whispering): ‘What if I want it?’

She turned into a little hamster when I climbed over her, spreading her legs out to the sides and touched her pussy with my dick. Her arms tucked cutely into her chest and let her palms hold onto my chest.

Me: ‘It’s going to be scary you know? Maybe painful too.’
Sen: ‘Who says I never had sex before?’

She gave me a grin before pulling my cock painfully at her pussy, dipping it in and using her legs to force my waist down. The initial tightness went away as I pumped her slowly, until she was screaming into my blanket from the pleasurable sex. Her eyes turned white as I shifted the angle of penetration slightly, but she remained as tight as I fingered her.

Gradually, I found a tempo comfortable to pound her in and straightened my body. Flipping one of her legs to the side, her butt became the ‘top’ as I continued to torture her little body. As time went by, she turned herself over and went on her knees. The tiny waist was a treat to hold as I rammed even harder into her, speeding up as my urge came like a wrecking ball.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘Fuck.. I can’t hold it in anymore. Shit!’

With all my mental strength, I pulled out of her and she quickly rolled under my legs. Perched on my pillows, I went on my knees over her chest and she jerked me with both hands.

Sen: ‘My mouth!’

I straightened my back and she sat upright, devouring my cock and stroking me to the final moment. The bursts of cumshots fired safely into her mouth and she swallowed as I came, leaving no trace of evidence of our incestuous fling. As quickly as we started out, we tided everything once I was done and her parents came into the room shortly after.

Me (whispering): ‘Auntie, I think Sen fell asleep when we were watching TV.’
Auntie (whispering): ‘Let her be then. Help me take care of her. We will be leaving first. She knows how to get home.’

I closed the door behind me and walked the visitors out. Once those leaving were gone, I was back into the room, to find Sen naked under the sheets.

Sen (whispering): ‘Still got energy? I heard what my mum said!’

My shorts did not stay on for long before we went for another round of quiet sex, partitioned by just a wall from the heartwarming relatives here to see granny. A part of me says that our bond will be closer than before.

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